Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dear CM Lim Guan Eng, Kidnapping Happens In Penang Too!!

Aside from Tunku Aziz Fiasco, this is a reminder for CM Lim as well as the 'mudah lupa' hardcore DAPsters.

September last year CM Lim said this
"You don't have to worry about your safety when you come to Penang. In Johor, if you are a Singaporean, you are likely to get kidnapped."

And during his reign, the following incidents happened.

Dear Singaporeans, do you trust this CM? 

CM Lim, as a public figure, don't say something that you cannot guarantee, it's best that you talk about Penang's positives, don't condemn others. Learn to control your emotion and think before you say something. Tunku Aziz fiasco should taught you a lesson.

CM Lim and  hardcore Penang DAPsters should also follow your own Teresa Kok on her ceramah rounds. She claims that her Selangor goverment is the best and provides the most to the rakyat. She claims (and shouts in heavily accented Malay) that no other states does this and that.

So where do Penang stand? Second best? What about Negara Kebajikan states, Kedah and Kelantan, worse of the lot? Aren't you guys supposed to be consistent and not indirectly put down each other, ebeer mind putting down BN controlled states?

Even your policies differ from each state! Eg, No palstic bags on Saturdays in Selangor, All days in Penang but not implemented in Kedah and Kelantan. Where's the consistency and what happened to Zaid Ibrahim powered common policy framework?

CM Lim also threatened to sue Bernama over the kidnapping statement, which did not materialise until today. Again, THINK before threatening others, especially the press.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Pakatan Rakyat - A Viable Alternative ?

PKR & DAP's silence over recent passing of bills, that any Fatwa issued by the state mufti or Fatwa Committee, whether gazetted or not, cannot be
challenged in courts.

PAS Presidents ramblings and intention to amend the constitution. Karpal's rebuttal and PKR's silence

DAP's Tunku Abdul Aziz's experience with Freedom of Speech in DAP.

Pro-Pakatan Ambiga's law on breaking the law, It's ok not to obey the authorities, but not ok if someone does the same near her house.

Ambiga slams Najib but silent on Anwar's antics

Idiotic MP Khalid Samad's lies and deception,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=347&cntnt01origid=15&cntnt01returnid=80

If this happens under BN, the story could have been different

A Pemandu to Monitor the Menteri Besar, what a joke

When Pakatan bent on talking without facts

Selangor Darul Ehsan Comedy Of Errors

PAS continued obsession with Valentine's day

When DAP chairman supports mainstream media

Two years on, still no news from MB Khalid on the secret camera, and he don't want police to investigate!!!!!!!!

HUDUD : Agree to Disagree, Pakatan style,

Hitam Metalik : Perak DAP's racism

In Penang, 'Melayu Celup Kopi'

Ex-MB Nizar Jamaludin's fantasy & subsequent spins.

Selangor Govt Free but Racist Newsletter as propaganda tool using taxpayer's money.

Change the national Flag to rocket?

From Negara Islam to Negara Kebajikan, back to Negara Islam, what's next?

CAT Pakatan Style, selective open tender

Lim Guan Eng's denial and then apology that comes again with a denial  (mark of a Statesman!!!)

Godfather Vs Warloard in Penang

PKR's 300,000 without I/C, but No Evidence, but Siavarasa says could be more, again without facts or proof, just hearsay

Pakatan wants PTPTN abolished, but Unisel & KUIN continue to charge and increase fees

Yayasan Selangor overspends but Chairman, MB Khalid stays on. Talk about accountability. No Further Action (NFA) from SELCAT!

DUMC - Sultan says there's proof, Pakatan says No

Hassan Ali sacked for telling the truth

Even when Identity if 100% matched, hardcore Pakatan supporters will not believe.

Lim Guan Eng don't want to be disturbed, but it's ok if Pakatan distrupt lives of thousands of KL residents on 28th April 2012.

PKR, Another expose, another denial despite credible pictures, and the blame goes to UMNO

When Pakatan MPs claims they know better than their own nuclear expert!

When Pakatan politicans cannot provide scientific arguement, they ask thier nuclear expert to shut up!

Another comedy on Lynas,  Himpunan Hijau approaches Singapore Govt.!

Guan Eng's Son - Gutter Politics only when it affects Pakatan leaders

Penang Islamic Affairs Council (MAIPP) president's post, Anwar's forgotten promise, like his every other promises, eg, Kampung Buah Pala!

Selangor Darul Sampah, no SELCAT probe i.e NFA!

On it's 4th Year, Selangor still cannot get it's Councillor appointment right and on time!

Corruption & Cronyism in MPPJ, Exco Silent!

The cleanest elections ever in the Universe

PKR rep claims fraud in housing unit selection process

Azmin - Wins a rigged/fraudulent party elections, then participates in Parliamentary Select Committee on Elections/EC, goes on paid study (holiday) trip
overseas, turns his back and goes against EC during Bersih, how anyone can be more principled than Azmin Ali!

Racism in DAP

Kancil Car Park, PDC Chairman Lim Guan Eng refuses to be accountable, but CM Lim Guan Eng preach Accountability, Competency!!!!

Debt Reduction - Learn the art of negotiation from master spinner Guan Eng

Vale Project in Perak - Nizar lies again

Bayan Mutiara Fiasco - A good example of CAT in action

Water Asset Sale : For Penang it's ok, Perak cannot, DAP's continued hypocrisy

Racist & disrespectfull hardcore DAP supporters

Pakatan Rakyat is also capable of demolishing temples too

Pakatan demolishes madrasah too

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Indian ( and Hindu) Stupidity Part 3

Read here, and there are many Madurai Veeran temples in Malaysia. They beleive he is a god. Many of them are illegal, hardly patronised, and it's annual prayers includes sacrificing goats, i mean slaughtering goats which is then cooked for the devotees (so-called) . What more can I say, stupidity that knows no bounds.

