Friday, July 29, 2011

To DAP & Lim Guan Eng Loyalists

Read here or below, quite sure that these are facts!

To our beloved Chief Minister of Penang
fmt | July 29, 2011


From Sylvester Goh, via e-mail

Saudara Guan Eng,

We, Pakatan supporters, congratulate you on your perfect, top class performance as Chief Minister of Penang. Your boastful letter head with the tagline, “Penang Best Lah – Envy of true-blood Patriotic Malaysians” make egoistic tyrants like Khir Toyo, Ibrahim Ali turn green with envy.

We did not want to write to you to correct you because we know you will never listen to unffavourable feedback. Your comrades complain about your ego. Since we keep receiving the same mail “Penang Best Lah….” sent by your government-paid cyber troopers, we better give you our feedback nevetheless, before you bring the whole of Pakatan Rakyat down with you.

Your self-praises have made Selangor, Kelantan and Kedah Pakatan states look downright incompetent. DAP cadres outside Penang look impotent. Penangites feel that you are ridiculing their true blood local Penangites’ chief ministers of past. The rest of Malaysia is made to feel thirsty for you as the nation’s saviour.

Saudara Guan Eng, we worry that your self-praises (lies) are backfiring on Pakatan with which we hope to capture Putrajaya. People will support Pakatan more if you talk less, okay?

You claim that Penang has the lowest crime rate. Police is a federal matter. Your boys hate the police. Do not claim credit for the success of the police. Penang has always been a peaceful state even when you were in jail.

You talked about Penang contributing two-thirds of the medical tourism in Malaysia. May we ask, how many hospitals have you built in your three years as CM? None. How many clinics have you setup? None.

Reputation as a credible medical hub takes decades to build.

This credit goes to your precedessors and many good people before you appeared on the scene.

You have moved from your in-law’s residence to the government mansion. You have stopped travelling on Air Asia. Now you insist on First Class. Business Class is not good enough. Protocol officers are so scared of your scolding…your sour face.

We voted for you not because of you but because we reject the BN. Do not compare with the BN, Umno and Gerakan. Any tom, dick and harry can do better.

You play the racist, Chinese superior complex emotions. The only place Indians and Malays have in your heart is window dressing. Some of us are also ethnic Chinese and we disapprove of your mentality. We are true Malaysians.

The first thing you did as Penang CM was declare Penang as “NEP-free state”. You showed your racist attitude to please the Chinese. Quietly, nothing transparent, your government continues to award 100% of state contracts to 100% Malay contractors. Chinese contractors call you paper tiger.

You claim that Penang has zero unemployment. Do you not know that jobless Penangnites have migrated to KL, Selangor and China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore? How many factories and jobs have you created in your three years as CM? None. You claimed RM 12.2 billion investments in Penang was the highest among all states in 2010 due to your good governance and leadership.

Billions here and there, without anything to show. Guan Eng, you have learned the trick from Najib. The truth is that over 80% are re-investments by existing investors who have invested in Penang prior to 2008. Moreover, you did not even know about one big investment until it was announced by the federal government. Penangites are beginning to think your industrial blue print cannot be viewed by the public because you do not have any plan.

You boasted that Penang ranked amongst the Top 10 Most Livable Cities in Asia in 2010 due to your “Competent, Accountable & Transparent” (CAT) state government. The truth is that Penang has been ranked as the Top 10 Most Livable Cities for several years since 1995 by Asiaweek Magazine, awarded “Asean’s 1st Lead City” in 1999 by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and voted as one of the Top 10 Most Popular Island Resorts by “Conde Nast Travel Magazine” (UK’s top travel journal in 1999).

Penang’s most livable city status today has nothing to do with you. You only come and bask in the glory of Penang. When your government was near bankruptcy, you surrendered the state’s precious water supply to Najib. What is your hidden agenda in the billion ringgit dam? How much is your accountability in the RM600 million paid to land owners?

You are so proud to hand out 100 ringgit to senior citizens a year. Do you think we have forgotten that your election promise of RM6,000 per family? Where has the money gone to? You complained about unfairness of JPA scholarships to Chinese and Indians. How many scholarships have you given to Chinese and Indians in Penang? Too few for you to boast about. It is a shame.

You paraded the Auditor-General’s Report of 2008 and 2009 as proof of your “best financial management from 2008-2009”. But you conveniently omitted to say that Penang has received high praises from Auditor-General in 2007, before you came to Penang. The previous government had already accumulated a state reserve of close to RM1 billion.

Saudara Guan Eng, we support Pakatan. You can do us a favour by not making our hairs stand on end with your ridiculous claims of miracle-performing. When ordinary Malaysians were battling the police in Kuala Lumpur on Hari Bersih July 9, you were banqueting in Penang with your elites in George Town.

One more thing, the victims of Kampung Buah Pala will come back to haunt you.

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