Friday, May 22, 2009

LTTE Chief - Hero To Malaysian Tamils

MIC President, Samy Vellu issued a statement in Tamil Nesan on the demise of Vellupillai Prabakaran, the Chief of Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Elam (LTTE) Samy Vellu glorified Prabakaran in MIC’s official mouthpiece saying that Prabakaran is matyr, praising his determination to defend the Tamils in Sri Lanka and his decades long struggle to seek a separate state for Tamils. 
In short, Samy Vellu says Prabakaran death is a great loss to the Tamils worldwide and he will go down in the history as one of the greatest Tamil Warrior. 

If anyone had cared to notice, Tamil Newspapers had, in the last week or so, turned into somewhat a Tamil Nadu newspaper. All the main stories are either about the war in Sri Lanka, IPL (Indian Premier League cricket) or the Indian elections. I am not surprised as this has been the case for quite some time. I myself had to check the newspaper masthead to verify if I am actually looking at a local newspaper at the newsstands. 

Indian Malaysians affinity with India and SriLanka has never wavered over the decades since independence. Indian Malaysians still worry about the happenings in India although the number of people with direct relatives and friends has dwindled. I for one, no longer know or in touch with any relatives in India. 

Samy Vellu’s statement would be no different from sentiments, feelings and opinion of fellow Tamilians in Malaysia, be it from BN or Pakatan Rakyat supporters. They have over the years been a silent sympathizers and supporters LTTE and Prabakaran. Some have gone to the extend of donating to LTTE although this has never been published or verified. 

The recent demonstration by Tamil Malaysians, led by an opposition leader at the Chinese Embassy reflects the sentiment on the ground. They carried Prabakaran’s portrait during the demonstration which was called to protest purported involvement of the Chinese government in supplying arms to the Sri lankan government 

Local Tamil newspapers have always been featuring stories on LTTE and Prabakaran since it’s (LTTE) existence. I still remember that a local Tamil Newspaper (can’t recall which one) was reprimanded and had it’s license suspended for running a series of articles glorying the LTTE, few years ago. 

Due to this huge support from Malaysian Tamils, Hindraf have been many times labeled as Malaysian version of LTTE by Tamil Malaysians themselves. This may have caused HINDRAF to be inadvertently associated with LTTE by the authorities. 

Tamil people in Tamil Nadu and it’s government have been supporting LTTE for many years . Successive Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu met Prabakaran and supported LTTE financially until the 90s when Rajiv Ghandhi was assasinated and when LTTE was declared a terrorist organization by the UN.  

I have, not long ago, come in contact with some Sri Lankans in the course of my work. I have befriended both Tamils and Sinhalese (the majority race in Sri Lanka) and I do get two different versions of events and stories on the claim for separate Tamil State in Northern Sri Lanka. 

The Tamil Lankans (as they call themselves) told me various stories of discrimination, intimidation, mysterious disappearance of loved ones, murder and torture by the Sri Lankan police and related authorities. The Sinhalese friend on the other hand, related his father’s experience of witnessing LTTE’s killing of Sinhalese Lankans. 

While I cannot judge who is right or wrong, one thing is quite clear, there is so much of hatred there. These Sri Lankans came to Malaysia together only in name and profession but they refused to go lunch/dinner or weekends outings together. They did work together as a matter of professionalism though. 

While both Tamils and Sinhalese claim that they are right to pursue their interest (One country and Separate Tamil state respectively ), it cannot be denied that something is not right with them as some point as diplomacy were not seriously explored despite the mediation by the Norwegian government. 

Norway, unlike other major powers, not only took the war seriously, they also provided aid to the Sri Lankan government. LTTE has been accused many times of breaking promise of ceasefire brokered by the Norwegian government. On the other hand, the extend of violence, death and displacements of Lankan Tamils has never been ably and independently verified as the foreign press have never been freely allowed into the war zone (northern Sri Lanka). 

