Friday, May 22, 2009

LTTE Chief - Hero To Malaysian Tamils

MIC President, Samy Vellu issued a statement in Tamil Nesan on the demise of Vellupillai Prabakaran, the Chief of Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Elam (LTTE) Samy Vellu glorified Prabakaran in MIC’s official mouthpiece saying that Prabakaran is matyr, praising his determination to defend the Tamils in Sri Lanka and his decades long struggle to seek a separate state for Tamils. 
In short, Samy Vellu says Prabakaran death is a great loss to the Tamils worldwide and he will go down in the history as one of the greatest Tamil Warrior. 

If anyone had cared to notice, Tamil Newspapers had, in the last week or so, turned into somewhat a Tamil Nadu newspaper. All the main stories are either about the war in Sri Lanka, IPL (Indian Premier League cricket) or the Indian elections. I am not surprised as this has been the case for quite some time. I myself had to check the newspaper masthead to verify if I am actually looking at a local newspaper at the newsstands. 

Indian Malaysians affinity with India and SriLanka has never wavered over the decades since independence. Indian Malaysians still worry about the happenings in India although the number of people with direct relatives and friends has dwindled. I for one, no longer know or in touch with any relatives in India. 

Samy Vellu’s statement would be no different from sentiments, feelings and opinion of fellow Tamilians in Malaysia, be it from BN or Pakatan Rakyat supporters. They have over the years been a silent sympathizers and supporters LTTE and Prabakaran. Some have gone to the extend of donating to LTTE although this has never been published or verified. 

The recent demonstration by Tamil Malaysians, led by an opposition leader at the Chinese Embassy reflects the sentiment on the ground. They carried Prabakaran’s portrait during the demonstration which was called to protest purported involvement of the Chinese government in supplying arms to the Sri lankan government 

Local Tamil newspapers have always been featuring stories on LTTE and Prabakaran since it’s (LTTE) existence. I still remember that a local Tamil Newspaper (can’t recall which one) was reprimanded and had it’s license suspended for running a series of articles glorying the LTTE, few years ago. 

Due to this huge support from Malaysian Tamils, Hindraf have been many times labeled as Malaysian version of LTTE by Tamil Malaysians themselves. This may have caused HINDRAF to be inadvertently associated with LTTE by the authorities. 

Tamil people in Tamil Nadu and it’s government have been supporting LTTE for many years . Successive Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu met Prabakaran and supported LTTE financially until the 90s when Rajiv Ghandhi was assasinated and when LTTE was declared a terrorist organization by the UN.  

I have, not long ago, come in contact with some Sri Lankans in the course of my work. I have befriended both Tamils and Sinhalese (the majority race in Sri Lanka) and I do get two different versions of events and stories on the claim for separate Tamil State in Northern Sri Lanka. 

The Tamil Lankans (as they call themselves) told me various stories of discrimination, intimidation, mysterious disappearance of loved ones, murder and torture by the Sri Lankan police and related authorities. The Sinhalese friend on the other hand, related his father’s experience of witnessing LTTE’s killing of Sinhalese Lankans. 

While I cannot judge who is right or wrong, one thing is quite clear, there is so much of hatred there. These Sri Lankans came to Malaysia together only in name and profession but they refused to go lunch/dinner or weekends outings together. They did work together as a matter of professionalism though. 

While both Tamils and Sinhalese claim that they are right to pursue their interest (One country and Separate Tamil state respectively ), it cannot be denied that something is not right with them as some point as diplomacy were not seriously explored despite the mediation by the Norwegian government. 

Norway, unlike other major powers, not only took the war seriously, they also provided aid to the Sri Lankan government. LTTE has been accused many times of breaking promise of ceasefire brokered by the Norwegian government. On the other hand, the extend of violence, death and displacements of Lankan Tamils has never been ably and independently verified as the foreign press have never been freely allowed into the war zone (northern Sri Lanka). 

