Friday, April 10, 2009

Malaysian Indians and Their Attitude Towards Education.

I received this from felow 'right thinking Indian Malaysian'

Why Education?

The words 'cultivate' and 'civilize' are almost synonymous to the word 'educate'.

Education is important as it teaches us the right behaviour, the good manners thus making us civilized. It teaches us how to lead our lives.

Education is the basis of culture and civilization. It is instrumental in the development of our values and virtues.

Education cultivates us into mature individuals, individuals capable of planning for our futures and taking the right decisions.

Education arms us with an insight to look at our lives and learn from every experience.

The future of a nation is safe in the hands of educated individuals. Education is important for the economic growth of a nation. It fosters principles of equality and socialism.

Education forms a support system for talents to excel in life. It is the backbone of society.

Why Malaysian Indians has failed to master the education??

Why the Tamil schools are in terrible condition?


Lack of support from government?

Because of their own mentality?

Importance given to Temples against Tamil school!

Look these cases and judge you self !

Case 1

Maran Marathandavar Temple

But, what about Maran Marathandavar Tamil school?

Given the same care?

Maran Marathandavar Tamil school

Case 2

Sri Balathandayuthapani Temple, Seremban (Negeri Sembilan)

But, this is faith of Lukut Tamil school which located not far from
Sri Balathandayuthapani Temple, Seremban (Negeri Sembilan).

A School with...
No playground.
No canteen.
No library.
Only school in shop lot house.

SJKT LDG Sungai Salak, Lukut, Negeri Sembilan

Why this school is in such condition?
Are the people of Seremban lack of funds?


Case 3

Sri Bala Subramaniar Swamy Temple Port Klang.

SJK (T) Tepi Sungai, Klang

Case 4

Aiyanaar Temple , Ulu Sepetang. Taiping

SJKT Kg Jebong Lama -Taiping

SJK (T) Kampung Jebong Lama in Simpang may have the smallest "class" in the country.

The 74-year-old school has three containers donated by former Kuala Sepetang assemblyman Datuk Siew Kok Kan ..

(Donated by MCA, not even by MIC, Hindraf or people of Taiping).

Pupils can only do so until 11am as the heat gets unbearable after that.

Enough is Enough!

Stop blaming the government!
Stop the street demonstration!

Stop the stupidity

News Clip : Pakatan Rakyat MP asking for funds for school

Pictures from various sources featured.
FACT : There are about 15,000 temples & shrines in Malaysia and about 560 Tamil Schools. 
For those who are not aware, estimated cost for each temple illustrated above or those similar found elsewhere are at least RM I million, at least!!

There are are many other examples. Even recently, it was reported that there are 15 temples in Bukit Selambau while at the same time reports suggests that there are still people, especially Indians living in horrendous condition and some even  without electricity or water!

It’s the same in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur where temples continues to be enlarged while Indians continue to live in squatters. 
Even at Batu Caves temple, they spent close to RM 2 Million for the giant Murugan statue (above) but they appears to have conveniently overlooked the fact that the Batu Caves Tamil School, built on the Batu Caves temple land lacks the funds to maintain it's facilities.  Example, the library is a digrace, the toilets are filthy and school children sit on 'mamak stall' plastic chairs. This year they are still seeking donations to build extra classes and other facilities. 