Read somewhere that Hindu groups are also suspected of converting muslims into hinduism. Give me a break.. they (Hindu groups) are not that bright enough to brain wash others, let alone convert muslims.

Friday, August 12, 2011

For Once, Hassan Ali May Be Right

Immediate Reactions

The recent JAIS raid on Damansara Utama Methodist Church reveals one thing, that people who are KL Centric do not know what they are talking about and some politicians loves to comment without thinking, which is immediately lapped up by their equally stupid hardcore supporters and spread wide through the web and twitter.

No correction are made when they are proven wrong. That's the strategy all along, hit the headlines first with full impact so that their supporters and public takes notice but when clarifications (when they are proven wrong) comes later, they are likely to be in back pages in small columns.

One of first to react to the raid was Tian Chua, who says although Jais is under Selangor State Government, they take instructions from Putrajaya. He says this without any shred of evidence and presumeably without checking with his counterparts in Selangor.

Many other Pakatan Leaders including Khalid Samad reacted angrily, mainly to show that they respect other religions and more importantly, they want their hard won Christian (read non-malay) votes to stay with them. They did this without checking with their own Pakatan colleague in charge of Jais, Hassan Ali. I wonder how would they react when something like this happens when they are in power at federal level. You will have Pakatan Ministers giving their immediate reactions without checking with necessary ministry, confusing the rakyat.

MCA President also caught the (Tian) 'Chua' disease by demanding DAP to answer for the raid, mocking the silence of DAP leaders. Here, what really happened does not matter to Chua Soi Lek as to him, what is at stake are just Chinese votes. How stupid.

Attempts to Proselytise Muslims.

While it has been quite well known that any attempts to proselytise/convert muslims are illegal in Malaysia, I will not be surprised that such activities has been going on for a very long time.
If you look at Hassan Ali's comments on the so-called raid, it may be vaque and demands further clarifications. But if this report from Malaysian Insider is true, then Hassan Ali/Jais maybe right.

“It is not a Christian prayer ... it is more like thanking God almighty,” he told The Malaysian Insider today.
He confirmed that two Malay-language thanksgiving songs were also sung at the dinner — “Allahu Akbar” and “Alhamdullilah” — but similarly denied they were religious in nature.
Annou also brushed off claims by Malay dailies and blogs that the quiz on Islam conducted at the dinner was meant to disparage the religion as the questions were “very general” in nature and “not insulting”.
“It was not to convert anyone, it was not to influence anybody ... They thought this is Ramadan month, they thought let’s have a quiz on Islam,” he said.

If the NGO is all about Helping the poor and HIV patients, why would anyone need to include religious songs especially “Allahu Akbar” and “Alhamdullilah” when the crowd is racially mixed?

If they really want to thank god, they could have asked everyone present to thank their respective god, maybe in silence. Why cant they do this?

Introducing questionaire on Islam just because it is Ramadhan is laughable. Why not have a quiz on HIV so that everyone present can be more well versed on the disease?

The above events, if they really took place ( I have seen the copy agenda of the event in other sites), raises many questions on the intention of the NGO.

Admission of Guilt

Another report here from Malaysian Insider, again if they are realiable, confirms that there are some Christian groups who attempts to proselytise/convert the Muslims. Their modus operandi is to identify the poor, needy and those who have been shunned by the community (eg HIV), help them with their needs, introduce the religion by the way of having various mind enlightenment courses and to cut is short, brainwash them into eventual conversion.
Read here and some sort of denial here

If you think the whole issue is about Christians attempting to proselytise/convert Muslims, you are dead wrong. Even Catholics and other Christian groups are not spared apart from Buddhist, Sikhs and Hindus.

I do have close relatives and friends who are Christians and mostly do not agree with activities of certain Christian Evangalist groups, whose main agenda is seek new followers. I have a Catholic friend who complained that his mother was influenced by Pentecostal movement which practises (I stand corrected) extreme form of worshipping. He was helpless as his mother has become detached from the family, placing importance on activities by the movement above everything else.

If my recollections are accurate, similar groups have in the past managed to convert large number of Indians in the rubber/Palm Oil estates in the 70s and 80s by giving cash, bags of rice and other daily neccesities . Now they are targetting urban poor and this perhaps explains why Muslims are targetted as well. Even recently, I saw a van transporting people to and from a low cost flats bearing name ' XXXX (can't recall) Harapan.

If you ask around, you realise these groups do exist but in it unfair and ridiculous to blame Christians as a whole. This is where Malaysians are lacking after half a century of independence and almost a century co-exisitng in this land. We simply don't know each other well and are fond of generalising.

If you look at other religions, you will realise that there are equal number of deviant groups or cult movements in the name of said religion.

What Now?

Instead of carrying some toilet bowls and brooms to the MB's office, carrying banners, making hundreds of police reports, the so called concerned NGOs and political party should ask themselves, why would Muslims, in this case, or others seek assistance from such groups in the first place. Where were the assistance from NGOs and government (State and Federal) welfare bodies and like what was highlighted by Dr Asri, what happened to the Zakat collections, controlled by state governments, and are they being distributed appropriately to the target group?

And finally, all religious group should just focus on their existing believers/followers. There is no need to seek more believers. Just ensure that the current believers are following and demonstrating the true teaching of respective religions. Get this right first.

You may also wonder why I have not touched on Hindu's. Oh! Yes, I am a Hindu Fanatic. Please....To me, it a gone case. Hindus in Malaysia themselves are not sure of what they are doing in the first place, so do not expect Hindu groups to go around trying to convert others and this will never happen for thousand years unless someone gets enlightened for some reason, like the Mat Sallehs you see in the Thaipusam festival carrying Kavadis. I am not defending Hindus or the religion, its just that they are a confused lot and simply not capable of brain washing others to convert. Get to the below links for my take on Hindus and temples.