Prabakaran is not dead, claims the LTTE spokesperson from Toronto and Tamil Malaysians in general believes he is still alive. A Tamil daily in India even published a picture of Prabakaran (see above)  watching news of his death on television while holding a daily with news of his death as headline. This reminds me of the time when notorious gangster bentong Kali was killed by the Police. Many at that time, believed that Bentong Kali was ‘protected’ and never trusted polices’ version of event. 

Samy Vellu and Tamil Malaysians must have conveniently forgotten that LTTE was responsible for introducing suicide bombers to the world, cyanide usage and scores of other guerilla tactics now employed by various terrorist groups in the world. 

Samy Vellu and Tamil Malaysians also forgot that LTTE was responsible for the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandi, A Sri lankan President, nearly killed the Sri lankan Prime Minister and not to mention, nearly 30,000 soldiers and civilians (both Tamils and Sinhalese) in the last 2 decades. It is said that the Lankan soldier killed more than 50,000 Tamils. 

Samy Vellu was a minister when Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by LTTE suicide bomber in Tamil Nadu and he, with fellow Tamil Malaysian expressed their outrage, condemned the violence and expressed their sympathy to the Indian government then. He and fellow Tamil Malaysians seems to have forgotten all that now.  

Tamil Malaysians and the likes of Samy Vellu appears failed to weigh and judge what is right or wrong in Sri Lankan war as RACE and RACIAL interest and nothing else clouded their mind, judgement and mass murderer Prabakaran is now a Tamil Warrior.


Anonymous said...

If only the Indians in Malaysia can recall the life in estates, railways, JKR and other gov depts,working under the jafna people (Sri lankans tamil)you will not see any protest. You just watch the sri lankan tamils or ceylones as they are called never claimed as tamil or indians.( we are ceylones).
the jafna people are most selfish
inhabitants on earth. my anger overwhelms.Patten

Unknown said...

If only the Indians in Malaysia can recall the life in estates, railways, JKR and other gov depts,working under the jaffna people ( Sri lankans tamil)you will not see any protest. You just watch the sri lankan tamils or celoynes as they are called never claimed as tamil or indians.( we are celoyenes).
the jafna people are most selfish
inhabitants on earth.( please refine
my English) my anger overwelms.Patten

gsm said...

Well no comments no taking sides. All I know when tamils are Klilled the whole world watched helplessly even the UN. LTTE right or wrong no comments too. The bottom line why you rob the Tamils off thier Land ?If only this was a muslim nation and you killed like this imagine the scene I bet RajaPaksheh wld been killed by now.LTTE"s failure and innocent Tamil killing are all living examples to the world to show Indians are never and will be United.Kaati kudupan Indian !!History wiil show how a close friend of Prabakaran turned traitor and was the main author and who brought victory to Sri lanka. Innocent civilians were Killed we dont care but we question Rajiv Gandi"s death.Pity the poor innocent civilians thats all I have to say.You cannot touch the Muslims just because they are United but WE ?

Anonymous said...

some of ur points can b accept but as u blame the LTTE for the murder of rajiv gandhi n trial of sri lankan president y dont u blame the sri lankan gont for d killing of innocent TAMILs? ystdy d UN rep to SL reveal dat Sl govt clean up d evidence of any TAMILS lived thr? wats ur coment about it? anthr thing y whn ppl supprt anthr fellow TAMILS in any part of d world evrybdy start Q?? but y no body Q whn ppl show mass support to PALESTINIAN? u r bis 2 too. for me al r human being doesnt matter if thy r sinhalea, TAMILS or PALESTINIANS. no should exploit d issue unclude urSLF!

condemn ltte said...

I was stongly disturbed by the attitude of Tamil leaders in this country, namely Samy Vellu, that wants the government to reject Sri Lanka resolution to the UN in defending their rights on recent elimination of LTTE terrorist.

Besides, I also disturbed to find out that so many temple in Malaysia with their Tamil Hindus are die hard simpathyzer on LTTE brutal crime.

