Tuesday, March 24, 2009

CAT, The Pakatan Rakyat Way

Pakatan Rakyat promised quite a bit with their CAT (Competency, Accountability and Transparency) philosophy. Penang Chief Minister appears to be the CAT main flag bearer with constant use of CAT in his speeches and press conferences. While it sounds good when heard, Pakatan has generally failed to live up to their promises, both in their actions and words. It's no different with other Pakatan Rakyat leaders, often blaming BN government of not being competent, transparent or accountable, most of the time without any evidence in their speeches, ceramah etc.

Penang Deputy Chief Minister

There were numerous rumors and sms flying around on DCM's Fairus impending resignation. When asked, Lim Guan Eng either refused to comment or have been lying by saying that Fairus is still the DCM. He further asked reporters to ask Anwar Ibrahim on the issue. The question is who appointed Fairus as DCM, isn't it Lim? Lim has the right to pass the buck to Anwar if Fairus is quitting his PKR related positions, but appointment of DCM is CM's prerogative and he should be TRANSPARENT and ACCOUNTABLE if the DCM is resigning.

He also passed the buck to Anwar when asked for reasons for Fairus to resign. Anwar, for all his CAT rhetoric, and knowing that Malaysians, especially his supporters, are stupid and dumb enough, says that Fairus quit to further his studies. Hmm..perhaps only real cats will buy that as a concrete reason for resignation from a second highest position in the state government.

Stories from PKR circles indicates that Fairus is not COMPETENT enough to undertake the role of Deputy Chief Minister, hence the question, if Lim simply took directives from Anwar on appointments from PKR, then he should not be talking about COMPETENCY! If Lim thinks that Anwar has made the wrong choice and tarnished the new state governments image, will Anwar be made ACCOUNTABLE.

Asset Declaration

As another move to be TRANSPARENT, Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim, supported by even Sultan of Selangor, finally fulfilled their promise to publicly declare their assets. Although the eagerly awaited the declaration was delayed, it was finally put up on the state's website, much to the delight of their supporters.

It was discovered that the so-called asset declaration was nothing more than an income declaration. The Excos merely listed their income since assuming office in March 2008 and listed some of their debt/loans and nothing more than that. Any civil servants will be able to tell you that information on Exco's salary, allowance and perks are widely available in public domain, hence the question whether Pakatan Rakyat is really sincere about their promise to be TRANSPARENT.

None of the Excos listed any of the inheritance, properties or shares held. Khalid cited security as the reason not to do so. Are they, the Excos hold much more than what they have declared to be so worried about their security? I think even the Sultan would have been disappointed Pakatan Rakyat's brand of TRANSPARENCY.

Penang's Non-Declaration!

It must be noted that the CAT flag bearer, CM Lim Guan Eng promised the same, actually probably the first one to promise so immediately after taking office, had till today failed to let the CAT out of the bag. Lim has cited another cattish excuse, no proper asset declaration form to fill and that he is still waiting for Federal Government's standard form. Anyone, except for maybe die-hard Pakatan Rakyat supporters, knows that asset declaration is basically listing all assets, liabilities , income etc in one sheet of paper. Is this a difficult thing to do, especially since the esteemed Chief Minister is an Accountant himself, I wonder..

Bukit Selambau

Another controversy to hit Pakatan Rakyat is the resignation of Bukit Selambau Adun and Exco, V Arumugam. When asked on rumors that he had resigned, the Menteri Besar initially refused to comment and denied knowledge of Arumugam's resignation, saying that Arumugam is not contactable. The later, the Menteri Besar confirms that he received resignation letter, now through a third party. To avoid the damage, PKR claimed that Arumugam and his family have been harassed by BN to cross over and apparently BN people even threatened to kidnap his daughter. If his life is threatened as claimed, he should have requested Police protection for himself and family.

As it has turned out, Arumugam has apparently had personal problems on his and his wife's marital status which can bring about embarrassment to the party and state government. On the other hand, Tamil newspapers ran stories that it was actually Hindraf/Makkal Sakhti people are the ones who were threatening Arumugam and not BN, over some broken promises since Hindraf supported Arumugam during the elections.