I know that I may be seen as insensitive for saying the following, but I don't care bacause these are facts. 
FACT : God never asked Indians to built 15,000 temples and shrines, more so by building on land belonging to others. 
FACT : Unlike muslims, it is never a must to go to temples to pray. 
FACT : So-called Hindus in Malaysia go to temples praying for economic prosperity.
FACT : So-called Hindus in Malaysia even prays to pass in exams
FACT : So-called Hindus in Malaysia shaves their head for some reason or the other. 
FACT : So-called Hindus in Malaysia have numerous festivals in temples (minimum 8 a year) spending a fortune collectively, for better well being, prosperity, peace for themselves and the country. 
FACT : So-called Hindus in Malaysia carry Kavadis'  bearing Liverpool and Manchester United Images for Thaipusam. 
FACT : So-called Hindus in Malaysia spends a lot on religious items, 4-D Numbers, booze, tamil movie VCDs but you can hardly find books at their homes. 
FACT : Indian Malaysians claim that they are still poor.
FACT : Indians Malaysian claims that they are systematically marginalised
FACT : Indian Malaysian claims that they are discriminated. 
If GOD is happy with all the above prayers and practises and thousands of temples build in his(GOD) name, why is that the GOD failed to answer their prayers (for peace, prosperity, success ) for almost a century?
WHY are they still struggling as they claim now. 
WHY they claim that they are systematically marginalised
WHY they claim that they are discriminated. 
WHY high number of them are involved in crime
WHY are they turning to MIC, HINDRAF, DAP and PKR to solve their problems
In summary, despite all daily, weekly and yearly prayers, festivals, sacrifices the suffering and difficulties, WHY GOD failed the Indians/Hindus in Malaysia?
1. GOD never asked anyone to built temples everywhere
2. GOD never asked anyone to hold prayers, festivals, sacrifices etc, (these are all man made practises) if they are unable or can't afford to do so. 
and finally 
3. GOD never helps anyone who don't help themselves.
I have stopped giving donations to temples long time ago  and I know the god will not be angry. I realised that donations to temples would not in anyway help the community. I urge everyone to stop doing so and contribute instead to education. 
I am glad that this was circulated widely but unsure if those hardcore MIC, Hindraf, DAP  & PKR supporters have the capacity to THINK rationally. 


Rakesh Kumar said...

Here’s typical thinking.

GOD is to serve mankind, therefore GOD can help to give prosperity, let you pass your exam, get you extra cash to buy booze, extra cash to buy jewelleries that you can’t eat, or give wisdom.

In short, you go to him for your needs, and he is found in temple that is conveniently located to you. And if it is not, then let’s build one that is convenient to you. General consensus is, if you have some miracle (or delusion as sceptics will tell you), you have the right to build this place, drag God in it, and seek for funds. And us suckers will have to give our hard earned money or no, God will smite us and poke our eyes. As if we are not blind already.

God can also be bribed. Of course, we call it "offering". Milk, coconut. As a comedian put it, we have been offering the same thing again and again. Tips for those who still believe god can deliver: Give something new willya, like a brand new laptop or brand new Mercedes. Giving milk and coconut is like bribing your local DUN with a kilo of Taugeh or kangkung.

Anyway, that is how selfish we have become. Not only we are asking from God - who seemed to be too busy causing destruction in form of nature, poorly managed global economy and getting some rich farts get away, not to mention war, famine, terrorism and bad Tamil movies - we are also seeking government to give us prosperity. Thus you have the political parties taking advantage of the disadvantaged minorities.

Whether god wants us to help ourselves or not, we HAVE to help ourselves. We cannot be united as a society. It’s proven time and time again - look at India.

ayiem said...

Oh my god....i would totally agreee with u!!! ur post shouldve opened the eyes of ALL Indians in Malaysia...yerp I've never thought of it....I myself sometimes keep it true that the Indians is POOR?I dont think so...coz my neighbours are Indians of Doctors, lecturers, businessman and so on....Those people should slap themselves and help their own people.....

Anonymous said...

you are right balan. We indians need better school at the same time we also need temples to unite us and to enrich our heritance and culture.

The Indian leaders must understand that temple will only be there as long as there are indians in favour or their religion. This is where good tamil school come to play it's pivotal role.

gsm said...

Over and over again I had said close all tamil schools but make Tamil a compulsory subject for all Indians from Std 1 to Fm 5, but nobody supported this, I dont know why .In Singapore its so and there all Indians have one common language thats Tamil just like Mandarin for Chinese.Here Samy wanted Tamil schools for his Politics thats all. UPSR tamil schools are potrayed as best schools but what hapens to most of them in FM 5.? They all flop BM !! This nobody talks about it ! My advice close all Tamil schools make Tamil compulsory for Indians in all schools. Another thing STOP encashing on the Hindus beliefs in God.We all should have brains to built a strong roof above our heads then to built a strong solid temple because when Tsunami comes your house and your life would be the first to be washed away.Despite the non stop prayers and abishegams daily ,the last Tsunami nobody saw God anyway !Think Indians Think.!!