Friday, July 29, 2011

To DAP & Lim Guan Eng Loyalists

Read here or below, quite sure that these are facts!

To our beloved Chief Minister of Penang
fmt | July 29, 2011


From Sylvester Goh, via e-mail

Saudara Guan Eng,

We, Pakatan supporters, congratulate you on your perfect, top class performance as Chief Minister of Penang. Your boastful letter head with the tagline, “Penang Best Lah – Envy of true-blood Patriotic Malaysians” make egoistic tyrants like Khir Toyo, Ibrahim Ali turn green with envy.

We did not want to write to you to correct you because we know you will never listen to unffavourable feedback. Your comrades complain about your ego. Since we keep receiving the same mail “Penang Best Lah….” sent by your government-paid cyber troopers, we better give you our feedback nevetheless, before you bring the whole of Pakatan Rakyat down with you.

Your self-praises have made Selangor, Kelantan and Kedah Pakatan states look downright incompetent. DAP cadres outside Penang look impotent. Penangites feel that you are ridiculing their true blood local Penangites’ chief ministers of past. The rest of Malaysia is made to feel thirsty for you as the nation’s saviour.

Saudara Guan Eng, we worry that your self-praises (lies) are backfiring on Pakatan with which we hope to capture Putrajaya. People will support Pakatan more if you talk less, okay?

You claim that Penang has the lowest crime rate. Police is a federal matter. Your boys hate the police. Do not claim credit for the success of the police. Penang has always been a peaceful state even when you were in jail.

You talked about Penang contributing two-thirds of the medical tourism in Malaysia. May we ask, how many hospitals have you built in your three years as CM? None. How many clinics have you setup? None.

Reputation as a credible medical hub takes decades to build.

This credit goes to your precedessors and many good people before you appeared on the scene.

You have moved from your in-law’s residence to the government mansion. You have stopped travelling on Air Asia. Now you insist on First Class. Business Class is not good enough. Protocol officers are so scared of your scolding…your sour face.

We voted for you not because of you but because we reject the BN. Do not compare with the BN, Umno and Gerakan. Any tom, dick and harry can do better.

You play the racist, Chinese superior complex emotions. The only place Indians and Malays have in your heart is window dressing. Some of us are also ethnic Chinese and we disapprove of your mentality. We are true Malaysians.

The first thing you did as Penang CM was declare Penang as “NEP-free state”. You showed your racist attitude to please the Chinese. Quietly, nothing transparent, your government continues to award 100% of state contracts to 100% Malay contractors. Chinese contractors call you paper tiger.

You claim that Penang has zero unemployment. Do you not know that jobless Penangnites have migrated to KL, Selangor and China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore? How many factories and jobs have you created in your three years as CM? None. You claimed RM 12.2 billion investments in Penang was the highest among all states in 2010 due to your good governance and leadership.

Billions here and there, without anything to show. Guan Eng, you have learned the trick from Najib. The truth is that over 80% are re-investments by existing investors who have invested in Penang prior to 2008. Moreover, you did not even know about one big investment until it was announced by the federal government. Penangites are beginning to think your industrial blue print cannot be viewed by the public because you do not have any plan.

You boasted that Penang ranked amongst the Top 10 Most Livable Cities in Asia in 2010 due to your “Competent, Accountable & Transparent” (CAT) state government. The truth is that Penang has been ranked as the Top 10 Most Livable Cities for several years since 1995 by Asiaweek Magazine, awarded “Asean’s 1st Lead City” in 1999 by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and voted as one of the Top 10 Most Popular Island Resorts by “Conde Nast Travel Magazine” (UK’s top travel journal in 1999).

Penang’s most livable city status today has nothing to do with you. You only come and bask in the glory of Penang. When your government was near bankruptcy, you surrendered the state’s precious water supply to Najib. What is your hidden agenda in the billion ringgit dam? How much is your accountability in the RM600 million paid to land owners?

You are so proud to hand out 100 ringgit to senior citizens a year. Do you think we have forgotten that your election promise of RM6,000 per family? Where has the money gone to? You complained about unfairness of JPA scholarships to Chinese and Indians. How many scholarships have you given to Chinese and Indians in Penang? Too few for you to boast about. It is a shame.

You paraded the Auditor-General’s Report of 2008 and 2009 as proof of your “best financial management from 2008-2009”. But you conveniently omitted to say that Penang has received high praises from Auditor-General in 2007, before you came to Penang. The previous government had already accumulated a state reserve of close to RM1 billion.

Saudara Guan Eng, we support Pakatan. You can do us a favour by not making our hairs stand on end with your ridiculous claims of miracle-performing. When ordinary Malaysians were battling the police in Kuala Lumpur on Hari Bersih July 9, you were banqueting in Penang with your elites in George Town.

One more thing, the victims of Kampung Buah Pala will come back to haunt you.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Malaysian Indian’s Brains Interloked!

'Pariah was not a fashionable word to insult anyone anymore until this issue surfaced. Therefore Indian leaders, Murugiah, MIC and other Pakatan Indians are equally responsible in revival of this word, which until recently was regularly associated with dogs rather than Indians'

'The day Indian Malaysian themselves reject caste system, seeks equality in social standing and work towards making it non existent in Malaysia, only then the word Pariah will become meaningless and do no harm to anyone, except for maybe the dogs. It's all their own doing and solution is in their own hands therefore, they should not blame the others'


I received sms today from a lizard brained fellow Indian (I am getting more and more ashamed of being associated with these fellows nowdays). It sounds like this,’very very urgent, please go to Berita Harian online bancian section. Please select batal penggunaan Interlok as currently batal is at 7% and to terus guna is at 67%.

