Friday, January 30, 2009

Hail The Indian Malaysian Heroes

While we we sympathise with one Mr Kugan's death in custody, what appeared to be a criminal case has been politicised and turned into a racial issue.

While politicians, especially Indian politicians denied this, their presence, statements and actions clearly shows that they were trying to politicise and turned it into a racial issue.

Bloggers on the other hand joined in from far, only to slam the police and BN. I have to agree that that the Selangor Police chief and the Home minister made some stupid statements and jumped the gun without having proper facts in hand. They should have just let investigation take place before commenting.

If anyone should resign, it should be the Chief of the Taipan Police Station. And the government need to implement the proposed Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPMC) without further delay.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

What is more troubling is that the victim is a suspect in car theft and armed roberry cases. He was reportedly led police to recover 13 stolen vehicles. It was also said that Kugan's death was premeditated in order to cover up the case as it was rumoured that several high ranking police officers had a hand in the car theft syndicate. These are all speculation (since there are no evidence) or even made up to make Kugan look like a hero.

Most politicians, bloggers and groups argue that Kugan is innocent until proven guilty. Well , agreed but I can't help but think how these bloggers and politicians defend Kugan stoutly that he is innocent until proven guilty but had no shame to accuse others of abuse of power, corruption etc without the victims being even charged in court.

For example several bloggers, some of them are lawyers, who highlighted that Kugan is innocent until proven guilty are the same ones who claims that Najib is corrupt, abused power or even having affair with the mongolian on the basis of few Statuary Declaration. Why not the same treatment is metted for people like Najib. They have judged Najib even without any charges being filed against him. And certainly Najib is not alone.

The same applies with the opposition held states who claimed that the previous government was corrupt, eg Penang and Selangor. Until today not a single charge has been filed to prove that the previous state governments were corrupt, but Anwar Ibrahim and friends are still on their roadshow telling all kinds lies. If this is not injustice and hypocrisy, I don't know what is!

I guess 'Innocent until proven guilty' only applies to opposition and anything related to their agenda, like Kugan and his death.

Racial Issue?

We cannot but help thinking that this case has been turned into a racial issue, with only Indian politicians involvement, presence of banners with racial tone and not forgetting Hindraf's involvement and their call to Indians to participate in the funeral procession, which is certainly not a requirement, Hindu wise.

Why is there a need for Penang Deputy Chief Minister to get involved if not for race reasons. Why PKR & DAP Indian MPs and MIC deputy Ministers, except for maybe Senator Murugiah, who hold the Public Complaints portfolio, needs to be there throughout the drama, even after the AG's office have classified the case as murder. Why Anwar Ibrahim visited the familywith such urgency, oh! i forgot, why not since Anwar is Indian Malaysian's de-facto communal leader.

MIC Youth, in a statement claimed that they were the first ones to assist the Kugan's family and expressed disappointment that the opposition Indian leaders hijacked the whole issue. How sad and how unapologetic they are in their pursuit of political mileage.

The presence of PKR, DAP, MIC Indian politicans could only be for the reasons of gaining political mileage and being seen as champions of the Indians.

Political mileage - much to gain, too precious to ignore

Where were they when a single mother, an Indian, lost her 4 children, who drowned recently? This is by far, a devasting loss? Or when an innocent Indian boy was tortured to death recently? The answer, there's nothing to gain, politically.

Nik Aziz even offered to present cash aid to the family, who is said to be reasonably well to do. The selangor state government reportedly offered to bear the funeral cost, which includes a Golden Mercedes used to transport the coffin during the procession.

Why did the same politicians offer any aid to the single mother, have procession or demand for protection of beach goers or innocent childrens, for example ? The answer is the same, there's nothing to gain, politically.

Where were they when policemen and public were killed by criminals, did they get a mercedes hearse, courtesy of the politicians and did the MPs or opposition leaders visit policemen killed or injured in the line of duty? The answer is still the same, there's nothing to gain, politically.

