Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Only Najib Can get rid of Samy Vellu

Samy Velu continues to be the most valued comedian in the country. However in the recent weeks, he has been under pressure, mainly from his former deputy, Datuk S. Subramaniam, who is seeking to retake his deputy president post.

Unlike in any other party where top leadership will not openly support any candidates, Samy Vellu went on and announced his preferred candidates for all post available at the central level. The list has numerous political deadwoods and over the hill loyalist of Samy Vellu or rather his ‘yes men’. Talk about rebranding.

It is said that MIC have gained some currency recently. It is mainly due to the fact that BN still gives ‘face’ to them, and also it’s long standing membership in BN. It is no secret that many leaders in BN component party thinks that Samy Vellu is an embarrassment to BN and prefers to see him out.

Pathetic Performance of Indian ADUNs and MPs from the opposition also led to Indian Malaysian looking up to MIC again, though in small numbers. Majority fence sitters and sympathizers will return only if Samy Vellu is no longer there.

Instead of indicating his path of retreat, he is now saying that he may remain up to 2015. He also roped in his daughter in-law to become’s Puteri’s deputy chief. His son, Velu Paari is already the so-called advisor to MIC Youth although it has been said that he calls the shots. Most of those in upper echelon of the party are already his relatives and close friends. There is no chance for outsiders and he might as well rename the party after his own name.

If Najib really bothered about sentiments on the ground, he should pressure Samy Vellu to give way as soon as possible or else MIC would still remain a liability to BN. Only Najib is in a position to do so and he'd better do it soon.


Rakesh Kumar said...

Root of many evil in Malaysia is him. He has to go. He has to leave and get out of Malaysian Indian's life. Now, you have the son with dubious track record and daughter-in-law who may have gave new meaning to phone cinematography leading the youth segment? Gimme a break.

Anonymous said...

While everyone is looking towards improving the quality of our life, members in MIC are the one so concerned about their seat.

A party is formed by the people and for the people. We see otherwise in MIC. A family run party with members whom are either ball carriers or ignorant

Expecting NTR to do something would be fine but then the old Goat definitely has something in his sleeves to protect his position.

All responsible Indians should quit from MIC indicating a national need to reform the party and focus on to uplift the present standards of Indians.


ableedingmalaysian said...


You're right. If MIC aspires to be accepted by the Indians, it has to rebrand.
That Semi wants to hold on to MIC presidency for life. Is it his birthright?

The same goes to MCA and Gerakan. OK, MCA had a change in leadership but alas, it's broiled in serious leadership struggle.

Gerakan's Dr Koh - despite being wiped to the core, still cling on.

If MIC, MCA and Gerakan were to dream of being accepted back by the rakyat, the present leadership must make way to new blood with new ideas. Otherwise they become history.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Samy is going, at least he claims that is correct. MIC is dead and no use to im. You cannot re-brand a corpse - MIC hs destroyed the heritage of the Tamils in Malaysia financially and otherwise. Good riddance to both, I say. (Kana)