Prabakaran is not dead, claims the LTTE spokesperson from Toronto and Tamil Malaysians in general believes he is still alive. A Tamil daily in India even published a picture of Prabakaran (see above)  watching news of his death on television while holding a daily with news of his death as headline. This reminds me of the time when notorious gangster bentong Kali was killed by the Police. Many at that time, believed that Bentong Kali was ‘protected’ and never trusted polices’ version of event. 

Samy Vellu and Tamil Malaysians must have conveniently forgotten that LTTE was responsible for introducing suicide bombers to the world, cyanide usage and scores of other guerilla tactics now employed by various terrorist groups in the world. 

Samy Vellu and Tamil Malaysians also forgot that LTTE was responsible for the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandi, A Sri lankan President, nearly killed the Sri lankan Prime Minister and not to mention, nearly 30,000 soldiers and civilians (both Tamils and Sinhalese) in the last 2 decades. It is said that the Lankan soldier killed more than 50,000 Tamils. 

Samy Vellu was a minister when Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by LTTE suicide bomber in Tamil Nadu and he, with fellow Tamil Malaysian expressed their outrage, condemned the violence and expressed their sympathy to the Indian government then. He and fellow Tamil Malaysians seems to have forgotten all that now.  

Tamil Malaysians and the likes of Samy Vellu appears failed to weigh and judge what is right or wrong in Sri Lankan war as RACE and RACIAL interest and nothing else clouded their mind, judgement and mass murderer Prabakaran is now a Tamil Warrior.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Malaysia has yet another new political party, read here

Like everyone else, except for these party members, I am sceptical about their ability to garner support. Their purpose is again to demand equal rights to Indians Malaysians in the country, no different from MIC, IPF, MIUP, formed by Anwar's former tennis buddy, Nalakaruppan.

Uthayakumar, the stubborn Hindraf leader, also seen as the most influential, mentioned several times that he may launch another party. This leaves the Indian Malaysians, the biggest minority, with the most number of political parties in the country. 

Feedback from ground suggest that this party is unlikely to capture the imagination of Indian Malaysian and likely to fade into oblivion in just few years. The party president was once accused by fellow Hindraf leader as a spy from special branch sent to infiltrate Hindraf during its active days and was reportedly completely detached from the other 4 HINDRAF detainees while on ISA. This party, Malaysia Makkal Sakti Party (MMSP), claims Thanenthiran, will seek dialogue and support from both BN and Pakatan Rakyat it seems. Thanenthiran's statement that they are open to receiving funds from anyone clearly reflects that MMSP has no principles whatsoever. They are there with some agenda and money ‘talks’, according to them. 

I see this as an influence from Tamil Nadu, India where there are possibly hundreds of parties, including those reigned by Movie Stars, which many see as an abuse of democracy and a waste. Political parties in India has a tough time garnering support and establishing power base due to constant shift of preference by the electorate. Political parties there are no longer relying on the ideology as they vote margins are so thin that they no longer preach about or promote their ideology in the open.

For example, the Chief minister of Tamil Nadu is pronounced atheist but these values are not promoted by his party's (DMK) as their major vote bank are Hindus and while their hardcore supporters are also atheist, majority supporters are from various faith. DMK’s major ally in the state government is a Muslim party. All these parties change their allegiance every other elections as long as there is something for them, hence you see a Hindu party form coalition with a communist and Muslim party. Strange but true, so the odd partnership in Pakatan Rakyat (DAP + PAS) is nothing compared to what is happening in India. 

These mosquito Indian Malaysian parties appear to be doing the same. They have no ideology, principles or values whatsoever. Hindraf, though not a political party was supposed to defend Hindu Rights but their actions thus far are nowhere near the values of the religion. They blame everybody for all the ills faced by the Indian Malaysian community but fail to admonish weaknesses, mistakes and misadventure by the very Hindus they claim to be defending. They just 'close one eye'.

Their determination is to defend all things Indian or Hindu, no matter that the roots cause of many of the issues highlighted are Indian Malaysians themselves, example; building illegal temples which is not required/requested by anyone on land belonging to others. They also could not care less if people of other races are suffering too. For them poor Indians deserve attention more than any poor from other races. 

