Monday, May 14, 2012

Pakatan Rakyat - A Viable Alternative ?

PKR & DAP's silence over recent passing of bills, that any Fatwa issued by the state mufti or Fatwa Committee, whether gazetted or not, cannot be
challenged in courts.

PAS Presidents ramblings and intention to amend the constitution. Karpal's rebuttal and PKR's silence

DAP's Tunku Abdul Aziz's experience with Freedom of Speech in DAP.

Pro-Pakatan Ambiga's law on breaking the law, It's ok not to obey the authorities, but not ok if someone does the same near her house.

Ambiga slams Najib but silent on Anwar's antics

Idiotic MP Khalid Samad's lies and deception,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=347&cntnt01origid=15&cntnt01returnid=80

If this happens under BN, the story could have been different

A Pemandu to Monitor the Menteri Besar, what a joke

When Pakatan bent on talking without facts

Selangor Darul Ehsan Comedy Of Errors

PAS continued obsession with Valentine's day

When DAP chairman supports mainstream media

Two years on, still no news from MB Khalid on the secret camera, and he don't want police to investigate!!!!!!!!

HUDUD : Agree to Disagree, Pakatan style,

Hitam Metalik : Perak DAP's racism

In Penang, 'Melayu Celup Kopi'

Ex-MB Nizar Jamaludin's fantasy & subsequent spins.

Selangor Govt Free but Racist Newsletter as propaganda tool using taxpayer's money.

Change the national Flag to rocket?

From Negara Islam to Negara Kebajikan, back to Negara Islam, what's next?

CAT Pakatan Style, selective open tender

Lim Guan Eng's denial and then apology that comes again with a denial  (mark of a Statesman!!!)

Godfather Vs Warloard in Penang

PKR's 300,000 without I/C, but No Evidence, but Siavarasa says could be more, again without facts or proof, just hearsay

Pakatan wants PTPTN abolished, but Unisel & KUIN continue to charge and increase fees

Yayasan Selangor overspends but Chairman, MB Khalid stays on. Talk about accountability. No Further Action (NFA) from SELCAT!

DUMC - Sultan says there's proof, Pakatan says No

Hassan Ali sacked for telling the truth

Even when Identity if 100% matched, hardcore Pakatan supporters will not believe.

Lim Guan Eng don't want to be disturbed, but it's ok if Pakatan distrupt lives of thousands of KL residents on 28th April 2012.

PKR, Another expose, another denial despite credible pictures, and the blame goes to UMNO

When Pakatan MPs claims they know better than their own nuclear expert!

When Pakatan politicans cannot provide scientific arguement, they ask thier nuclear expert to shut up!

Another comedy on Lynas,  Himpunan Hijau approaches Singapore Govt.!

Guan Eng's Son - Gutter Politics only when it affects Pakatan leaders

Penang Islamic Affairs Council (MAIPP) president's post, Anwar's forgotten promise, like his every other promises, eg, Kampung Buah Pala!

Selangor Darul Sampah, no SELCAT probe i.e NFA!

On it's 4th Year, Selangor still cannot get it's Councillor appointment right and on time!

Corruption & Cronyism in MPPJ, Exco Silent!

The cleanest elections ever in the Universe

PKR rep claims fraud in housing unit selection process

Azmin - Wins a rigged/fraudulent party elections, then participates in Parliamentary Select Committee on Elections/EC, goes on paid study (holiday) trip
overseas, turns his back and goes against EC during Bersih, how anyone can be more principled than Azmin Ali!

Racism in DAP

Kancil Car Park, PDC Chairman Lim Guan Eng refuses to be accountable, but CM Lim Guan Eng preach Accountability, Competency!!!!

Debt Reduction - Learn the art of negotiation from master spinner Guan Eng

Vale Project in Perak - Nizar lies again

Bayan Mutiara Fiasco - A good example of CAT in action

Water Asset Sale : For Penang it's ok, Perak cannot, DAP's continued hypocrisy

Racist & disrespectfull hardcore DAP supporters

Pakatan Rakyat is also capable of demolishing temples too

Pakatan demolishes madrasah too

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