Indian Politicians, from all sides, DAP, PKR and MIC needs to remember that they were elected mainly with votes from non-Indians. If they think they want to be an Indian Hero by involving themselves unnecessarily in this and any similar Indian related drama, think again..I am sure they will be voted out in the next elections. This is especially for Indian leaders in PKR and DAP, who were supposedly multi-racial parties.

Root Cause

While the reforms should be instituted in the police force and government should implement the proposed Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPMC), it cannot be denied that Indians are by far the most involved in crime, population percentage wise.

These Indian heroes (PKR, DAP, MIC), if they are really interested to be the communal champion, should instead focus on why these youth end up in crime. The usual reasons given are discrimination, marginalisation and all the crap.

Any able bodied malaysians can survive in Malaysia without turning to crime. Can any of these Indian heroes or their communal hero deny that?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Malaysian Indian Minority and Human Rights Violations Annual Report 2008

Have been looking for this document, luckily HINDRAF themselves published the report. Do read all those in bold.

Some interesting infromation thrown to spice up the report such as 6 suicides a day, 41% of beggars are Indians as well. Even in India number of beggars are not that high.

START --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

> Dedicated to, the three British trained and one Malaysia trained, Indian Malaysian lawyers imprisoned without trial indefinitely at Malaysia’s own “Guantanamo Bay” under the Malaysian draconian Internal Security Act (ISA) for championing the Indian Minority and Human Rights cause.

Executive Summary


Overseas Indians worldwide have been granted equal opportunities and leading prosperous life except in Malaysia. This is because the Malaysian government practices and implements very serious institutional Malay Muslim religious extremist and supremacist plans, policies and practices to the extend of reducing and segregating many Indians into literally becoming slaves. Even the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) President and immediate past Cabinet Minister of 29 years standing, Dato’ Seri S. Samy Vellu has conceded as late as March 2008 that the Indians in Seberang Kuari (Penang) are living in worst conditions than in Africa. The Indians in Malaysia are openly discriminated not by the Malay Muslim people of Malaysia but the UMNO (United Malay National Organization) controlled government of Malaysia in direct contravention of Article 8 of the Federal Constitution which prohibits discrimination and upholds equality. In short the Indians are excluded from the national mainstream development of Malaysia in almost every aspect of live on a day to day basis.

But Malaysia’s UMNO controlled government has successfully over the last 51 years since independence camouflaged this reality very well by projecting, highlighting and showcasing the cream of the Malaysian Indian as being successful and prosperous. But this cream only represents a mere 1% of the 2 million Indian populations in Malaysia. About 70% of the Malaysian Indians are left to rot in the hardcore poor and poor category. For raising these very serious Indian minority and human rights violations four Malaysian Indian Lawyers (P. Uthayakumar, M. Manoharan, R. Kengatharan & V. Ganapathi Rao) have been arrested and are currently detained without trial for 2 years, from 13th Dec 2007 and continuing indefinitely thereafter at Malaysia’s very own “Guantanamo Bay” (the Kemunting Detention Centre)

Some of Malaysia’s atrocities against its own mere 8% minority Indians in 2008 are as follows:

1. Even as this paper is being finalized on the last day of the year 2008 the Malaysian Police in their Police lock up were alleged to have poured hot water on an Indian youth’s body. When he screamed in pain, a piece of cloth was stuffed into his mouth by the Police and was stepped on with their boots. On a rare occasion NT 7 (A local TV Station) splashed his gory burned marks because, a rare breed Member of Parliament for Kapar, Mr. S. Manickavasagam (present at this conference) dared to take on the UMNO State by exposing this police brutality. But in Malaysia, when the victim is an Indian, hardly anything happens. Not only for this atrocity but almost all and every atrocity as listed herein below, this continues to this day. The Indians suffer in silence. Even the Opposition Parties, NGOs and civil society almost always choose to remain silent because the victims are, “merely Indians”. The police and all the authorities have almost always never been punished even for worst atrocities than this.

2. Indian slavery, including sex and child slavery, in Malaysia is rampant even
after 51 years of independence.

3. 150,000 Malaysians Indians (third, fourth and fifth generation Indians) are
made Stateless by
denying them Birth Certificates.

4. Kampong Medan “Ethnic Cleansing” of Indians (2001) – 5 Indians killed and a hundred over suffered grevious bodily injuries.

