Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stupid, Incompetent Selangor State Government

The current crisis in Selangor has, as expected revealed the true colours of the Pakatan Rakyat state government.

It has also revealed how inefficient the state government has become despite promising otherwise to the electorate. Let’s put aside Barisan’s supposedly attempts to sabotage the Selangor State government by appointing their own men. There is no need to go deeply into legal terms and laws as this issue needs to viewed practically and use of common sense, something that is no longer common.

While I support the fact that PSC should have consulted MB before recommending any candidate, the response, reaction and statements by Pakatan leaders on this issue says one thing clearly, that this is certainly not a ‘New Hope For Malaysia’state government.

Pakatan Rakyat's Promise after 2008 Elections

One of the key promises made by Pakatan Rakyat after wresting the state government is to review all the laws enacted by the state in the past to ensure justice for all. That is what at least PKR stood for, no matter that many of the ex-leaders claims otherwise.

Why did they not review the state constitution and attempt (since they do not have the 2/3rd majority) remove all the vague clauses and terms which may not be in state’s favour.

Why did they not seek to review the constitution and restore Sultan’s power which they claim has been usurped by BN when the constitution was amended in 1993. Why only now the Pakatan Rakyat government suddenly want to champion to restore Sultan’s power.

Let’s say the Chief Secretary to the government did propose another candidate to MB Khalid, deemed to be favorable, neutral and finally accepted by the Pakatan Rakyat State government, would MB Khalid even bother to look at the constitution and more so table proposal for amendment of the state constitution, purportedly to restore Sultan’s power. I doubt so.

So all these talk of restoring Sultan and State government powers are political charade by Pakatan Rakyat. Go ask Anwar Ibrahim who removed the powers of Sultan in 1993.

And from now till end of January, they will politicise what was originally a standard appointment of a civil servant, and take it to Tenang by-elections, no matter that Tenang is not in Selangor.

Rule of Law, Violation Of Founding Principals, Time Honoured Norms and by Convention

Just google these words by adding Selangor to it and then read my comments below.

Since many so called legal experts and even MB Khalid has conceded that Dayuk Khusrin’s appointment is valid, so there should not be any questions asked then.

But since we have some of the most brilliant spin doctors in the form of lawyers, lecturers and former judges who call themselves constitution experts, they now talk about violation of founding principles, by convention and even vague time honored norms that MB must be consulted since they cannot find fault with the constitution and laws.

The Sultan now has responded in similar fashion although his statement is even clearer, that the appointment is in line with the constitution and by convention. Let’s see how the Pakatan leaning experts and spin doctors respond.

If similar scenario happens when Pakatan is in power at Federal Government, I have no doubt that these Pakatan spin masters, which includes a former judge will say rule of law and constitution must be respected and upheld as they will definitely use whatever terms that appears to be favoring them.

Inefficient MB and Pakatan Rakyat

The Pakatan Rakyat State government would have known that the previous State Secretary , Datuk Ramli Mahmud retires on 31st December 2010. Well, the MB Khalid even attended his farewell party on 17th December.

Khalid would have known well before, that State Secretary is appointed by the Public Service Commission, a unit of Federal government. Ramli Mahmud’s appointment was through this commission.

If Khalid and his team would have been adept and efficient enough, they should have side stepped PSC and proposed their own candidate well in advance, well before PSC presented their candidate of choice to the Sultan on Dec 10th. At least they cannot claim ignorance and sabotage. The state government only formed a selection panel on Nov 27th, just weeks before existing State Secretary retires.

Khalid should know better since he was a CEO of a corporate giant before that usually appointments are made well in advance and replacement candidates should be reporting to work well before existing ones resigns or retires so that a handover process can take place.

There have been reports that the appointment of State Secretary was not taken seriously and was left to the hands of Khalid’s political secretary Faekah Husin. This shows the state government was super inefficient that they only thought about a selection panel for an important position in the state government just 3 weeks before the existing State Secretary retires!

Job Scope, Responsibilities & Diciplinary Actions

Various parties has claimed that Perak’s Pakatan Rakyat state government’s downfall was mainly due to the State Secretary and some predict that the same will happen to Selangor.

I cannot agree to this notion as the main reason for Perak Pakatan Rakyat’s state government downfall was PKR traitors and nothing else, even if the state assemblymen were bought by BN. There were no reported problems with the State Secretary.

Even if MB Khalid and his gang fails to overturn the appointment of Datuk Mohd Khusrin Munawi, there are various other means to manage him and state civil service.

I believe a clear job description and functions of state secretary has been established, therefore Datuk Khusrin should be functioning within the scope provided in his appointment letters. If he is inept and inefficient, like any other organization, actions should be taken.

The Selangor state government can then trumpet to the whole world that PSC appointed the wrong person by clearly spelling out his inefficiencies or flaws should PSC fails to remove Datuk Khusrin, say after 6 months into the job.

Datuk Khusrin will function under oath, therefore if there are any transgression, action can be taken against him. They can charge him in court if he violates oath of secrecy. So what is there for Pakatan Rakyat state government to worry unless they have a lot to hide? What can the state secretary do to sabotage the state government? As if there are not enough people within the Pakatan Rakyat themselves to sabotage their own parties and state government, as what we have been seeing all this while.

Amendment to Constitution

Attempts to amend the constitution are likely to fail as the Pakatan Rakyat government does not have the required 2/3rd majority in the house. The independent and BN assemblymen are highly unlikely to support any form of amendments, full stop. Then why should the state government even bother to hold one, if not for another political charade to amplify supposedly unfair BN Federal Government.

This would be an exercise in futility and sheer stupidity.

Sultan’s Statement

Sultan’s statement released yesterday clearly shows that MB Khalid and various other Pakatan leaders have no regards for the Sultan and his words. MB Khalid has clearly attempted to mislead the press and people in general on what actually had transpired during his audience with the Sultan. MB Khalid was unable to answer to a question on why is he rejecting the candidate proposed by PSC.

The Sultan also confirmed that he has accepted the candidate proposed by PSC and that MB Khalid should have discussed it with PSC BEFORE the appointment was made and not now.

This clearly shows that MB Khalid is either lying or attempting to mislead the people. He should by now rebut the statement made by Sultan’s private secretary if his version of what has transpired is true. If you care to note, the statement from Sultan’s office came late yesterday and was well thought out and covered all angles of the discussion while MB Khalid did not bother to think carefully, draft a carefully worded statement before he spoke to the press, since this involves the palace. Unfortunately, another example of an inept MB is for all to see. Backing him up with various unnecessary statements are his equally inferior and stupid Pakatan leaders.

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