The deputy PM has already announced that some editing might be made to remove allegedly insulting references, Pariah, therefore the bancian and all those sms will benefit only one party, the telcos.

Malaysian Indians, their political leaders from both ends have proven one thing with this episode, they can be hypocrites of the highest order and sometimes, as in this instance, they outdo their counterparts in India. I don’t have to say more about those equally well horned racist and self declared religious extremist, HINDRAF.

Why Now?

The book Interlok has been there for almost 3 decades and no one had any complains. There are many Malaysian Indians who are expert writers, lecturers and even examiners in Bahasa Malaysia. 2 of my high school (early 90s) Bahasa Malaysia teachers were Indians, and I really thought their Bahasa Malaysia were superb and far better than their Malay counterparts. People like them would have certainly come across this novel but chose to remain silent; probably they knew that the word Pariah was relevant, existent and a fact during those years.

As for the masses, Malaysian Indians, except maybe for the youth in national schools, rarely read anything other than a Tamil daily, it is no surprise that only now they have realised the existence of this novel.

I see no reason to remove the Pariah word from the book. Read this to get some idea why.

While I agree that some students may, on purpose use the Pariah word to insult fellow Indian students, it is not a good reason to edit, reprint and distribute the novel all over again. Let’s be realistic, Form 5 student, from my experience, have in their vocabulary , far more degrading, insulting and vulgar words that they could possibly use to insult others.

Pariah was not a fashionable word to insult anyone anymore until this issue surfaced. Therefore Indian leaders, Murugiah, MIC and other Pakatan Indians are equally responsible in revival of this word, which until recently was regularly associated with dogs rather than Indians.

The Maniam family story of coming from a untouchable class or caste is real as many Indians that time thought that they would be able run away from the archaic caste and slavery system in India to start a new lease of life in Malaya. This is true and cannot be denied despite the other reason being better life, survival and nothing else.

Wake Up MIC, Indian Political Leaders, Hindu Sangam & Hindraf.

Caste Politics (MIC & IPF)

I wonder why, suddenly everyone wants to champion the lower class when caste system is still alive in Malaysia. Why these so-called leaders aren’t criticizing existing caste based social structures prevalent in the country, though they are diminishing by the way of mix marriages and ignorance of the better educated lot.

It is a known fact that MIC and it’s leadership are controlled by people of certain upper class or caste. Can they deny this? During the last MIC election, caste was a definitive factor and there was even a group who openly called themselves ‘Nammavar’ which when loosely translated as‘our people’ but silently means ‘our caste’.

When there is rampant acknowledgement of caste politics within the party, why do they suddenly want to defend the untouchables (pariahs) or is it that they feel insulted because they belong to a upper caste and not because the word is insulting to all Indians. I suspect, deep in their heart, the former is the main reason.

MIC’s decades of indulgence in caste politics finally came to open or rather conflict when MG Padithan came to the fore. He managed to become a Vice-President and leadership thought this is the most an untouchable should achieve in the party.

Pandithan’s ouster from MIC in the 80’s revived the caste politics and IPF was born. Pandithan managed to get substantial support from the lower class and caste in estates and other rural areas. If this is not caste politics, I don’t know what is! This is not in an way dissimilar from situation in India where political parties exist mainly to champion respective caste and receive overwhelming support from particular caste. That’s the world’s biggest and flawed democracy at work.

MIC should just shut up and work towards abolishing caste based politics first before thinking of banning any book.

Hindu Sangam Should Just Shut Up

Hindu Sangam’s new leadership found this issue a good opportunity for some cheap publicity for it’s new office bearers. They have chosen to ignore the fact that Hinduism itself is riddled with discrimination based on caste and that even certain gods are associated with certain class and caste. Can they deny this? Why must only people from Brahmin caste can be a temple priest? Until this day people from upper class refuse to enter or even eat in other people’s house deemed to be those in the lower class.

Why don’t Hindu Sangam revolutionise the religion and declare that anyone from any caste can become a priest? I have written to Hindu Sangam on many issues closely related to abuse of religion, cult movements, Thaipusam mayhem , batu caves etc and never received any reply. Hindu Sangam should focus on issues such as this that will benefit the Hindu as a whole. They should just shut up and focus on what they are suppose to do and not waste time on something (Caste) that they themselves legitimize.

Why Don’t They Do This

This Interlok issue provides a golden opportunity for Hindraf and other like minded Indian leaders to reclaim their fast losing support from Indians. If they are insulted with the word ‘Pariah’ they should also be insulted with certain community who identifies themselves by caste. There’s this temple hall at Jalan Ipoh which belongs to a certain caste.

Why don’t Hindraf, who always slams UMNO using the phrase ‘Malay Muslim Terrorist’, go and demolish this hall to prove that they support equality and rejects caste system within the Indian community.

Why burn the books. The book burning incident clearly proves that Indians deserves to be called Pariahs as sometimes they behave like one. Why not burn thousands of books on Hinduism that directly and indirectly promotes and justifies the caste system. Why can’t they discuss and argue this issue in a rational manner rather that becoming emotional.

Why don’t they go and demand that all caste based societies (there are hundreds of them registered with ROS) deregistered.

If Hindu Sangam, MIC , PKR, DAP and Hindraf is really interested to eradicate identification of Indians by caste, they should seek for abolishment of all caste
based societies, temples and NGOs.

They should also demand that Indians should not use their caste names in official documents such as Identity Cards, Birth Certificates and non-official ones such as wedding invitations. I have seen many of those who add caste to their names in the wedding cards although their Identity Cards do not carry one. That’s how particular these people are.

The day Indian Malaysian themselves reject caste system, seeks equality in social standing and work towards making it non existent in Malaysia, only then the word Pariah will become meaningless and do no harm to anyone, except for maybe the dogs. It's all their own doing and solution is in their own hands therefore, they should not blame the others.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stupid, Incompetent Selangor State Government

The current crisis in Selangor has, as expected revealed the true colours of the Pakatan Rakyat state government.