Let me show you what have LTTE did to Muslims in Sri Lanka in 1990 :

They cut the electricity to a town, and act like Muslim in disguise, and call their comrades to attack, kill and butchered 147 Muslim that about to perform Isya' prayer at two mosque simultaneously.

Why on earth, Tamil people in Malaysia never rejects the beasty act by these LTTE and obviously showing their supports? Didn't these people urging Muslims to condemn Al Qaeda to prove that Islam rejects terrorism.

And by now, I finally knew how Tamil Hindu people in Malaysia way of thinking. Mostly hypocrite. I'm not being racist. But some people can't stop to show to the world that they are not a wise people.

Click to read more on LTTE brutality towards Muslim civilian in Sri Lanka

tamil bangsa pengganas? said...

Pemimpin Islam Sri Lanka merangkap calon Presiden, Abdul Rassul berkata, LTTE seharusnya memohon maaf secara terbuka kerana membunuh orang Islam dan menjadikan mereka pelarian. Beliau berkata, "Mereka masih lagi membunuh orang Islam. Kami tidak percayakan mereka". Klik untuk artikel asal

Kisah Jumaat malam Sabtu 4 Ogos 1990 di mana 2 buah masjid di Kattakundy diserang ketika solat Isyak banyak menghantui masyarakat Islam di sana. Setiap tahun, 4 Ogos menjadi hari berkabung bagi penduduk kawasan majoriti Islam tersebut. Pada malam itu, gerila Tamil Eelam menyerang dengan mesingan dan bukti pada mayat menunjukkan mereka diperlakukan dengan kejam sekali walaupun telah terkorban ketika berbaris untuk membina saf. 147 orang dibunuh kejam termasuk jemaah kanak-kanak. Bekalan elektrik diputuskan sebelum serangan.

Serangan ke atas orang Islam tidak berakhir di situ sahaja malah pada 9 Mac 2009, yakni dua bulan lepas, Majlis Maulidur Rasul peringkat kebangsaan Sri Lanka diserang penyerang berani mati Tamil Eelam mengakibatkan 10 maut dan 35 lagi cedera termasuk menteri di Masjid Jamek Godapitiya, Akurassa di daerah Matara.

FBI menyebut bahawa Tamil Eelam lebih merbahaya dari AlQaeda, Hizbullah dan HAMAS :

The United States' top intelligence agency, Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) says that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is the most dangerous and deadly extremist organization in the world. The official website of FBI in its tops story said that LTTE is far more dangerous terrorists outfit than al Queda, Hezbullah or even HAMAS. Read more..

Samy Vellu harus didesak supaya disiasat kerana menunjukkan sokongan kepada keganasan paling merbahaya di dunia. Samy Vellu menyokong perjuangan HINDRAF pada mulanya tetapi ketegasan kerajaan membuatkan dia berhati-hati ketika berkata-kata mengenai Hindraf.

Tetapi, dalam isu LTTE, Samy Vellu cuba bermain sentimen menyokong pengganas walaupun dia tahu pemimpin Hindraf yang baru dibebaskan ini dahulunya ditangkap dan ditahan dibawah ISA atas siasatan hubungkait mereka dengan LTTE.

Sebenarnya Samy Vellu perlu disiasat berhubung kenyataan ini dan umat Islam perlu menggesa beliau meminta maaf secara terbuka. Malangnya, ramai orang Islam tidak tahu peristiwa kekejaman LTTE dan menganggap isu itu isu seberang laut. Hakikatnya, ia telah berakar di negara ini melalui kecenderungan pembawaan sentimen ketamilan dalam masyarakat India yang 85% darinya terdiri dari etnik Tamil.

Malangnya orang Islam yang tidak sedar ini terus menyokong Hindraf kononnya demi hak dan kebebasan walaupun tuntutan mereka adalah sama seperti LTTE dengan mendakwa berlaku pembunuhan etnik Tamil di Malaysia dan memberi kata dua kepada Perdana Menteri dengan menyebut 'perang'.