Anonymous said...

to GS....

any proof to show stdnts frm tamil schol flop in frm 5 BM? go 2 any public U n majority of th frm tamil acholl. So to private U majority of thm frm SK schl.. Public U oni 4 those excell in edu but private u got money anyting can. pls chck ur facts before say than some of ur point are true but wondering why never mention about BN in a single line as thy part of the condition!
bcoz u r r hardcore supporter of BN??? wondering....

hendy said...

I wish I could there...... It's important for the education...... if you don't mind to visit me I want to add your link.... because your articles are very good and makes me know about everything that I could saw......please tell me with your coments in my blog.....

balan said...

Dear Anon, April 13, 2009 3:06 AM

I mentioned MIC, didn't I. I did not say BN because MIC claims that they are the champions for Indian issues, while PKR, DAP and HINDRAF now claims they have replaced MIC.

Please see my previous articles before judging whether I am a BN supporter.

I prefer to remain neutral as both have their flaws, highlighted in many of my previous articles.

Knights Templar said...

Ahhh .. yet again ... we are gonna be called names ... for Indian and Hindu Bashing ! What the heck ! let me join in the BandWagon...

Hinduism ... often referred to as Sanātana Dharma, a Sanskrit phrase meaning "the eternal law", Sanskrit ... not Tamil...Not Telegu... And neither it is Malayalam ... I will Use the term Tamils here ... for they are the Majority of the followers of Hinduism Malaysia ...

The Institution of The Temples in Malaysia ... is the major downfall of the Indian Community ... with educated fools running these organisations ... for the benefit of a few ... Pray tell ... all ye followers ... mantras are chanted in Sanskrit ... now ... why pray to a God ... who does not understand a language that you speak ? 5 sanskrit speaking priests ... can do a Con job on 1.5 million Malaysian Indians on Thaipusam ... every bloody year !Temple Chairman Nadarajah , changes his Mercedes ever year ... from the Donations of these Fools ... i'm not gonna elaborate ... for i see no hope for them , they blame everyone else ...except themself for their miseries ... And Uncle Samy ... silll wants to Rebranding them ?
The only way out for these Indians is Cyanide ... Please ... At least put the rest of us out of our Misery !

Kay said...

well said. this is exactly wat i preach to my indian friends.. but sadly they prefer to give all their life saving to temples rather then education. Both my parents were educationist and in tamil schools, the support from parents are close to nil..its sad to see they(not all-but majority) wont fork out a single cent for their kids future..they expect teachers to pay for books to travelling expenses...

King-Fx said...

I agreed with the article. " Build temples on others lands" CORRECT CORRECT CORRECT.

Indian population merely 2mill in Malaysia and wallah they have 15K temples and scattered everywhere.

Dont dare to touch those temples even so they're illegally built. You will get burned.

Sad to say about Tamil school. Anyway, they shouldn't be there in the first place. Just go to the National School. I wonder why Indians built so many temples?

jue said...

i have been participating in the kl-maran walk for 4 years now. it is not to ask god for anything but as an edurance test for my self and the long stretch of 204km walk and sleep with bare facilities in indian temples taught me to appreciate life and people around me much better.

i, too, failed to understand why so many (especially women devotees in the group) gave away their hard earned savings for the year to the maranthandavar temple in maran! the temple stand majestically in gold but the toilet was in such deplorable states.

hundreds of devotees walked from kl to maran and donated thousands to the temple. but none of the temple committees appear before them to ask about their wellbeing when they were soak in heavy rain without proper place to rest!

i brought along 3 of my chinese friends this year. all have an experience of a life time and take the experience with humility.

we decided to walk again next year but with a message. your article has indeed open up my mindset and give me better perspective on what we should do in our next course!

the chinese is similarly being 'marginalised' like the indian (if one can called it that way). chinese are basically very selfish. but if there is any good value i can say about the chinese is - we strongly feel that education is the most important and education is the way to success!

keep writing and keep up this good deed!

gsm said...

To anon.
come off age man ! who told u public U is for those who excelled, from wat u write u seem to be from a tamil school. People like u are the ones who never allow the truth to be exposed.If all excelled are in the U why we are the worst U in the region. Maybe u lived on govt support so u carry the govt for the rst of ur life but thats ur choice.If all who excelled wait for Public U esp the Indians then bang ....lah !Get the facts right, u apply for 8 choices in the and ask the students wat they get at last enough of bull shitting game over friend !!*

Anonymous said...