It has also revealed how inefficient the state government has become despite promising otherwise to the electorate. Let’s put aside Barisan’s supposedly attempts to sabotage the Selangor State government by appointing their own men. There is no need to go deeply into legal terms and laws as this issue needs to viewed practically and use of common sense, something that is no longer common.

While I support the fact that PSC should have consulted MB before recommending any candidate, the response, reaction and statements by Pakatan leaders on this issue says one thing clearly, that this is certainly not a ‘New Hope For Malaysia’state government.

Pakatan Rakyat's Promise after 2008 Elections

One of the key promises made by Pakatan Rakyat after wresting the state government is to review all the laws enacted by the state in the past to ensure justice for all. That is what at least PKR stood for, no matter that many of the ex-leaders claims otherwise.

Why did they not review the state constitution and attempt (since they do not have the 2/3rd majority) remove all the vague clauses and terms which may not be in state’s favour.

Why did they not seek to review the constitution and restore Sultan’s power which they claim has been usurped by BN when the constitution was amended in 1993. Why only now the Pakatan Rakyat government suddenly want to champion to restore Sultan’s power.

Let’s say the Chief Secretary to the government did propose another candidate to MB Khalid, deemed to be favorable, neutral and finally accepted by the Pakatan Rakyat State government, would MB Khalid even bother to look at the constitution and more so table proposal for amendment of the state constitution, purportedly to restore Sultan’s power. I doubt so.

So all these talk of restoring Sultan and State government powers are political charade by Pakatan Rakyat. Go ask Anwar Ibrahim who removed the powers of Sultan in 1993.

And from now till end of January, they will politicise what was originally a standard appointment of a civil servant, and take it to Tenang by-elections, no matter that Tenang is not in Selangor.

Rule of Law, Violation Of Founding Principals, Time Honoured Norms and by Convention

Just google these words by adding Selangor to it and then read my comments below.

Since many so called legal experts and even MB Khalid has conceded that Dayuk Khusrin’s appointment is valid, so there should not be any questions asked then.

But since we have some of the most brilliant spin doctors in the form of lawyers, lecturers and former judges who call themselves constitution experts, they now talk about violation of founding principles, by convention and even vague time honored norms that MB must be consulted since they cannot find fault with the constitution and laws.

The Sultan now has responded in similar fashion although his statement is even clearer, that the appointment is in line with the constitution and by convention. Let’s see how the Pakatan leaning experts and spin doctors respond.

If similar scenario happens when Pakatan is in power at Federal Government, I have no doubt that these Pakatan spin masters, which includes a former judge will say rule of law and constitution must be respected and upheld as they will definitely use whatever terms that appears to be favoring them.

Inefficient MB and Pakatan Rakyat

The Pakatan Rakyat State government would have known that the previous State Secretary , Datuk Ramli Mahmud retires on 31st December 2010. Well, the MB Khalid even attended his farewell party on 17th December.

Khalid would have known well before, that State Secretary is appointed by the Public Service Commission, a unit of Federal government. Ramli Mahmud’s appointment was through this commission.

If Khalid and his team would have been adept and efficient enough, they should have side stepped PSC and proposed their own candidate well in advance, well before PSC presented their candidate of choice to the Sultan on Dec 10th. At least they cannot claim ignorance and sabotage. The state government only formed a selection panel on Nov 27th, just weeks before existing State Secretary retires.

Khalid should know better since he was a CEO of a corporate giant before that usually appointments are made well in advance and replacement candidates should be reporting to work well before existing ones resigns or retires so that a handover process can take place.

There have been reports that the appointment of State Secretary was not taken seriously and was left to the hands of Khalid’s political secretary Faekah Husin. This shows the state government was super inefficient that they only thought about a selection panel for an important position in the state government just 3 weeks before the existing State Secretary retires!

Job Scope, Responsibilities & Diciplinary Actions

Various parties has claimed that Perak’s Pakatan Rakyat state government’s downfall was mainly due to the State Secretary and some predict that the same will happen to Selangor.

I cannot agree to this notion as the main reason for Perak Pakatan Rakyat’s state government downfall was PKR traitors and nothing else, even if the state assemblymen were bought by BN. There were no reported problems with the State Secretary.

Even if MB Khalid and his gang fails to overturn the appointment of Datuk Mohd Khusrin Munawi, there are various other means to manage him and state civil service.

I believe a clear job description and functions of state secretary has been established, therefore Datuk Khusrin should be functioning within the scope provided in his appointment letters. If he is inept and inefficient, like any other organization, actions should be taken.

The Selangor state government can then trumpet to the whole world that PSC appointed the wrong person by clearly spelling out his inefficiencies or flaws should PSC fails to remove Datuk Khusrin, say after 6 months into the job.

Datuk Khusrin will function under oath, therefore if there are any transgression, action can be taken against him. They can charge him in court if he violates oath of secrecy. So what is there for Pakatan Rakyat state government to worry unless they have a lot to hide? What can the state secretary do to sabotage the state government? As if there are not enough people within the Pakatan Rakyat themselves to sabotage their own parties and state government, as what we have been seeing all this while.

Amendment to Constitution

Attempts to amend the constitution are likely to fail as the Pakatan Rakyat government does not have the required 2/3rd majority in the house. The independent and BN assemblymen are highly unlikely to support any form of amendments, full stop. Then why should the state government even bother to hold one, if not for another political charade to amplify supposedly unfair BN Federal Government.

This would be an exercise in futility and sheer stupidity.