5. One Hindu Temple is demolished in every week nation wide in Malaysia.

6. Six Indians were shot dead by the police in one single day.

7. One Indian lady (8 months pregnant) was shot dead in her home (1988)

8. 90% of Malaysian victims shot dead by the police are Indians.

9. 90% of the deaths in police and prison custody victims are Indians.

10. 80% of victims of police harassment, unlawful arrests, flimsy and malicious prosecutions, inmates of police lock ups and prisons are Indians, (Note: 90%
in Item No. 8, 90% in Item No. 9 and more than 80 % in Item No. 10 are
Indians despite being a mere 8 % of the total population).

11. Six Indians commit suicide in one day. The suicide rate among the Indians is
600 % higher than the Malay Muslim community largely because of denial of
equality and equal upward mobility opportunities.

12. RM 207.9 billion (USD 54 billion) budget for 2009 and RM 230 billion (USD
60 billion) budget in 2008 for the Mid Term Review of the Ninth Malaysia
Plan but zero allocation for the hard core poor and poor Indians.

13. Indians today earn as low as RM13.00 (USD 3.50) per day as plantation

14. 60% of urban squatters and 41% of beggars are Indians.

15. 70% of the 2 million Indians are hardcore poor or poor.

16. Penang Indian squatter families cannot afford to buy milk for their babies and stopped children from attending schools because of poverty.

17. One Indian young mother could not be cremated until after 3 days because of poverty.
18. RM80 billion (USD 21 billion) government guaranteed PNB (Permodalan
Nasional Berhad) shares benefitting almost 9 million poor Malay Muslim
share holders but the almost 2 million poor Indians are excluded.

19. 99% of deserving Indian students is denied the 847,485 public university places. Indians excluded completely from the 120,000 university (UITM)
Places which have a campus in every state.

20. Only one overseas government PSD (Public Service Department)
Scholarship awarded
to do medicine for the deserving 2 million Indians.

21. Remawathy, the sixth best student in Malaysia who scored 13 A1s in SPM
(O Level) was denied a government PSD scholarship.

22. Only one medical seat is made available at the University of Malaya against a 2 million Indian population in Malaysia (2004)

23. Foreign medical college Degrees from Ukraine, Russia, Romania, India and Indonesia with almost all Malaysian Indian private students suddenly were derecognized by the Malaysian government.

24. Government PTPTN study loans and scholarships denied to Indians studying medicine, law, engineering etc in overseas.

25. Even in the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) sponsored AIMST University
and TAFE College, government PTPTN loans and scholarships are denied to the Indians.

26. Government PTPTN loans and scholarships denied to almost all the Indian
students studying at the scores of private universities and institutions of
higher education.
27. A very negligent number of Indian students offered full residential schools,
such as the MRSM junior science colleges and scores of other elite schools.

28. 371 Tamil primary schools with about 100, 000 Indian children denied full government financial assistance.

29. Almost all the above Tamil schools are all in cowshed like pre war structures.

30. Indians are even largely excluded from the KEMAS and PERMATA, government run kindergardens.

31. 99.9% of deserving Indians denied agricultural land schemes for the
hardcore poor and poor in the semi government run FELDA, FELCRA,
RISDA, FAMA, ]Agropolitan in the 13 State Government Land Schemes.

32. Indians in the civil service today have been reduced to 1% from about 50%
in 1960s.

33. 99% of the deserving Indians denied licenses, permits, government contracts
and project business loans and opportunities.

34. 99.9% of the hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs created and to be
created by the Entrepreneur Ministry, Rural Development Ministry,
Agriculture and Agro Based Industry Ministry, MARA, SME Bank, Agro Bank,
etc. with hundreds of billions of government funds denied to the Indians.

35. RM 2.5 Billion AIM loans were given to 190, 900 poor households earning below RM2000 per month. But the Malaysian Indian Business Association
President, Mr. P. Sivakumar was reported to have said that the
government’s AIM did not provide micro credit loans to all the 200 Indians it
had recommended.