Other Indian champions like Manikavasagam, Manoharan and 'the bus stopper' Gobalakrishnan knew that these new political parties are not likely to win people's support and that their own non-Indian majority voters will ditch them soon enough if they choose to move to any of these mosquito parties. They are playing safe although it is likely that they will provide their moral support or in Gobalakrishnan's case, his expertise in identifying vehicles carrying phantom voters during elections. 

This new party will definitely put some pressure on Pakatan Rakyat especially PKR. PKR won many of the seats with thin majority and it is thought that Indian votes made the difference. PKR and their leaders promised the moon to Indian Malaysians during the campaigns but so far, not much has been delivered, something that HINDRAF leaders complained and acknowledged. It is also on this premise that Utayakumar and brother Waytamoorthy may shift their attention to focus on formation of a new political party rather than relying on PKR. 

Pakatan Rakyat, who is in power in 4 (and sometimes 5) states, failed to implement any major policies or blueprint addressing issues highlighted or rather demanded by HINDRAF or Indians Malaysian in general. Once in power, they realised that they can't simply give away land for schools and temples, although land comes under the state government. Having interacted with people in Selangor, support for Pakatan Rakyat is declining though they are certainly not running towards MIC. 

PKR and DAP's multiracial approach will not endear them to Hindraf and if they (PKR) openly and loudly show support to any Hindraf related organisation or political parties, they are likely to lose support from the non-Indians, as they have been seeing a decline of Malay support recently. They will definitely thread cautiously and would not want to be seen associated with any of these race based party or risk their multiracial policies and approach ring hollow with the electorates. 

In summary, Indian Malaysians continued to be treated as idiots by their so-called leaders. These leaders are convinced that Indian Malaysian are dumb enough to easily change their allegiance often enough from one party to another, perhaps due to their exposure to Indian politics, as soon as they see something attractive without looking at the background, track record and principles of these leaders. 

Soon enough, there will be more parties named after some prominent political parties in India, examples; Malaysian Indian Communist Party, Malaysian Indian Muslim League, Malaysian Indian Darividian Party, Malaysian Indian Anna Daravidian Party. 

If everythings else fails, we may see the emergence of Liberation Tigers Of Malaysian Indians Party (LTMI) or Malaysian Indian Liberation Tigers, taking Malaysian Indians where LTTE failed. 

My personal experience and interactions with Indian Malaysians confirms many times over that Middle and lower class Indian Malaysians are easily influenced, as evidenced greatly by their confusion with their own religion and cultural practises, 

They will continuously be used by various parties due to their own weaknesses, something that no single Indian Malaysian leader has come forward to admit or acknowledge. 

Friday, May 8, 2009

Malaysiakini's 'about Us'

This letter  by one Mart Garbera caught my attention. While many condemn newspapers and online portals based on their contents, Mart chose to comment and condemn Malaysiakini based on it's 'about us' entry. 

Mart says "I was about to join your ‘famous' website but declined because of your boasts and those who awarded your website are one of the same - subjugated, enslaved, Western-induced weak brains. 

I have a million more to write to both of you but please publish these questions to see if you ‘really' practice justice, human rights, democracy, freedom of speech and good governance. Let your supporters see what you people think who you are.

Your claims in your About Us and my simple, soft rebuttals and challenges are as follows:

Read more here

He ends his comments with this "To me, Malaysians who follow this so-called justice and freedom coined by the West are really stupid. So Steven Gan and Premesh Chandran, who do you glorify and look up to?

Please don't bull_ _ _ _ me! I am smart enough to see Malaysiakini's weakness and I strongly suggest you close this stupid site run by mere subjugated, enslaved, Western-induced weak brains for the same subjugated, enslaved, Western-induced weak brains!

Malaysia can be successful without slavery, invading other countries, killing people and stealing. 

‘Malaysia Boleh' brother! Free your enslaved and subjugated thoughts! Reject Western stupidity! 


I would somewhat concur with the author. I was one of those who followed Malaysiakini since it’s inception 10years ago. I used to write to their ‘letters’ column regularly and most of my letters get published. I became a fan mainly due to the then false notion that Malaysiakini is fair and the fact that we were generally excited over the emergence of an independent online news portal. 