Sultan’s Statement

Sultan’s statement released yesterday clearly shows that MB Khalid and various other Pakatan leaders have no regards for the Sultan and his words. MB Khalid has clearly attempted to mislead the press and people in general on what actually had transpired during his audience with the Sultan. MB Khalid was unable to answer to a question on why is he rejecting the candidate proposed by PSC.

The Sultan also confirmed that he has accepted the candidate proposed by PSC and that MB Khalid should have discussed it with PSC BEFORE the appointment was made and not now.

This clearly shows that MB Khalid is either lying or attempting to mislead the people. He should by now rebut the statement made by Sultan’s private secretary if his version of what has transpired is true. If you care to note, the statement from Sultan’s office came late yesterday and was well thought out and covered all angles of the discussion while MB Khalid did not bother to think carefully, draft a carefully worded statement before he spoke to the press, since this involves the palace. Unfortunately, another example of an inept MB is for all to see. Backing him up with various unnecessary statements are his equally inferior and stupid Pakatan leaders.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hindraf & Malaysian Indian Politics

I have written on Hindraf in the past, you can read it here,

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2. Hindraf Part 2 – Memorandum to British Government, Click here

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3rd year Anniversary

3 years after the Nov 27 2008 rally at Jalan Ampang, Hindraf has become the biggest embarrassment to the Indian community in Malaysia.

It was reported that only 30 people turned up to Hindraf’s 3rd Anniversary gathering at KLCC. It was also reported that they were on an 18 hours ‘hunger strike’.

Wait a minute; they had oats and plain water during the ‘hunger strike’, taking a page from India where there are hunger strikes by various groups almost everyday. Hunger strikes in India have transformed a lot since the days of Gandhi. Gandhi went on hunger strike for days without food or liquid until he can get a concession from the British on various issues and demands. Nowadays, standard practice is just to have hunger strike from 9am to 5pm, then everyone eats and goes back. Hindraf has improved it to include oats and water!

Those present were mainly hardcore Hindraf supporters but by looking at the pictures available, I suspect some participants are clueless why they are there. For an organization which claims that they will be contesting in 35 state and 18 parliament seats, their ability to gather only 30 people for the iconic 3rd Anniversary held on Saturday certainly tells us something else.

I had several conversations with several ex-Hindraf supporters, who participated in the rally, on the anniversary and almost all of them now ridicule Uthayakumar, with many deriding him as an embarrassment to the community. While everyone, including me agrees that the demonstration on Nov 27, 2007 did awaken Indians and made them more conscious of their political power and rights, Hindraf did not capitalise it properly and positively.

Some friends who had directly been involved in the Hindraf activities at local level calls Uthayakumar and brother, the infamous exile, Waytha Moorthy, a thief and some others claims that Uthayakumar is now more concerned about donations than anything else. Many hard core supporters have deserted Hindraf or HRP now, in droves to the arms of BN and Pakatan Rakyat.

The 5 Hindraf ISA detainees have gone separate ways and have only bad things to say about each other. Manaoharan and Ganapathi Rao is in DAP while Vasanthakumar is in PKR. Not sure what happens to the other man.

Hindraf & Pakatan Rakyat

Uthayakumar also has earned the ire of DAP and PKR Indians by calling Indian leaders in these two parties as Mandores in many of their critical postings in their website and also in many of their speeches. He had derided the Indian Leaders in Pakatan Rakyat for not doing enough for Indians and recently said that even the much insulted UMNO is better than Indian leaders in Pakatan.

Indian leaders in Pakatan, including the previously ‘Makkal Sakhti’ shouting Anwar Ibrahim has distanced themselves from HRP/Hindraf as they appear to be a bit too extreme and racist.

Hindraf/HRP, realising that they are seen a extreme, racist and only interested to champion Indian causes, now aims to champion Orang Asli and minority non-bumiputras in Sabah and Sarawak. There has not been significant progress seen due to lack of resources and support coupled with problems with it’s negative image.

Hindraf have not ruled out working with even UMNO and BN if they are willing to aceed to their 18 point demands. There has been several rumours that Hindraf , tired with Pakatan Rakyat are in secret talks with BN, with money seen as the main motivation. These rumors are spread through comments in blogs and comments in sites such as Malaysiakini usually by supporters of Pakatan Rakyat. If you want to believe Pakatan Rakyat supports, it seems that Uthayakumar and Wayta Moorthy are in desperate need of financial assistance and they don’t mind working with BN.

Now they are on a road show to communicate their plans to contest in 35 state and 18 parliament seats and also to seek donations for this purpose. I bet that they will lose their deposits if they are locked in a 3 way contest against Pakatan and BN. In the end, this will only confirm the rumor that Hindraf contested to split the votes benefiting BN, in return of some financial assistance for the brothers.

This aside, one of the main reasons for Hindraf’s decline is due to their own conduct and also the Kampung Buah Pala incident where Uthayakumar promised to sleep there and defend the village at all cost. On the day of demolition, he was nowhere to be seen. This was widely reported in the Tamil media for days.

Hindraf leaders are also guilty of name calling and use of inappropriate words aimed at Pakatan Rakyat Indian leaders via various web postings and speeches. This did not go down well with many Pakatan Rakyat Indian leaders and supporter who were once Hindraf sympathizers. Their various insults aimed at Malays, Muslims and UMNO in particular invited anger even from the Malay Pakatan supporters.

Hindraf & Typical Malaysian Indian Politics

Hindraf and their leader’s conduct, approach and strategies are no way different from other Indian leaders in Malaysia, only that they are standing on the wrong platform. Indians are generally confrontational and non-compromising, hence the result that we see today where there are dozens of Indian based political parties and hundreds of NGOs to serve and fight for their rights.

From what I have observed, Indian Malaysian politics are still widely personality based. Indian middle class and working class have the tendency to blindly follow their leaders without question and are prone to switch their allegiance frequently whenever things are not in their favour. They are also having this cow herd mentality to believe what their preferred leaders say without verifying facts and has short memory as in other Malaysians, mudah lupa syndrome.