Anyone who understands the power equation in Kedah would instantly know that it is virtually impossible to persuade or even buy Pakatan candidates to cross over to BN. Only foolish supporters will believe PKR's various unsubstantiated stories, and yet, there no shortage of believers in Pakatan Rakyat.

Menteri Besar Azizan, Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat failed to come clean on Arumugam's resignation. They failed to ask Arumugam to be ACCOUNTABLE for his actions and they themselves are not TRANSPARENT when explaining Arumugam's resignation Their convenient way out is to blame BN as Pakatan Rakyat and Anwar clearly know that there are a huge group of supporters who will believe whatever their leader say. As per Pakatan Rakyat law books, it's ok if there are no evidence to implicate BN, just say it loud and say it repeatedly, gullible Malaysians will believe.

Anwar's September 16 Lie

Need I say more.. Has he been even ACCOUNTABLE to his own fanatical supporters by explaining the failure to take over the federal government after numerous public promises?

Mr Lim Guan Eng, Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat leaders, my suggestion is stop the CAT rhetorics since you know that you can't live up to expectation and leave the preaching, perhaps, to your cat at home, if you have one. It's no different than 'Bersih, Cekap & Amanah'...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Malaysia’s 60Bil Stimulus Package – Layman’s Reaction

For many, the figure did come as a surprise and layman like me expected lots of goodies as the term ‘Mini Budget’ was used all too regularly. For many Malaysians, the word budget by government will always raise a question, what’s in for me.

Let’s go through the key elements in the 60 Billion package through a layman’s worldview and perception.

Reactions in bold

Highlights of RM60b stimulus plan (reactions in bold)

• RM15 billion fiscal injection;

Have no clue how this affects man on the street.

• RM25 billion guarantee funds;

Only employers benefit in a way to save their businesses. This may not necessarily mean that the employers will retain their employees.

• RM10 billion equity investments;

Again, not sure how does this directly help normal ‘Rakyat’

• RM7 billion private finance initiative and off-budget projects;

New LCCT at KLIA, upgrade of Penang, Airport, electricity for rural areas, broadband centres. New LCCT Airport development may have some multiplier effect on a broad scale; otherwise the rest of the initiatives may only benefit people in the locality.

• RM3 billion tax incentives;

These are beneficial to troubled employers and not employees. Everyone knows that taxes are for those whose income is taxable, what about those who are not. Benefits to employers may not necessarily translate to retaining of staff, their pay, allowances or overtime.

• Unemployment rate in 2009 to jump to 4.5 per cent from 3.7 per cent in 2008;

Despite all the measures above, the government still thinks unemployment rate will go higher. That tells me that the government is conceding that they are unable to stop retrenchment from happening.

• RM700 million allocated to create 163,000 new jobs;

This is related to job creation, training and re-training by government and GLC’s. I wonder how GLCs are going to bear the cost when they themselves are struggling to contain their overheads. As for government, they keep saying jobs are available but many do not know where, what position etc. More information would be helpful.

• House buyers given tax relief on interest paid on housing loans up to RM10,000 a year for three years;

How many people in the medium and low income group are going to buy houses now and how these incentives will help?

• Additional RM200 million for public low-cost housing scheme for low-income earners;

Sure it does help in terms of creating multiplier effect but not much detail available on how this will be implemented. Open tenders are welcomed but not restricted tenders made available to Class F contractors from ‘you know who’ will restrict the beneficiary to a select few. If people are jobless, how are they expected to buy or rent these houses except of course if they are available for free for a certain period.

• RM1.6 billion fund to promote investments;

No clue what is it this all about although they say it is related to projects under the 9th Malaysian Plan. I thought projects under the 9th malaysian plan has been budgetted for already!

• RM200 million to repair and maintain roads and drains;

The allocation is certainly low considering the condition of drains and roads in the country. A lucky draw may be required to determine which town or city would benefit from this.