36. “Scrap metal businesses destroyed by ex Chief Minister the Selangor State, Khir Toyo (of UMNO)”, says Indian Scrap Metals Association Secretary, Mr. Param, a total number of 1118 (almost all Indians) scrap metal business licenses were cancelled in the last three years.

37. Hundreds of thousands of poor Indian squatter colonies demolished with no
or very little alternative homes.

38. Thousands of police reports have been lodged on the foresaid UMNO
controlled Malaysian Government’s atrocities but almost zero action has
been taken.

39. All our scores of Public Interest, Litigations and Suits concerning the most
serious of the foresaid issues have been dismissed by the Malaysian High
Courts or have not seen justices being done. The most senior of the 48
Malaysian High Court Judges who resigned with effect from 1/12/08 were
sent to “Booth Camps” with selected Judges and Judicial Officers to
indoctrinate those attending to hold the view that the UMNO Government’s
interest was “ more important than all else when we are considering our

40. Hindraf’s 18 Point Demands dated 12/08/07 to the Prime Minister for equality
and equal upward mobility, be included and not excluded and segregated
from the national main stream development of Malaysia had been
completely ignored and rejected.

41. There is a 2 Million Indian population in Malaysia but zero Indian majority Parliament and State seats. The current Indian majority seats have been jerry mandered.

42. 100,000 unprecedented Hindraf People Power Peaceful Assembly that was
held on 25/11/07 was cruelly crushed, 241 arrested and maliciously
prosecuted including for attempted murder of a policeman, a charge which is
an impossible charge in law where bail was denied.

43. All the above atrocities are just the tip of the iceberg.


Malaysia has not only very successfully projected to the world its world tallest Twin Towers but also has very successfully suppressed the aforesaid atrocities against the Indians over the last 51 years. These atrocities are backed by researched news reports and publications as per my (full) paper which is also presented and distributed herein at this conference. Read Here.

Thank you

Waytha Moorthy Ponnusamy
Barrister at Law, Lincoln’s Inn
HINDRAF, Malaysia.
Mobile: +447939355981
+91 9789987449

END -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I think, i have said enough on Hindraf, here , here , and here. Pakatan Rakyat leaders, who have been blindly supporting Hindraf, apparently distanced themselves from this report, now that they are in power in 5 states.

They now claim that they (Pakatan Rakyat Indian Leaders) should be the respresentatives of Indian Malaysians instead of MIC. Good, Wayta, you should train you guns at Pakatan Leaders now.

While HINDRAF claims that governement have fabricated stories that they had links with Tamil terrorists or freedom fighters (whichever way you want to see it) in Sri Lanka (LTTE), that does not give HINDRAF the right to spread pack of lies to an international audience.

Some suggested that Waytha Moorthy stripped off his citizenship since he adores Britain more than Malaysia. I will leave that to the government.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Recession - Malaysia In Denial

I seriously believe the government is in denial of the state of the economy.

Please read here, Muyiddin's confidence that Malaysia will not slip into technical recession, despite the negative prediction by analysts, local and foreign. Even MIER has lowered the expected growth rate for Q1. Rating Agency Malaysia (RAM) agrees that we may slip into recession in the first quater itself.

There are also other analyst who are quite upbeat how Malaysia would end the year, here. While former Finance Minister, Tengku Razaleigh has this to say, which i agree on many counts.

The reality on the ground is not reflective with what government is trying to potray. My friend's company in Pasir has already cut production hours and days to 4 days a week from 7 days operations few months ago while he says that there are plans to futher reduce the working days months ahead.

This company produces various components for computers for major brands and reduced demands from almost all computer makers forced them to cut production hours.

Another company in Pasir Gudang went on step ahead to retrench worker by the hundreds. As usual, a mix of foreign and locals were retrenched, rather than retrenching all foreign workers. No one will want to retain expensive locals, those foreign workers retrenched are just for a show to the government that foreigners are first to go.

And we already know about Western Digital.

I also heard and confirmed that Lenovo ((IBM's distribution arm) regional centre's employees, based in Kuala Lumpur have been offered VSS.

Most Banks and financial insitutions has freezed recruitment of staff. They have been told to 'make do with what you have'. Some even started on initiatives such as pay cuts for top executives.