And Indians tends to be extremely emotional when it comes to temples and Tamil schools. The irony is that while they can find millions to built temples, funds for schools are hard to come by. The recent death by self immolation of an Indian in Puchong, who protested the demolition of store adjacent to a temple, is testimony of how emotional can they become when it comes to temples, no matter that it is equally stupid as well, with respect to the victim.

Their expectations on their anointed leaders are always high due to their own blind belief on personalities. They can easily get agitated when provoked or when there are no action or activities by their leaders. They turn to someone else when they hear something good in store for them with checking the facts or whether the promises are able to be delivered or even logical, in the first place.

Samy Vellu’s and MIC’s outright rejections are due to this and this phenomenon is inflicting Pakatan Rakyat as well.

This was the also reason with majority Indians switched their support to Pakatan Rakyat in the 2008 elections and Anwar Ibrahim, who frequently used Hindraf’s battle cry ‘Makkal Sakhti’ in his rallies nationwide, became their hero although the same Anwar Ibrahim was in UMNO for 16 years and was part of the government Hindraf claims has been discriminating and marginalizing them.

Najib’s Approach

And of recent, many of these Indians , tired of all the rhetoric and empty promises by Pakatan Rakyat leaders, looked elsewhere and found new BN leader Najib more accommodating. Najib’s little India Project was widely publicized in the Tamil media and was received well. Najib has been quietly engaging the Indian based NGOs and community groups by side-stepping MIC and this has yielded positive results and improved image of BN.

Najib’s attendance to various lunches and diners organized by Indian ethnic groups such as the Telugus, Malayalees and Punjabi’s are unprecedented and seen positive for such groups who have never been able to invite any PM, DPM or even non-Indian leaders before.

Najib is also said to be behind, a anonymous website said to be spearheaded by 3 of the most effective Indian NGOs, Sri Murugan Centre (SMC) , EWRF and another NGO that I can’t recall. There are slew of full page colour advertisements advertisement of this website on Tamil newspaper and frequent airing on Tamil radio channels. The website provides useful information on citizenship issues, loans, scholarships, funding, skills training etc. It also provides a generally positive outlook on Indian Malaysians and how they can solve their problems with their own efforts.

The NGO’s appear to have been provided with funds by Najib to run this apart from government’s own road shows alongside MIC in towns and cities with significant Indian population. It has received positively by the community who rather trust NGOs than any political parties. Commendable community work carried out in the past by SMC and EWRF further lends credence that this time, government is serious about assisting Indians.

It can be safely said that 60% of Indians now view Najib and BN positively though only 40% are likely to be sure votes. On the other hand, a large number of middle class Indians are still skeptical and are deemed fence sitters. This group is weary of the old MIC and BN while not supporting Pakatan Rakyat entirely. There are also still significant percentage of Indian who is still hardcore supporters of Pakatan Rakyat, who are in denial and getting increasingly unhappy with some loud, constantly politicking Indian leaders in Pakatan Rakyat.

As for Hindraf, they will be forever etched in the history for their tsunami inducing rally, and their legacy will remain just that.

Monday, November 29, 2010

OMG!! Pakatan Rakyat 2010, version 2.1

Let’s look at major highlights and achievements this year and Pakatan’s brand of Competency, Accountability and Transparency in Pakatan controlled states this year supposedly in line with their Zaid Ibrahim powered ‘Common Policy Framework’.

CAT, SELCAT and whatnot being separately announced and established by different Pakatan State Government. How common!

Support Letter Issue in Selangor – Internal Investigations for greater transparency! OMG!!, the real culprit freed’

Camera in MB’s Office – Internal Investigations for greater transparency! Until now, there has been no further news on the probe.

Sand mining corruption allegations – Internal Investigations for greater transparency! Until now, there has been no further news on the probe and MACC has stepped in.

PAS Aduns says PKNS is corrupt and mismanaged – MB Khalid as usual orders
Internal Audit Committee to probe. Nothing out of this probe yet.

Yayasan Selangor Lunch – RM 300 -800K about to be spent and the chairman & MB was not even aware about it. Though MACC has stepped in now.

Two more Hindu Temples to be built in Selangor with Pakatan government support despite nearly thousand other temples available and hardly patronized in Selangor.

Millions of ringgit channeled towards both legal and illegal Hindu temple by a publicity crazy State Executive Councilor which brings no tangible benefits to the community. Good example of how state resources are channeled towards unproductive projects.

2 no-plastic Bags day in 2011 (though experts around the world have said that this does not really help the environment) while No plastic bags at all in Penang in 2011 while it appears to be all day plastic bag week in Kedah and Kelantan. A good example of consistent implementation of ‘Common Policy Framework’.

RM 100 for senior citizens in Penang. I am still laughing at Lim Guan Eng’s TV interview when he mentioned that he did not know that Penang Turf Club had betting license. Then, what is horse racing all about, Guan Eng?? And your supporters think that gaffes and political comedy is exclusive domain of BN leaders. Not sure if such hand out is available in Kelantan, Kedah and Selangor.

Selangor speaker Teng’s explanation of OMG, real culprit freed’ tweet provided the much need humour amid tense political situation in Selangor. He deserves best comedian award for year 2010.

Water rate increase in Penang – A good move (seriously)

Freedom of Information bill in Selangor – Please come clean on Ronnie Liu, KSSB and PKNS first! Penang to follow while 20 year old PAS government in Kelantan and New state government in Kedah are not even looking at it. Sounds more like ‘Freedom of Misinformation bill’ in the works. Another good example of how ‘common policy framework’ thrown down the drain.