• RM150 million for renovation, maintenance and repairs to welfare homes, fire and rescue stations, firemen living quarters and public toilets in mosques,suraus and tourist spots;

No complaints here, but where are these funds going?

• Government to issue syariah-compliant Savings Bonds amounting to RM5 billion this year;

This is for people who has money to spare, what about those who don’t. It may well end up benefiting the rich so that they can be richer!

• RM1.95 billion to build and upgrade facilities in 752 schools, particularly in rural areas, Sabah and Sarawak of which RM300 million will be used to improve facilities in government-aided religious schools, Chinese and Tamil schools and mission schools;

We have heard enough on allocation for schools from 2009 budget and the 7 Billion package last year and also through mock cheques paraded by BN during by-elections. Until today, no one appears to know which schools are benefiting from the allocation.

• RM230 million allocated to increase electricity supply coverage and water supply in rural areas particularly in Sabah and Sarawak.

It’s about time that BN please the East Malaysians

• RM350 million allocated for rural road construction.


• Retrenched workers’ tax-exempt compensation raised to RM10,000 for each year of service from RM6,000 previously;

Again, this is mainly targeted at retrenched workers whose income is taxable. Nothing for groups who are not taxable.

• To raise windfall profit levy on oil palm to RM2,500 per tonne for Peninsular Malaysia and to RM3,000 per tonne for Sabah and Sarawak;

It helps our plantation conglomerates and not necessarily translates into benefits for their workers.

• To raise state investment firm Khazanah Nasional’s investment funds by RM10 billion.

I can safely say that Khazanah will pick up more stocks from performing companies and I wonder how that benefits the public in the short term. It may help to prop up KLSE, but hey, the layman doesn’t care less.

• Effective April 1, levy payment rate to be reduced to 0.5 per cent from one per cent for all employees for a two-year period;

This helps employers and not necessarily translates into benefits for their workers. Moreover the sum is quite small.

• Additional RM200 million for the Automotive Development Fund;

Not much detail were provided, therefore it would not be wrong to assume that this will go to Proton to help them from going under, yet again.

• Government to assist in the auto scrapping scheme for Proton and Perodua-- a discount of
RM5,000 will be given to car owners who trade in their cars which are at least 10 years old to buy new Proton and Perodua cars;

Another lifeline for Proton, but how many people are going to buy or change cars at a time where income is diminished and loans are hard to get!

• Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd to build and operate a new low-cost airport at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport estimated to cost RM2 billion;
• RM250 million to expand Penang International Airport;
• A 50 per cent rebate on landing charges will be given for two years effective April 1 to all airlines that operate from Malaysia.

Discount on landing charges may only help to stem losses faced by MAS, Air Asia and other airlines operating from KLIA. I wonder how these airlines would get the rebates if the plane doesn’t take off at all due to cut in flights and demand.


For the man in the street, this mini budget is a disappointment. I personally cannot see how most of the measures would help man in the street.

For a financial experts and armchair analysts (majority of whom have been proven wrong many times over) , it may sound good to prop up the stock market and help listed companies but the government have to realise that majority Malaysians are employed in non-listed companies.

When what is needed most at this stage is spending, government is encouraging people to save!

Most employment opportunities are created by or through government agencies and GLC’s. This will only weight down their own budget and bottom lines. As it is most GLCs are struggling to manage their cost and have downgraded their revenue prospects for this year.

As for tax relief for employers who recruit retrenched employees, it may only work very much later in the year or next year when the situation improves. Again, tax exemptions can only be claimed the next year. What about the current year where the employer will still have to pay salaries etc. This may pose cash flow problems and at the moment, not many are employing in the first place.

Training and SME entrepreneur development programs will take time to realise its objectives.

Whatever happened to suggestions that would immediately help the man in the street such as temporary tax reduction for individuals, reduction of employers EPF contribution, reduction of sales tax, duties for vehicles and abolition or reduction of tolls, further subsidy of transportation, lower electricity, cooking oil and even petrol.

The government also did not say where the 60 Billion would come from and how does this fit into the 7 Billion package, 2009 budget and also the 9th Malaysia Plan.