Selanjutnya, telah beberapa kali didengari 'kedatangan LTTE' di kuil Batu Caves ketika berlaku krisis Islam-Hindu di Malaysia. Jika itu tidak benar, mengapa selepas LTTE dihapuskan kerajaan Sri Lanka, kuil Batu Caves menganjurkan perhimpunan memprotes operasi tentera Sri Lanka?

Kerajaan perlu memastikan dengan apa cara sekalipun, bahawa Malaysia tidak akan dijadikan pengkalan bawah tanah LTTE dari luar. Ini setelah saki baki LTTE termasuk kepalanya, lunyai dibedil di Sri Lanka hujung minggu lalu dan baki yang belum mampus masih mampu mengilhamkan keganasan dari luar negara.

Simpati rakyat Malaysia ke atas LTTE perlu pemantauan rapi dan perlu dianggap berbahaya. Tiada kompromi dalam menentang penyokong kekejaman yang berlindung disebalik 'kebebasan menuntut'.

balan said...

Dear Anon May 25, 2009 3:02 AM

I did write "
It is said that the Lankan soldier killed more than 50,000 Tamils"

The focus of this article is Malaysian Tamil's glorification of LTTE and Prabakaran although they are labelled by UN as a terrosist organisation.

We should condemn the whole war, not taking sides, knowing very well that LTTE has been equally quilty of killing civilians, no matter it was even just one person.


when thousands of bosnians were slaughtered, the world watched too until hundreds of thousands were killed before UN/NATO moved in. End of the day, you need to have something like oil in your country, only then the super powers will come to your rescue.

Anonymous said...

pertama sekali siapala orang orang melayu nak cakap pasal tamil kat sri lanka...tak pernah pun kita tamil pernah cakap pasalnegara negara penganas yang merdaka sekarang lebih kurang 52 negara...saya pun tak pernah sokong LTTE atau pun Al Qaeda.... ini baru satu kumpulan penganas dari tamil, melayu melayu dah mula gelabah jangan la jaga tepi kain orang.. dulu negara muslim baru 5 negara sekarang 52 negara.hang ingat negara negara ini dapat merdeka macam si ghandi buat macam (ahimsa) kesemua nya penganas juga (terrorist).Muslim terrorist ni angkat senapang bunuh yang Tun mahatir pula menitis air mata bila kat palestine anak anak muslim kena bunuh sedang kan Fahaman si mahatir nie hanya sama bukanya bangsa...kat sri lanka kena bunuh ialah tamil kita kat malaysia orang tamil so kita nak sokong ke you orang melayu sibuk buat ape..kita tak pernah pun cakap ape ape bila you orang kutip juta juta untuk orang palestine...kat bosnia pun sama dia orang putih ugama saje islam...malaysia sibuk juga sampai bantu dia orang belajar kat sini ,menetap kat sini..macam macam la..tak pernah pun kaum tamil sibuk nak cakap pasal tu....janganla nak rasict ok..

Anonymous said...

setiap orang harus melihat sokongan itu sebagai isu kemanusiaan dan ia bukanlah isu perkauman seperti yang di tulis oleh segolongan rasict yang tidak mengenali erti simpati.

gsm said...

Umno and some UMNO supporters in Malaysia obviously support the genocide in Sri Lanka because they are on the same boat.Malaysia and sri Lanka are good examples on how the minorities are marginalised and ill treated not only by the ruling Government but also by the entrusted bodies like MIC.The best excuse ....we do not want to interfere...says the new silly Foreing Minister .Tapi Bosnia lu Sibuk !! Bos !!Manusia tiada agama taukah ? Orang saja ada agama sekarang we are talking of killing Humans meaning Pembunuhan Manusia.,ada faham.

Anonymous said...

The Malaysian Defence Minister, Dr.Ahmad Zahid congratulated the Government of Sri Lanka and said that the Government has earned the respect of the entire world for the bold steps taken on the war.

