Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Guilty Unless Proven Innocent & Kickbacks

Details in the mystery letter received by Gobind appear to be flawed and inconsistent. It says that the alleged preparator, a senior MACC officer left the MACC building at around 6.10 while pathologists who testified clearly said that Teoh could have died anywhere between 8am to 9.30pm. Blogger Jebat Must Die has the story here.

It is quite mind boggling how the law works here, at least according to Gobind, although the Pathologist listed various reasons why Teoh’s death could be due to suicide, Gobind wants conclusive prove that it is not a homicide but a suicide.

When MACC revealed that commission were given to several DAP branches, he wanted it expunged from the records but he did not ask for the same when he put it to the client that MACC killed Teoh. His line of questioning continuously implies that MACC deliberately killed Teoh. But when, upon investigation, it was revealed that DAP did received kickbacks from several projects, Gobind was fuming. Hey, what double standards.

Here’s a comments by Malaysiakini reader, “It is easy for the police and the chemist to say there is no evidence to support a claim. But in such an important case, we would want them to prove it, what with all the materials in their possession’

It appears that the notion ‘innocent until proven guilty’ is applicable to Pakatan Rakyat and their lawyers only, while for the rest it’s “guilty unless proven innocent”.

It may still be found that a MACC officer may have been involved, but to blame the whole organisation (MACC) is like blaming the whole of DAP of being corrupt, where in this case, it is likely to be.

If DAP and their representative wants us to believe that they are squeeky clean, they must be either joking or dreaming. This is Malaysia, commission or kickbacks are a norm. Ask DAP members, supporters or sympathisers  to swear (like how Gobind asked the MACC officer to put up his hand and swear) that they have never given or  taken commission, you will hardly see any hands up. Even if you refuse, the giver will insists, it is part of our culture.

The same applies to other parties, organisation and normal people. It's just that the opposition and their supporters are hypocrites. We have an economy that runs on commission and anybody would be foolish enough to deny this fact.


Anonymous said...

Salam Balan,

People like Gobind has always been around, opportunist and very manipulative of every situation. Very smart people these buggers. Honor is never in their vocab.

Problem is, lately those who are in authority, from 04 till now, has dropped their balls somewhere. And now people like Gobind and co.,given a free rein, are making a mockery of everything that we hold dear and respect.

Najib...najib.. u got nothing to lose but everything to gain by seeking an audience with TDM.TDM sure know how to handle these budak nakal..

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