There are also no implementation timeline provided or even indicated. With 3 quarters left to go, time is of essence and if the government and civil servants are not serious in implmenting some critical projects, we might as well, like Singapore, admit that we are in recession. Let's not be in denial.

By the way, what happened to the 7 billion package. This is where the problem lies. Nice to announce, what about implementation and who are the beneficiaries. Can the government be transparent and list down projects in detail; who where what?

It would at least give the rakyat some confidence. Releasing statement that 80% of the funds have been disbursed is remains just that, a statement. Nowadays, statements are no longer adequate, show us the money!

In summary, these measures are not going to help us stem the recession at all. I foresee that Malaysia will slip into recession in the second quarter itself. Want to bet?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

FOUND : Solution For ‘Long Suffering’ Indian Malaysians.

Although I am known to be adverse to HINDRAF and Indian raced based politics, politicians, some stupid traditions they practice etc, being a Malaysian, I would like to share something that I have discovered that can solve most problems faced by Indian Malaysians.

Hindu Sangam, Hindraf, MIC, IPF, PPP, Indian (or rather Tamil) Heroes in PKR and DAP should read this and passed around to their supporters and be ready to close shop as they would not be relevant anymore. There is no stopping other Malaysians to try this out as long as they can understand little Tamil.

Muslims, with respect, are not encouraged to participate unless you are prepared to face the wrath of the authorities.

There is this organization called Rajayoga Power Transcendental Meditation, (RPT) run by one “His Divine Grace Dato’ Seri Guruji” .

What is RPT? (Taken from their official website)

RPT claims that they are the only organization which focuses on the art of holding and utilizing maximum amount of pranic energy in our body through pranayama practice (breathing skill) and guiding towards material and spiritual enhancement in a human life.

What is PRANIC ENERGY? Pranic energy is the ultimate energy that keeps the entire universe operating in a very organized manner. The energy that is operating the universe is the basic energy from which all types of energies are derived.

This is the only energy which keeps the universe and all its animate and inanimate objects "alive". Organic and inorganic cycles are also operating based on this subtle energy. To penetrate the art of holding and accumulating the energy in our body totally rests in the hand of the Master. As for RPT, the Divine Master have mastered this art and has possessed the ability to transmit and convey the skills to disciples and only then will an individual be able to utilize this pranic energy to achieve success in both material and spiritual. This ability is achievable by everyone irregardless of race, religion and nationality. This empowering process is done through a particular discipline, which is the Rajayoga.

Apparently it would just require participation of one day course and follow through with a 5-10 minutes of practice everyday. That’s all

Those who are practicing this yogic power have seen success in the following areas:

• General well being
• Complete self healing
• Ability to heal others
• Youthful appearance
Self Development
• Increased mental alertness
• Increased creativity
• Increased self confidence
• Strong intuition
• Ability to remove mental blocks and weaknesses
• Increased efficiency and better time management
• Family unity
• Better communication with spouse and children
• Increased career development
• More career opportunities and advancement
• Better inter-personal communication
• Increased earning capacity
• Financial freedom
• Self realization and a sense of purpose in life by doing meditation


“I’m Mrs. XXXX, before joining this course I was financially down and therefore was excusing myself from attending the course. Soon later I managed to take this course and trust me, I’m doing very well in my career and have been selected and awarded with the best actress title and now I’m financially stable and managed to get a new car and I’m extremely happy to see such a fast progress in my life after attaining this yogic energy from this course and all my gratitude goes to His Divine Grace. This feels like a mini Thaipusam (Indian religious celebration) because this has attracted such a huge crowd. This is only possible today because of the love from His Divine Grace to the disciples”
“After attaining this yogic energy I have started to do business, improved my financial status and now I have got my own new van. All these achievements, improvements, happiness were achieved after being the disciple of His Divine Grace. I would also say that my meditation have boosted my energy, protected me from various harms and this is also the secret to my success. Meeting His Divine Grace is the happiest moment and that itself motivates me to achieve more in my life.”