While I sympathise their ordeal in establishing themselves, congratulate them for the awards and financial success, their credibility has become suspect of late. 

Over the years, the quality of news and articles has fast become poor and I have come to a conclusion that they are biased at times and negative in general. If you just look at all the titles of their articles, most of them are negative, biased towards opposition or speculative in nature. Many of their speculation were proven to be wrong but they found that there is no reason to apologise or make correction unless of course there are pressures from affected quarters. 

Malaysiakini’s voxpop and letters column has become an avenue for some immature brats to vent their frustration against the government while they still do publish some pro-government opinions and rebuttals in the guise of fairness. 

Most comments and letters are opinions made are selective, one sided, without reliable argument, justification or evidence and Malaysiakini found them fit to be published. One good example is the Perak crisis where every Tom, Dick & Harry assumes the role of a constitutional expert and Malaysiakini chose to give them space despite being aware that there is not much value in their opinion or comments. Maybe they lack quality contribution from readers and they are forced to publish whatever that they receive or have in their hands. 

Even blogs have better articles and opinion than Malaysiakini. The only value that Malaykini has is their ability to provide breaking news, even that at times has been surpassed by the ‘The Star’ and Malaysian Insider, who is gaining strength by the day. 

I do not wish to compare Malaysiakini to Mainstream media as they are completely different. You don’t get entertainment, sports or business news widely via Malaysiakini, in that sense, Mainstream media is still relevant. Only when it comes to political news, both Mainstream media and alternate media differs in terms of the spins and lies.

Whatever it is, malaysiakini is playing a good role of feeding Malaysians who are always hungry for rumors, gossips and speculations. 

I have to add to the author’ s views and misgivings on the definition of democracy, freedom of speech, human rights , justice and good governance. 

Democracy - We are surely practicing flawed western democracy, no democracy is perfect and one cannot understand what Malaysiakini’s version as it is not explained. For example, do we want a democracy ala Thailand? 

Freedom Of Speech- Again, based on whose definition? Is this freedom to say anything that they want to the affect that, when said repeatedly, people are convinced that they are the truth although there is no evidence? Freedom to speculate, freedom to spread lies and rumor while remaining anonymous? Freedom to condemn religions and religious practices?

Human Rights – What about rights of people who don’t want want eg. to be distrupted by street demonstrations, forced to vote when it is really not necessary, rights of residents who don’t want a temple in the vicinity, rights of majority rather than minority and the other way around etc. And also rights to defend their race, culture and religion, are these adequately provided and protected in the western version of Human Rights? What about freedom not to follow man made laws, isn’t that a fundamental human rights! 

Justice – Everywhere justice is found to be at times flawed, so are they great? O.J Simpson case for example, how can it be justice served? Judges and Attorney General in US are known to be persons favoured by the President and how can they be not biased, as proven many times and in many cases. How is justice fair anywhere when criminals are let free based on technicalities or lack of evidence though the whole world knows the truth. In my opinion, laws and justice are flawed anywhere in the world, not only in Malaysia and we cannot measure judges performance based on their decisions on politically related cases or even on how they were appointed. 

Good Governance – Again details are not given or explained. In simple terms, what is good for certain countries or locality may not be suitable for others, example laws, privatization, tax rates, civil service, fines etc. 

Public compliance to all local laws is usually not taken into account or even measured. Civil disobedience is never discussed or highlighted as much compared to good governance for the fear of losing support. How is it fair that we use taxpayers money to engage tens of thousands of police and enforcement agencies just to ensure that the population abide by the law, pay fines, taxes etc. Isn’t this unfair to those who are abiding the laws at all times? Why is this never raised, highlighted or discussed! Again, for the fear of losing support!

If so, it is fundamentally wrong to talk about good governance when the population is generally not obedient, voluntarily. Spending billions on enforcement just because the population is not respecting laws is certainly not a reflective of good governance but is it the fault of the government?

I may have digressed quite a bit here, so I wonder what are Malaysiakini's definition of all the ideals above!