Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shame On You, Ronnie, Anwar, Kit Siang and Co.

 What if the situation is reversed, I thought for a while and realized that the outcome would have been somewhat different. 

What if an aide to a BN MP/Adun was found dead at the MACC building. The situation and events preceding the death would have been completely different. Police would have had no problems investigating and MACC would not have been blamed for the death without a shred of evidence.

Anwar Ibrahim, Lin Kit Siang would have never screamed for Royal Commision Of Enquiry. There would not have been any protest or candle light vigil in front of the MACC building. In fact, when a criminal suspect (Kugan) died in custody, only Indian Heroes from both end (Pakatan Rakyat and BN) made a big fuss but no Royal Commision Of Enquiry was ever demanded. In fact, no Royal Commision Of Inquiry has been ever formed to investigate any death in this country. Why now? Why Pakatan Rakyat never demanded Royal Commision Of Enquiry for release ofvarious individuals accused of murder, drug possesion etc due to technicalities of lack of evidence? Where were Pakatan Rakyat then, the so-called defenders of justice.

What appears to be a sudden death that has yet to be fully investigated, Opposition politicians certainly politicized and turned it into a racial issue. Theresa Kok’s reportedly accused MACC of being racist and that only Chinese politicians were targeted by MACC. What she did not realise is that by accusing others of being racist, she herself has acted like one. With due respect to Teoh, unnecessary memorials were held to stir public emotion and Anwar also used the issue in his rallies. And all of us know that the investigation has just concluded. The opposition has already declared MACC quilty and police of cover up.

In this case MACC appears to be the target, mainly due to various prejudiced views of the Opposition parties and their supporters, no matter that far more BN politicians has been investigated and charged this year. Not a single Pakatan Rakyat MP or assemblymen has been charged this year, according to checks by Malay Mail.

What if this happened soon after Anwar Ibrahim becomes the PM and Lim Kit Siang is his deputy. Would he demanded Royal Commision Of Inquiry before police completes their investigation? Would he accept full responsibility of any death in custody and blame institution under his own care? It is like asking ‘would you accept full responsibility for someone who somehow drops dead in compound of your house’?

What if even now, a DAP member (touch wood) if found dead in their headquarters, would Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng accept responsibility and blame? What if an employee of Selangor state government faces the same fate, would Khalid Ibrahim accept full responsibility for the tragic event even before the investigation is completed? What more with all the accusation of underworld links in Selangor and now Johor.  

While no one, at this juncture knows what happened, is it wise to speculate and hurl accusations, especially when there are no evidence? When MP Wee Choo Keong claimed that certain Exco in Selangor has links to underworld, Ronnie Liu jumped and asked Wee to produce evidence. Where was the evidence when Pakatan leaders hurl numerous allegations against BN in their speeches and rallies, example the Saiful Bukhari, Altantunya affair etc.

I agree that MACC may have been slow or selective in their investigation of BN politicians but the fact remains that BN had more of it’s members investigated and charged this year This is apart from various head of government department being charged for corruption recently, something that is beyond the control of BN politicians, but they are impacted anyway in terms of public perception. If Pakatan is serious, they should have sent a memorandum to the Advisory Board of MACC, some of whom are eminent individuals respected by all. I maybe wrong, but I never heard or read that this was done by Kit Siang, Anwar and Co.

Knocking and breaking mortuary door is certainly not an act of a mature leader and clearly disrespect to the dead. They did the same in Kugan’s death. Even if a MACC officer is eventually found quilty, let law takes it’s course and that doesn’t mean the whole institution is to be blamed. It is as if saying if a Pakatan Rakyat member is guilty of corruption, the whole Pakatan Rakyat is corrupt. Would Mr lim Kit Siang accept the fact and declare himself to be part of a corrupt party if any of DAP member is found quilty one day?  

This situation (Pakatan Rakyat member found quilty of corruption) will happen one day, let’s see how they react. It nearly did in Perak when two former PKR members are charged for corruption. Do you remember how MB Nizar reacted to this, “a trap by BN” and changed the tune when the two defected to BN. The fact remains that the two were charged for corruption as PKR members and also member of the state government helmed by Pakatan Rakyat, if anyone really care to remember!

There’s no reason for behave the way they did, taking advantage, playing mind games and scoring political points out of a tragic event, to bolster their flagging popularity, which is even more disgusting, shameful and tragic as compared to the actual death. Shame of you, Pakatan Rakyat..


Anonymous said...

BRo i dnt no y u f huge grundge wit PR..
wat evr it is a life gone!
im sure if PR in d power n tis ting hapen u tink BN ppl wil keep quiet? 4 sure thy f demand 4 RC!
ur writing shows dat ur a such idiot BN supporter...
No comen...

SiamangBukit said...

Great write up, Balan

balan said...

Dear Anon,

If someone dies in DAP or PKR or selangor state government building, you think Pakatn Rakyat will seek a RCI, no chance.

Dont be a foolish Pakatan Supporter.

Anonymous said...

There’s no reason for behave the way they did, taking advantage, playing mind games and scoring political points out of a tragic event, to bolster their flagging popularity, which is even more disgusting, shameful and tragic as compared to the actual death. Shame of you, Pakatan Rakyat..-I LIKE THIS ONE, BRO. KEEP UP WITH YOUR NEUTRAL VIEWS.

King-Fx said...

DAP always racist. Claimed they are mutiracial party but almost 90% of the members and 70% leaders are CHINESE. They said, promoting equality? Sucks, what equality? TBH case and ketuk ketampi case? Only chinese matters.

Promoting Malaysia untuk Malaysian? Yet die hard fight for vernakular educations. Bahasa Malaysia for all Malaysian? They dont even know how to speak properly.