Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Malaysia has yet another new political party, read here

Like everyone else, except for these party members, I am sceptical about their ability to garner support. Their purpose is again to demand equal rights to Indians Malaysians in the country, no different from MIC, IPF, MIUP, formed by Anwar's former tennis buddy, Nalakaruppan.

Uthayakumar, the stubborn Hindraf leader, also seen as the most influential, mentioned several times that he may launch another party. This leaves the Indian Malaysians, the biggest minority, with the most number of political parties in the country. 

Feedback from ground suggest that this party is unlikely to capture the imagination of Indian Malaysian and likely to fade into oblivion in just few years. The party president was once accused by fellow Hindraf leader as a spy from special branch sent to infiltrate Hindraf during its active days and was reportedly completely detached from the other 4 HINDRAF detainees while on ISA. This party, Malaysia Makkal Sakti Party (MMSP), claims Thanenthiran, will seek dialogue and support from both BN and Pakatan Rakyat it seems. Thanenthiran's statement that they are open to receiving funds from anyone clearly reflects that MMSP has no principles whatsoever. They are there with some agenda and money ‘talks’, according to them. 

I see this as an influence from Tamil Nadu, India where there are possibly hundreds of parties, including those reigned by Movie Stars, which many see as an abuse of democracy and a waste. Political parties in India has a tough time garnering support and establishing power base due to constant shift of preference by the electorate. Political parties there are no longer relying on the ideology as they vote margins are so thin that they no longer preach about or promote their ideology in the open.

For example, the Chief minister of Tamil Nadu is pronounced atheist but these values are not promoted by his party's (DMK) as their major vote bank are Hindus and while their hardcore supporters are also atheist, majority supporters are from various faith. DMK’s major ally in the state government is a Muslim party. All these parties change their allegiance every other elections as long as there is something for them, hence you see a Hindu party form coalition with a communist and Muslim party. Strange but true, so the odd partnership in Pakatan Rakyat (DAP + PAS) is nothing compared to what is happening in India. 

These mosquito Indian Malaysian parties appear to be doing the same. They have no ideology, principles or values whatsoever. Hindraf, though not a political party was supposed to defend Hindu Rights but their actions thus far are nowhere near the values of the religion. They blame everybody for all the ills faced by the Indian Malaysian community but fail to admonish weaknesses, mistakes and misadventure by the very Hindus they claim to be defending. They just 'close one eye'.

Their determination is to defend all things Indian or Hindu, no matter that the roots cause of many of the issues highlighted are Indian Malaysians themselves, example; building illegal temples which is not required/requested by anyone on land belonging to others. They also could not care less if people of other races are suffering too. For them poor Indians deserve attention more than any poor from other races. 

Other Indian champions like Manikavasagam, Manoharan and 'the bus stopper' Gobalakrishnan knew that these new political parties are not likely to win people's support and that their own non-Indian majority voters will ditch them soon enough if they choose to move to any of these mosquito parties. They are playing safe although it is likely that they will provide their moral support or in Gobalakrishnan's case, his expertise in identifying vehicles carrying phantom voters during elections. 

This new party will definitely put some pressure on Pakatan Rakyat especially PKR. PKR won many of the seats with thin majority and it is thought that Indian votes made the difference. PKR and their leaders promised the moon to Indian Malaysians during the campaigns but so far, not much has been delivered, something that HINDRAF leaders complained and acknowledged. It is also on this premise that Utayakumar and brother Waytamoorthy may shift their attention to focus on formation of a new political party rather than relying on PKR. 

Pakatan Rakyat, who is in power in 4 (and sometimes 5) states, failed to implement any major policies or blueprint addressing issues highlighted or rather demanded by HINDRAF or Indians Malaysian in general. Once in power, they realised that they can't simply give away land for schools and temples, although land comes under the state government. Having interacted with people in Selangor, support for Pakatan Rakyat is declining though they are certainly not running towards MIC. 