END -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


In summary, RPT can solve all the problems faced by human beings, more so in the time of economic crisis.The bad news , however, is that looking at the benefits as a result of attending this course, some jobs, sectors, and industries would no longer be needed and many would be out of job.. They are doctors, hospitals, marriage counselors/lawyers, job agencies, Communication consultants, Training consultants, Beau & Anti-Aging Centres, Limkokwing University, political parties, politicians and some others, indirectly.

Maybe people from these sectors should also attend the course to improve their well being once they are out of job.

Reality : Indian Malaysians Conned Again!

A person known to me has been taken in by this man's (His Divine Grace ) blatant brain washing, black magic and other tricks employed during the courses, that he has been ignoring his wife, kids and parents. He spent a fortune for related courses by RPT and as a result is currently saddled with huge debt.

He proudly claims that he can drink weed killers, poison and eat glasses with the powers accorded by the Guruji. This has been going on for many years and he is still in debt. He even places Guruji above anyone else, including his mother. I believe he is not the only one.

It was reported that there were thousands who came for his birthday last Sunday at Batu Caves, a venue headed by the Head of Hindu Council . He was accorded traditional welcome usually reserved for deities. Followers treated him like a god and many profess openly that he is the god’s reincarnation. He is said to be able to vanish into thin air during his courses and display many magical tricks.

Thousands of Indian Malaysians are gullible enough to believe him. His followers appears to be in a spell, obsessed and can't think for themselves. And not surprisingly many of them are well educated. People even believe that food blessed by him can cure ailments and there were instances where he blesses the food served out in the open from his Mercedes, imagine how stupid Indian Malaysians has become.

What appears to be result of participants hard work, good luck and concrete achievements are attributed to Guruji without evidence or logic by these followers.

RM 140 Million

I was told Courses run from RM 700 to RM 15,000 for higher grade course and many sacrificied their hard earned money on Guruji while being saddled with debt by taking Guruji's course and when asked, they say that Guruji will ensure that they get their returns, much more than what they paid.

Their website claims that 200,000 people had so far attended the course, therefore this man (His Divine Grace) would have amassed at least RM 140 Million. No wonder he drives Mercedez, lives in luxury while others suffer waiting in hope.

Tamil Press & Other Feedback

Press reports on his birthday was irresponsible and misleading. Those full back page coverage in various Tamil newspapers on his birthday last Sunday must have been are paid for, as the writers appear to shower divinely praises upon the Guruji. There were also references made out indirectly proclaiming that Guruji is god.

There are small group of people who are either unhappy or directly affected with RPT and their activities venting their frustration through the internet forums.

Hindu Sangam & HINDRAF’s 18 Point Memorandum

I have written to Hindu Sangam urging them to either denounce such cult, deviant groups openly, or otherwise to openly support it so that socio-economic condition of the Indian can be uplifted through his courses!!

Existence of RPT also begs a question; if thousands of families have benefited from his course, why aren't Indians still claiming that they are in poverty, why the need for HINDRAF, why rebel against the government? RPT’s courses, if true as claimed would have solved all the issues raised in HINDRAF’s 18 Point Memorandum and would have made Indian Malaysians the healthiest, wealthiest, happiest, most creative and not least, the community with least number of divorces.

Recommendation To The Malaysian Government

Since the government welcomed suggestions for the Mini Budget, it would be wise if the Finance Minister include some allocation for Indian Malaysians in his upcoming mini-budget to go for this course. This is, if the Finance Minister is ‘sincere enough’ in resolving problems faced by Indian Malaysians and as a result, this would surely make HINDRAF irrelevant.

Various NGOs, Hospitals and Doctor should also engage this man to cure all kinds of ailments afflicting Malaysians.

For those who can afford, just go here to find out more and you are on your way to become healthiest, wealthiest, happiest, most creative Malaysian….and say goodbye to Hindu Sangam, HINDRAF, MIC, IPF, PPP, Indian (or rather Tamil) Heroes in PKR and DAP…

Good Luck and I was told that there is NO money back guarantee…