No Announcement of any Major Economic Initiative by world renowned Selangor Economic Advisor, Anwar Ibrahim, who was busy criticizing APCO, NKRA, NEP, ETP, GTP etc, He was also busy finding ways to delay his trial and campaigning for his favourites candidates at PKR elections.

Khalid Ibrahim’s support for Greater KL plan (not sure if this is endorsed by his world renowned economic advisor) and his flip flop on support for Menara Warisan.

Continued ban on several mainstream media covering official state functions, meetings and now State Assembly by Penang and Kedah state governments while others invite mainstream media to only provide good news. A good example of media freedom.

Continued lies perpetrated by party held media such as Suara Keadilan eg, Felda, Perak MB Zambry issue etc. Another example Pakatan’s of free and fair media. Free and fair to them only and freedom to lie.

Increase in Bumiputra quota for Housing in Kedah – not sure how far if this is true, but can’t remember any other policy announced by the PAS led state government.

Rapid establishment of a Sin City (Kota Damansara)

Defections after defections from PKR, Zul Nordin to Wee Choo Keong further strengthens Malaysian democracy.

Introduction of various new methods and techniques of vote manipulations at PKR elections which also created a new world record in terms of voter turnouts, thus upstaging Bersih 2.0 with their own version of Free and Fair elections, Kotor 2.1.

No new ‘asset declarations’ by State Exco as promised by Selangor State Government. Previous ‘asset declarations’, or rather income declarations, has gone missing from the state government website. I guess this is in line with implementation of Freedom of Misinformation bill.

On the other hand, Lim Guan Eng appears to be still waiting for ‘asset declaration form’ from federal government. This elusive piece of form appears to too complex for anyone even as smart as Lim and his state government to create, hence Lim’s wait continues.

Others major highlights and learning points from Pakatan Rakyat in 2010

1. You can be a Deputy President and future Deputy Prime Minister or even Prime Minister with the support of less than 10% of your own party members.

2. You can start your own PKR branch and become a branch chairman with only one member, yourself.

3. A person who lies continuously, slanders others at will, attempted to grab power undemocratically, corrupt and abuses power are deemed as ‘gift of god’. So we have many ‘Gifts Of God’ amongst politicians in Malaysia.

4. It’s ok to call own PKR party member ‘Pariah’ and later give speech hitting out on BN about racism.

5. You are permitted to forge or create any documents as long as the party looks good in the eyes of law and public.

6. Those with experience in drafting and creating ‘Statuary Declarations’ out of nothing will be considered for ‘Information Chief’ post.

7. You can be DAP state chairman even if you only have 40% support of party delegates and the fact that there are 10 others who are far more popular.

8. Being a gangster is a good career prospect if you are residing in Hulu Selangor and Kota Raja.

9. Dish out funds recklessly to Hindu Temples and Schools, you can be the next ‘Sivaji the Boss’.

10. Free water continues to be enjoyed by the rich while the poor pays in Selangor as per Merakyatkan Ekonomi policy.

I am sure there are many other path breaking achievements that may have been left out. Feel free to create your own list.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DAP and PKR – Why Not merge?

DAP elections in Perak ended in similar fashion as did in PKR albeit not as bad. By opening enough branches and voters on your side means you control the state, no matter whether the candidate or team is good and capable. It is quite baffling how these elections systems work. It's not that this does not happen in BN. ut Pakatan is supposedly superior and practises far superior demecracy, as they say.

At the end, no matter which party, only those with influence and resources win, not the candidate who is not corrupt, wise, smart and honest. The available post are rotated amongst select few and losers are given less powerful post just to pacify them, hence the fate of Kulasegaran.

Just before the Hulu Selangor by elections, I was invited by a PKR supporter, who is a local ethnic based organization leader, to join his proposed new branch. His main motivation appears to be a branch chairman and get any allocations funds that are made available. He says that his family, friends and relatives should make up the minimum number of members required to open a branch and urged me to join him or at least on a joint venture basis open one near my place.

He says that he will take care of day to day running and that I just need to show up when only necessary. He says not only PKR pays well, he can even get BN to pay him, especially during elections where he says he can get the money and there is no need to account for it at all, since no one knows who the members will vote. Now you know why there has been massive attempt to manipulate PKR elections, even at local branch level.

Back to DAP, even at national level, DAP is controlled by the same group. Losers in national level party elections are appointed to certain high level positions. Important post such as Chairman, General Secretary and Party advisers are usually rotated among a select few. Such unique brand of democracy in DAP.

What I don’t quite understand is what is the differences between DAP and PKR. Both claims to be multi racial and both espouses objectives which is not in many way dissimilar. Then why not merge these 2 entities. The same can be said on Gerakan and PPP in BN, why not merge?

As we all know, personality and not party ideology has been a mainstay in BN for a long time, so that’s an old story but what about DAP and PKR, who has been promising a ‘New Hope for Malaysia’, why can’t they merge and propose a more formidable opposition front to Malaysian.

I wonder why DAP has so far maintained ‘elegant silence’ on various blunders and foolish actions by Anwar and PKR but not quite with PAS. A certain race related pact between PKR and DAP, as alleged by Kulim MP makes a lot of sense. This may be part of ‘New Hope For Malaysia’, DAP maybe counting on PKR to deliver Malay votes while DAP can surely deliver non-malay votes. Hence, there is no specific reason to rely on PAS.

Could race and personality be the reason? I am sure it is. Party ideology and principles are not important, continued prominence and existence of certain race and personalities appear to be more important in both PKR and DAP.

Certain political leaders aspirations to be come Prime Minister and Deputy Prime minister could be the main motivation too.

If both PKR and DAP are merged, it is highly likely that some Deputy Prime Minister, Minister materials from DAP could be drowned out by even more power obsessed candidates from PKR, if they ever find their way to Putrajaya. So policies, social justice, democracy, reforms and constitution are secondary and simply tools to gain power