PKR and DAP's multiracial approach will not endear them to Hindraf and if they (PKR) openly and loudly show support to any Hindraf related organisation or political parties, they are likely to lose support from the non-Indians, as they have been seeing a decline of Malay support recently. They will definitely thread cautiously and would not want to be seen associated with any of these race based party or risk their multiracial policies and approach ring hollow with the electorates. 

In summary, Indian Malaysians continued to be treated as idiots by their so-called leaders. These leaders are convinced that Indian Malaysian are dumb enough to easily change their allegiance often enough from one party to another, perhaps due to their exposure to Indian politics, as soon as they see something attractive without looking at the background, track record and principles of these leaders. 

Soon enough, there will be more parties named after some prominent political parties in India, examples; Malaysian Indian Communist Party, Malaysian Indian Muslim League, Malaysian Indian Darividian Party, Malaysian Indian Anna Daravidian Party. 

If everythings else fails, we may see the emergence of Liberation Tigers Of Malaysian Indians Party (LTMI) or Malaysian Indian Liberation Tigers, taking Malaysian Indians where LTTE failed. 

My personal experience and interactions with Indian Malaysians confirms many times over that Middle and lower class Indian Malaysians are easily influenced, as evidenced greatly by their confusion with their own religion and cultural practises, 

They will continuously be used by various parties due to their own weaknesses, something that no single Indian Malaysian leader has come forward to admit or acknowledge. 


Hasbullah Pit said...

Cuba baca sini ... Realiti Politik Melayu dan India

Anonymous said...

simple...why not indians join UMNo and support BN??
ur hiden agenda is to show dat opposition are bad n BN d BEST!
im sure u'll comment sayin dat i don undrstan wat did u write and read it btwn lines.
im not goin 2 suprise bout it coz i c dat wats ur comen in mos of ur writing.

Rakesh Kumar said...

// Soon enough, there will be more parties named after some prominent political parties, example Malaysian Indian Communist Party, Malaysian Indian Muslim League, Malaysian Indian Darividian Party, Malaysian Indian Anna Daravidian Party. //

Hahaha. Nice one. I believe there is already a social organisation for Dravidar party, based on the Indian one called Dravidar Kazhagam.

Poor Samy Velu, he may have to go for another scalp stretching session.

King-Fx said...


Another LTTE in the making.

gsm said...

These fellows can do whatever but as long as Indians dont unite (they Cannot). It takes one Indian to kill another Indian. Saw what happened in Perak. We needed Ganesan to steal Sivakumar's chair. It takes one Indian to destroy another. If the govt told Ah Chong or Ali to do it even they wld have some conscience and morals not to to do such a thing, but this India man was there so thick skin waiting to embarras another Indian blood.The other races were laughing sama bangsa pun ini macam rebut malulah ! So shamefull so disgracefull. Even me I wont go to such an extent to put my race to such shame.This is an example.Indian, He wont live He would ensure nodody lives. This philosopy was applied by all the Indian leaders and thats why we are like these. The govt knows how weak we are, so please stop all these rubbish called IPF MIC HINDRAF Makal sakthi whatever.... as they say ORU mairehyum pudungeh mudiyathu...If we follow you I am afraid what happened in Sri Lanka wld happen to us,we rather bear with BN then to bear you people. I would rather trust PAS or UMNO never these fellas....Makal sakthi is nothing more then a BN tactic to revive the dead MIC ,to divert us and make us join them bcos MIC could not get up since last elections!But it wont work I am afraid.

balan said...

Anon May 21, 2009 1:51 AM

I dont trust those in opposition, full stop, they are not a viable alternative. I am not infavour of current BN, even after Najib took over

If you push me to, I would rather not vote and if you put gun on my head, I would rather vote for PAS more than anyone else. They are far more sincere than DAP or PKR

balan said...

Anon May 21, 2009 1:51 AM

Looks like you are closely following this blog.

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Anonymous said...

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Continue writing...for the good of the country.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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