Singapore has been more honest about the economic situation there and this may result in many retrenchment exercises forcing Malaysian, mostly Johoreans returning home only to find that factories and industries in Pasir Gudang, Senai, Skudai, Masai and Kulai are not recruting anymore.

Johor state government claimed that Iskandar Project would offer employment to returning Malaysians from Singapore. I find the statement off the mark, as returning Malaysians, mostly from factories in Singapore, are not likely to be suitable for jobs available in the Iskandar Project.

I think we need not remind Muyiddin on how much does manufacturing contribute to the economy and that bulk of our products are exported to EU and US, the same countries hardly hit by the crisis.

In simple terms, people there are not buying what they can do without, that's the same products that we are selling to them.

There were several statements here and there by the Human Resources Ministry on handling retrenchments, but nothing concrete appear to be in place.

And we have ministries being informed that the 7 Billion stimulus package must be spent by end of the year. How ridiculous can this be. The package was anounced way back in August and respective ministries should have had adequate time to plan the spending. The amount should have been spent by end of the 1st quarter 2009 and maybe before 1st half of the year, only then we will be able to feel the impact of the stimulus package within the same year.

Is the government waiting for things to get worse before they act? Already, revenue from Petronas are expected to dwindle and we know that the expected revenue from Petronas stated in 2009 budget is no longer realistic.

While other countries have been quite nervous, honest and open about possible recession, our leaders appears to be not so worried. We have to expect the worse, only then we will be more prepared. Having confidence remains just that, confidence and nothing else.

We have to act quickly and decisively as time is certainly running out. And we have ministers, especially the Finance Minister spending weeks on a non critical event, the Kuala Terengganu by-election..

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wish List - 2009 and Beyond

Here's some wish list for 2009 and perhaps beyond from an ordinary voter like me. There are many MPs ,ADUNs, speakers who have stayed silent throughout the year, so here are some ideas that they can sell at their meetings with their party, parliament, state assemblies or with government collegues (little Napoleons included)

Fine MP/ADUNs - Fine of one month MP's allowance for uttering any unparliamentarily words. Proceeds to go to the national courtesy campaign. I think the deputy speaker have clearly defined what are the 'unparliamentarily words' in one of the recent session. There should not be any excuse.

Reward MPs - Propose cash rewards to the best debate or speech in parliaments. Rewards to be spent on winning MP's or state assemblymen's constituency. Political parties can nominate their MPs or ADUNs.

National Service for MPs - National Service to be made mandatory for all MPs and first time MPs thereafter.

English Campaign - English speaking campaign in parliament. One week to be selected every session where all debates are to be in English. Representatives from Science, Technology and Fnance ministries to speak full time in English for continuity. Budget to be presented in English.

Straight To the Point - Debates and speeches must be straight to the point. Time to be deducted if MPs continue blaberring giving out various quotes, pantuns and sayings which usually does not mean anything. A ‘ straight to the point’ course should be conducted for free for all MPs and ADUNs. Anwar Ibrahim should take the lead and enrol himself for the course.

Declare Assets - All candidates for MP or ADUN seats to publicly declare their assets. This has to be published in all major newspapers on their cost. In future, all prospective MPs and ADUNs to publicly declare their assets before the elections. Perhaps, Lim Guan Eng should start the ball rolling since it was one of his promises.

Dewan Negara - Dewan Negara to be abolished. Such a waste of time and money. Parliamentary secretary or research officers should be appointed to every MP instead.

Bahasa Malaysia - All prospective MPs and ADUNs must have at least a credit in SPM Bahasa Malaysia.

"Kenali Pembangkang" - RTM should host a program for MPs to give their policy speech to their desired audience, local or national. Give 30 minutes, one slot everyday, so the program should be able to cover all MPs in one year. Allow some publicity and constituents to know their MPs. Like me, many still do not know who are the MPs and ADUNs around their area. Perhaps a 'kenali pembangkang' program so that opposition (Pakatan or BN) gets some publicity.

ISA - ISA to be repealed or amended with clear definition, intent and purposes.

