Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dear CM Lim Guan Eng, Kidnapping Happens In Penang Too!!

Aside from Tunku Aziz Fiasco, this is a reminder for CM Lim as well as the 'mudah lupa' hardcore DAPsters.

September last year CM Lim said this
"You don't have to worry about your safety when you come to Penang. In Johor, if you are a Singaporean, you are likely to get kidnapped."

And during his reign, the following incidents happened.

Dear Singaporeans, do you trust this CM? 

CM Lim, as a public figure, don't say something that you cannot guarantee, it's best that you talk about Penang's positives, don't condemn others. Learn to control your emotion and think before you say something. Tunku Aziz fiasco should taught you a lesson.

CM Lim and  hardcore Penang DAPsters should also follow your own Teresa Kok on her ceramah rounds. She claims that her Selangor goverment is the best and provides the most to the rakyat. She claims (and shouts in heavily accented Malay) that no other states does this and that.

So where do Penang stand? Second best? What about Negara Kebajikan states, Kedah and Kelantan, worse of the lot? Aren't you guys supposed to be consistent and not indirectly put down each other, ebeer mind putting down BN controlled states?

Even your policies differ from each state! Eg, No palstic bags on Saturdays in Selangor, All days in Penang but not implemented in Kedah and Kelantan. Where's the consistency and what happened to Zaid Ibrahim powered common policy framework?

CM Lim also threatened to sue Bernama over the kidnapping statement, which did not materialise until today. Again, THINK before threatening others, especially the press.

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