Tuesday, September 15, 2009

MIC : In Their Own World

That would summarise what happened over the weekend during the MIC Annual general Assembly. In what should have been a major change in party structure in order to rejuvenate the party, what we saw was the same old faces helming the top leadership.

Almost all other BN parties have seen changes in their leadership but despite massive failures in the general elections, MIC members are adamant that the current failed leaders are still needed.

Datuk Subramaniam failed challenge of Datuk Palanivel has been expected but this is certainly not a measure to rejuvenate the party, as these two politicians are nothing but spent force. Many thought Subra’s win can bring some hope of change, but this is not to be. Sothinanthan worked as the spoiler to Subra’s plans. While Sothinanthan is still young, Subra’s political career can be considered as good as over.

Subra may still have some options but he is unlikely to move to opposition, not after decades in BN.

Samy Vellu can proudly claim that he still commands support in the party, but the fact remains that more than half did not vote for his choice for Deputy. Even the vice presidents of his choice, won due to their own popularity, owing to decent performance in their respective government post, though they were nominated to the government post by Samy Vellu.

My only regret is that Dr Subramaniam ( the Human Resources Minister) should have contested the Deputy President post. He is credible, fluent in all three languages and appear to be well liked by all, not only in MIC.

The only consolation is that some young leaders have been appointed as Secretary General, Information Chief and Treasurer.

With this development, things can only go down hill for MIC. There’s nothing for Samy to be proud of. Almost approximately 70% of Indians voted for the opposition in the March 8 elections, and even with the Najib feel good factor, more than half Indians voters, mostly young voters, are still leaning towards the opposition. The main reason is they hate Samy Vellu and to a lesser extend BN.

Najib and even Mahathir’s hint for change was not heeded by the delegates. My interaction with the grassroots, right after the MIC elections, indicates that none will return if Samy remains. That’s a fact and majority Malaysians would agree. Many Indians only have harsh and disgusting words for Samy Vellu. His son and daughter-in law’s involvement in the party has only further infuriated many. They see this an attempt to turn MIC into Samy Sdn Bhd.

Pakatan Rakyat’s further decline in performance and lack of initiatives for Indians will ensure some votes return to BN. With this development, it is as if MIC has chosen to keep them out of the equation.

Rightfully members should be discussing on their lost of support and perhaps the outcome of the post mortem further to the general elections in the annual assembly, none happened and Samy Vellu summed up the issue by saying MIC lost support due to BN and not him. And the MIC delegates accepted that. That says a lot about their ability to gauge public sentiments. No further debates on this and they appear to be contented with President’s argument and some BN bashings throughout the assembly.

They appear to be happy with their current standings in the eyes of people. They appear not to be bothered with various criticisms and onslaught by Hindraf and Pakatan Rakyat Indian leaders. They appear to in their own world.

Unless some drastic change happens, MIC is likely to be completely wiped out in the next elections and they will eventually be where they want to be, in their own world.


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Thanx bro Happy Deepavali ! Sad to see even the Admin failed to wish Happy Deepavali! Their rice bowl seems to be only Indian issues but they stand uup and wish ! Stop talking One Malaysia then ,you blog failed to carry a wish at least !Maybe Indians stand divided as Malayalees ,Telungus and so much so Tamils become a subject of ridicule
Wish all Hindus Happy Deepavali !

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