There is a coriousity in my mind ,

Why dont we have extra class for either Tamil/Mandarin in National school , compulsary for respective race but an option to take for non race?
Nice to see Malay Kid learning Mnadarin as extra language or a Chinese learning Tamil . As just an option . What we need is conductive,fun and adjusted classes time.


Apocryphalist said...

I wouldn't want to meddle with dogmatic inferences of any faith. The muslims (particularly in Indonesia) face the same kind of predicament too: they'd build granduerish mosques every other block but would spend less on trivial things like education.

But be that as it may, I would not think it is 100% right also that the government put a blind eye on the deficiencies of Tamil schools. I myself am a champion of One School/One Language ideology and have a hat that champion the cause of the Bumis and Tuan Tanahs of this place, but to be fair, a real Melayu Tuan Tanah would not let such things go rot. It is just against the teachings of the prophet Muhammad that people under you are not accorded the same privileges. I would spend the same amount of money on people under my landlordship (cos they help build nations too) as I would to my own race. Why were the BN representatives of those constituencies not aware of the situations of the tamil schools there?

Educating our young, whether it be malay, chinese or indian, is such a great investment that one can never lose either in the short or long run. I would rather use money to improve those needy tamil schools than use it to build higher minarets or air-condition my own mosque without even to pause thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

Balan , you remind me one of my chilhood friens, APOI, I am malay and he is Indian, we came from poor family, but we share lots of things together, APOI family is 'my family', I still remember what APOI' father told us one day "...both of you (Me and APOI), you must remember, if you one to have a better life in future, you must workhard, do it yourselves and dont hope for other people to help you, regardless you are muslim, indian or chinese....And today, I and APOI are happy for what we are...

KijangMas said...

Bro Balan,

Profound article. An eye opener. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Knights Templer,

I totally agree with your comments.
The fat ass robber,Nadarajah, I know his background in and out. This thombu, who failed his LCE managed to get a job as a meter reader with LLN in the late 70's. He somehow managed to get into the Mahamariaman temple committee which manages the Batu Caves temple. Every year millions of dollars in cash and gold are collected as donations at the Thaipusam festival. This fat ass is entrusted with some others to count the amount of collection. In the process he steals gold. He was once caught and his handcuffed figure was splashed in the Tamil newspapers. But due to Samy's influence he was let off the hook.
But the irony is God has not punished him for stealing from God.

Edwin Jesu Dass said...

I think you are right. God is everywhere. There is no point in building high cost temples if you people still live in a poor environment. I seriously feel Indians should reflect on this matter. One more thing, tamil movies!!!!Oh God. They are so obsessed with it. They tend to use some Tamil actor as their Idol who basically bring no benefit to them at all. I hope my statement has not offended anyone in anyway. Eventhough I am not a Hindu, I feel that I have the right's to give my point of view as Indian.-Ejd

Anonymous said...

I'm L.Sathiveloo as a vise president of Ulu sepetang Aiyannar temple taiping. Contact no 0124934454. I would like to comment about the case 4 which you have mention. Pass 15 years we the temple commitee have adopt 2 tamil school which is Ulu sepetang tamil school and Yamseng tamil school. Both of this school located around 5km from our temple. Pass this 15 years we have donated in term of cash and others like computers, book, uniforms and so many thing program like motivational talk conducted in hotel and many more if i wan to list. Which by rite all this goverment have to do. They have fail and we have take the action on our hand. We spend around RM15k per year for both schools. We have all prove on all the activity we conducted. The school that you have mention SJKT Kg Jebong Lama located around 40km far away from our place. We cant be helping every school located in taiping. we do the best for those around us. There is around 10+ tamil school lacated in taiping. Without knowing where in taiping please dont simple comment that the temple didnt take any action to help them. Please remove our temple image and temple name which you have posted in your case 4. If you need more clarification my number i already mention earlier you can call anytime to do verification. Next time please do investigate before post any news in internet cause ypur action is spoiling our image. We just a small team from the temple commitee do our best which not done by others. So i hope you remove the temple picture and our temple name in case 4 ASAP. Thanks.