Tertiary Education - Political parties should not be allowed to manage educational institutions.

Equal Opportunity Law - Equal opportunity law to be introduced with some exceptions, of course.

Banks & CTOS - CTOS must be made liable for inaccurate records that they maintain. Bank Negara to review and remove all unnecessary fees.

Lawyer Fees - Bar Council must review lawyer fees and it must be reviewed downwards. For example, how it is fair to pay thousands for a standard documentation used for housing Sales & Purchase with the fees based on the value of the house and not the work involved. Lawyers must be open to competition and allowed to reduce their fees. Don’t quite understand why they are not allowed to do so. Justice for all, Bar Council?

Hindu Temple M ergers - Force merger of Indian Temples, eg there are 16 shrines and temples in Sentul alone and it is said that there are 15,000 temples in the country. Use space for public purposes, such as a open space, football field, community hall or playground. Government to provide annual allocation for the merged temple.

Road Signs - A nationwide rationalisation of road signs to be undertaken starting with Klang Valley. I am getting lost more frequently than before, mainly due to the confusing road signs.

One School For Malaysians - One School for everyone with other main languages (Mandarin, Tamil) made compulsory. Mathematics and Science to be continued be taught in English.

Income Tax - Income tax Reduction for monthly wage earners. I am increasingly angry with traders, businessmen, local politicians when they use the term “tax payer’s money” when arguing their case when most of them either pay nominal tax or do not pay any at all. Majority does not maintain proper set of accounts, doctor their accounts and later file yearly tax returns paying a token sum. Can any accountant (eg Guan Eng) come out in the open and deny this? How many politicians actually pay proper tax for their own businesses? All are full of cheats fighting for transparency, accountability and all that crap.

Income Tax Refunds - Income tax department to be fined the same if they fail to refund taxpayers of the amount due on time.

Demonstrations - Offer stadiums and padangs for a fee if anyone wants to hold demonstrations, not on the streets. The catch, they would have to pay the stadium fees which would help to maintain the stadiums, especially cash strapped stadiums like the Shah Alam Stadium. No police permits required unless organisers wants some assistance to maintain order. It will go a long way to prevent demonstrators from becoming a nuisance to the general public.

Demonstrations Day - Designate a day every month for demonstrations so that general public can avoid going getting stuck in the traffic, unless of course if they are participants.

Free Schooling. Assurance of real free schooling . No more additional and miscellaneous fees, please.

Abolish UPSR & PMR - Abolish public examinations such as UPSR, PMR and replace with projects, activity and assignment based measurements, no more 7 or 17As please.

Double Parking - RM 2,500 fine for double parking, RM 5,000 if the offender still double parked despite there being some empty parking lots nearby.

Piracy - Illegal DVD peddlers, apart from the normal fines and jail terms, must be forced to watch poor quality DVD B-Grade movie for 12 hours non-stop, for 5 days.

NO Local Council elections - No local council elections please, we don’t need elections throughout the year. Had enough with elections, campaigns, antics of candidates and elected MP’s / ADUNs. I can’t simply imagine my nearby, non tax paying mamak becoming the councilor.

Lifts - Amend local by-laws to ensure lifts in flats, apartments and condominium to be governed by local authorities, not the building management. People living in the flats/apartments to pay nominal yearly fee to local authority as part of their assessment fees for maintenance. This has become a major problem in most flats, apartments and condominium as people refuse to pay monthly maintenance fee for all kinds of reasons and it would generally end up being unfair to those who pay consistently.

Free Highways - Nationalise all highways. No reason why government to cannot manage tolled roads on their own. Increase road tax, remove fuel subsidies and ensure roads are toll free. I am sure at least 5 seats in KL will be back to BN in the next general elections.

Datukship - Recognise David Arumugam, Yasmin Yusof with a Datukship. Perhaps M.Nasir and Amy Search too. Maybe a Tun for Samy Vellu with a condition that he retires…

Finally, Selangor, Perak or Penang state governments should recognize contribution of the real ‘Sivaji the Boss’ Indian Superstar Rajnikant, for his indirect role in Anwar’s comeback and March 8 election results.