Malaysia is one of the 26 nations backing Colombo’s draft at the UN Human Rights Council, Geneva. The other signatories are China, India, Pakistan, Bahrain, Bolivia, Cuba, Egypt, Indonesia, Nicaragua, the Philippines and Saudi Arabia.Support a draft resolution tabled by Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council calling for member nations not to interfere in its internal affairs.

This is one of the most unprincipled and shameless resolutions ever adopted by any body of the United Nations in the history of that now benighted Organization. It would be as if the U.N. Human Rights Council had congratulated the Nazi government for the "liberation" of the Jews in Poland after its illegal and genocidal invasion of that country in 1939.

On May 18, the Sri Lankan military declared victory in its 26-year civil war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.The LTTE has been the most prominent organization fighting for Tamil national liberation, calling for the creation of an independent Tamil state. The Sri Lankan military strategy was simple: an all-out scorched earth campaign with complete disregard for the lives of civilian women, children and men.

Since the beginning of May alone, more than 20,000 civilians have been killed and more than 100,000 have been wounded. At least 50,000 civilians were killed in the final months of fighting, according to private U.N. documents. The official death toll since the start of the conflict is currently estimated at 145,000. Following a helicopter tour of the affected areas, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said civilians caught in the crossfire must have experienced the "most inhumane suffering".

The International Committee of the Red Cross has been barred from visiting internment camps where an estimated 280,000 civilians are said to be in desperate need of food, water and medical care, to check on people held by the Colombo government,which are ringed by barbed wire and guarded by soldiers.

Confidential United Nations documents claim that the vast majority of the deaths were in the last few days of the fighting. Government forces are being blamed for what has been called a "hidden massacre". The death toll, which dwarfs official estimates, is based on evidence ranging from aerial photographs to eye witness accounts. Aid workers who were recently in the no-fire zone have told this programme they believe the figure is "very credible".

Make no mistake about it- for all the Sri Lankan spin about what really happened in the final weeks of assault on the LTTE- the simple fact remains that this was a war conducted with no respect for either global opinion or any human norm, international convention or law. And the governments of the world, blinded as they are by the perverse notion that every evil is acceptable in the global ‘War on Terror’, seem to have completely lost their moral compass in the case of Sri Lanka. Or are they keeping quiet because those who died in this grossly one-sided war were dark-skinned, poor and the term ‘genocide’ cannot be applied to them no matter how many of them are murdered in cold blood?

For the people of the world, the perpetual and historical victims of state terror, there remains no option but to fight back and demand justice.

Anonymous said...


Don't criticize the way Muslims love one another,

A Muslim, no matter from whichever country, whatever race the world over, our prophet is the same and we ARE EXPECTED to pandukan our life based on the teachings from the same Kitab, Al Quran.

I was in Hollywood last year, met an American Muslim at the airport, and that very evening, was invited to their homes to BreakFast (buka puasa) together during the Ramathan..

Complete strangers, but religion bonded us instantly.


Anonymous said...

We Christians , who lost several of our people at hands of Hindu militants, are with the Malays.

jack_dav said...

pls dont drag religion into ur agenda.....this war was merely on land rights....just it was a tamils fight we could easily say thts its hindus, muslims n christians involved....pls stop this....religion is a mans believe....look at other countries who got independence lately its all war...every war has its collateral damage u cant deny tht...

jack_dav said...

sudahlah dgn isu agama.....malaysia pun sama jugak....logo 1 msia...but the leaders r still practising the old need to go very far across the sea....c whats happening in ur own land where u call ur self a citizen...try to change tht 1st n all will come the history it says the 1st language was tamil....but till now the tamils have no land to proclaim to him self...the tamil says uyire tamilke udhal manneku......but he has no land......

jack_dav said...

pls dont drag religion into ur agenda.....this war was merely on land rights....just it was a tamils fight we could easily say thts its hindus, muslims n christians involved....pls stop this....religion is a mans believe....look at other countries who got independence lately its all war...every war has its collateral damage u cant deny tht...