Monday, November 29, 2010

OMG!! Pakatan Rakyat 2010, version 2.1

Let’s look at major highlights and achievements this year and Pakatan’s brand of Competency, Accountability and Transparency in Pakatan controlled states this year supposedly in line with their Zaid Ibrahim powered ‘Common Policy Framework’.

CAT, SELCAT and whatnot being separately announced and established by different Pakatan State Government. How common!

Support Letter Issue in Selangor – Internal Investigations for greater transparency! OMG!!, the real culprit freed’

Camera in MB’s Office – Internal Investigations for greater transparency! Until now, there has been no further news on the probe.

Sand mining corruption allegations – Internal Investigations for greater transparency! Until now, there has been no further news on the probe and MACC has stepped in.

PAS Aduns says PKNS is corrupt and mismanaged – MB Khalid as usual orders
Internal Audit Committee to probe. Nothing out of this probe yet.

Yayasan Selangor Lunch – RM 300 -800K about to be spent and the chairman & MB was not even aware about it. Though MACC has stepped in now.

Two more Hindu Temples to be built in Selangor with Pakatan government support despite nearly thousand other temples available and hardly patronized in Selangor.

Millions of ringgit channeled towards both legal and illegal Hindu temple by a publicity crazy State Executive Councilor which brings no tangible benefits to the community. Good example of how state resources are channeled towards unproductive projects.

2 no-plastic Bags day in 2011 (though experts around the world have said that this does not really help the environment) while No plastic bags at all in Penang in 2011 while it appears to be all day plastic bag week in Kedah and Kelantan. A good example of consistent implementation of ‘Common Policy Framework’.

RM 100 for senior citizens in Penang. I am still laughing at Lim Guan Eng’s TV interview when he mentioned that he did not know that Penang Turf Club had betting license. Then, what is horse racing all about, Guan Eng?? And your supporters think that gaffes and political comedy is exclusive domain of BN leaders. Not sure if such hand out is available in Kelantan, Kedah and Selangor.

Selangor speaker Teng’s explanation of OMG, real culprit freed’ tweet provided the much need humour amid tense political situation in Selangor. He deserves best comedian award for year 2010.

Water rate increase in Penang – A good move (seriously)

Freedom of Information bill in Selangor – Please come clean on Ronnie Liu, KSSB and PKNS first! Penang to follow while 20 year old PAS government in Kelantan and New state government in Kedah are not even looking at it. Sounds more like ‘Freedom of Misinformation bill’ in the works. Another good example of how ‘common policy framework’ thrown down the drain.

No Announcement of any Major Economic Initiative by world renowned Selangor Economic Advisor, Anwar Ibrahim, who was busy criticizing APCO, NKRA, NEP, ETP, GTP etc, He was also busy finding ways to delay his trial and campaigning for his favourites candidates at PKR elections.

Khalid Ibrahim’s support for Greater KL plan (not sure if this is endorsed by his world renowned economic advisor) and his flip flop on support for Menara Warisan.

Continued ban on several mainstream media covering official state functions, meetings and now State Assembly by Penang and Kedah state governments while others invite mainstream media to only provide good news. A good example of media freedom.

Continued lies perpetrated by party held media such as Suara Keadilan eg, Felda, Perak MB Zambry issue etc. Another example Pakatan’s of free and fair media. Free and fair to them only and freedom to lie.

Increase in Bumiputra quota for Housing in Kedah – not sure how far if this is true, but can’t remember any other policy announced by the PAS led state government.

Rapid establishment of a Sin City (Kota Damansara)

Defections after defections from PKR, Zul Nordin to Wee Choo Keong further strengthens Malaysian democracy.

Introduction of various new methods and techniques of vote manipulations at PKR elections which also created a new world record in terms of voter turnouts, thus upstaging Bersih 2.0 with their own version of Free and Fair elections, Kotor 2.1.

No new ‘asset declarations’ by State Exco as promised by Selangor State Government. Previous ‘asset declarations’, or rather income declarations, has gone missing from the state government website. I guess this is in line with implementation of Freedom of Misinformation bill.

On the other hand, Lim Guan Eng appears to be still waiting for ‘asset declaration form’ from federal government. This elusive piece of form appears to too complex for anyone even as smart as Lim and his state government to create, hence Lim’s wait continues.

Others major highlights and learning points from Pakatan Rakyat in 2010

1. You can be a Deputy President and future Deputy Prime Minister or even Prime Minister with the support of less than 10% of your own party members.

2. You can start your own PKR branch and become a branch chairman with only one member, yourself.

3. A person who lies continuously, slanders others at will, attempted to grab power undemocratically, corrupt and abuses power are deemed as ‘gift of god’. So we have many ‘Gifts Of God’ amongst politicians in Malaysia.

4. It’s ok to call own PKR party member ‘Pariah’ and later give speech hitting out on BN about racism.

5. You are permitted to forge or create any documents as long as the party looks good in the eyes of law and public.

6. Those with experience in drafting and creating ‘Statuary Declarations’ out of nothing will be considered for ‘Information Chief’ post.

7. You can be DAP state chairman even if you only have 40% support of party delegates and the fact that there are 10 others who are far more popular.

8. Being a gangster is a good career prospect if you are residing in Hulu Selangor and Kota Raja.

9. Dish out funds recklessly to Hindu Temples and Schools, you can be the next ‘Sivaji the Boss’.

10. Free water continues to be enjoyed by the rich while the poor pays in Selangor as per Merakyatkan Ekonomi policy.

I am sure there are many other path breaking achievements that may have been left out. Feel free to create your own list.


Moby dick said...

i've been following your blog for six month already..
and i enjoy it..brilliant yet precise..

keep the good work,perhaps you should spend a lot more time writing :-)


OneYear12Topic said...

Several people are unhappy with the Road Transport Department’s (JPJ) latest proposal to ban TV monitors in cars ,
requested that JPJ provided statistics that showed such entertainment gadgets affected drivers’ concentration and led
to accidents . Anyway

State assembly speaker Teng Chang Khim told a DAP disciplinary committee that his “OMG! Real culprit is freed”
tweet was actually a reference to a character in a Chinese movie 14 Blades ( Jin Yi Wei ) he was watching during a journey in Johor.

” There was only one accused person in the TBH case and he was convicted , how could I say someone else is freed? ” Teng tweeted , after he came out of the inquiry at 4pm ( and he must have thick-facebook , berani campaign this issues again the “ unfair ” sacking of Klang municipal councillor Tee Boon Hock during DAP elections )

He also showed reporters copies of written statements from four witnesses – Chua Yee Ling , Gan Peck Cheng and two drivers .
( So safe , two drivers ? If these system applied to our bus public transport , we think we no need any Dream About Putrajaya MP in parliament )

Hope teng-which-also-like-4 , also like

” My driver confirmed that I watched the movies – 14 Blades and Bodyguards & Assassins in the car during the journey,” he told reporters.
Most people know Bodyguards & Assassins is a movie related to Sun Yat Sen . Anyway , Nov 22, 2010 Sun Yat Sen Centre gets RM150,000 govt boost ///
The recently-completed exhibition hall at the Penang Sun Yat Sen Centre on Jalan Macalister here has received a RM150,000 allocation from PM Najib .
Quite surprise Teng never donate at least RM14 .

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