Wednesday, March 4, 2009

FOUND : Solution For ‘Long Suffering’ Indian Malaysians.

Although I am known to be adverse to HINDRAF and Indian raced based politics, politicians, some stupid traditions they practice etc, being a Malaysian, I would like to share something that I have discovered that can solve most problems faced by Indian Malaysians.

Hindu Sangam, Hindraf, MIC, IPF, PPP, Indian (or rather Tamil) Heroes in PKR and DAP should read this and passed around to their supporters and be ready to close shop as they would not be relevant anymore. There is no stopping other Malaysians to try this out as long as they can understand little Tamil.

Muslims, with respect, are not encouraged to participate unless you are prepared to face the wrath of the authorities.

There is this organization called Rajayoga Power Transcendental Meditation, (RPT) run by one “His Divine Grace Dato’ Seri Guruji” .

What is RPT? (Taken from their official website)

RPT claims that they are the only organization which focuses on the art of holding and utilizing maximum amount of pranic energy in our body through pranayama practice (breathing skill) and guiding towards material and spiritual enhancement in a human life.

What is PRANIC ENERGY? Pranic energy is the ultimate energy that keeps the entire universe operating in a very organized manner. The energy that is operating the universe is the basic energy from which all types of energies are derived.

This is the only energy which keeps the universe and all its animate and inanimate objects "alive". Organic and inorganic cycles are also operating based on this subtle energy. To penetrate the art of holding and accumulating the energy in our body totally rests in the hand of the Master. As for RPT, the Divine Master have mastered this art and has possessed the ability to transmit and convey the skills to disciples and only then will an individual be able to utilize this pranic energy to achieve success in both material and spiritual. This ability is achievable by everyone irregardless of race, religion and nationality. This empowering process is done through a particular discipline, which is the Rajayoga.

Apparently it would just require participation of one day course and follow through with a 5-10 minutes of practice everyday. That’s all

Those who are practicing this yogic power have seen success in the following areas:

• General well being
• Complete self healing
• Ability to heal others
• Youthful appearance
Self Development
• Increased mental alertness
• Increased creativity
• Increased self confidence
• Strong intuition
• Ability to remove mental blocks and weaknesses
• Increased efficiency and better time management
• Family unity
• Better communication with spouse and children
• Increased career development
• More career opportunities and advancement
• Better inter-personal communication
• Increased earning capacity
• Financial freedom
• Self realization and a sense of purpose in life by doing meditation


“I’m Mrs. XXXX, before joining this course I was financially down and therefore was excusing myself from attending the course. Soon later I managed to take this course and trust me, I’m doing very well in my career and have been selected and awarded with the best actress title and now I’m financially stable and managed to get a new car and I’m extremely happy to see such a fast progress in my life after attaining this yogic energy from this course and all my gratitude goes to His Divine Grace. This feels like a mini Thaipusam (Indian religious celebration) because this has attracted such a huge crowd. This is only possible today because of the love from His Divine Grace to the disciples”
“After attaining this yogic energy I have started to do business, improved my financial status and now I have got my own new van. All these achievements, improvements, happiness were achieved after being the disciple of His Divine Grace. I would also say that my meditation have boosted my energy, protected me from various harms and this is also the secret to my success. Meeting His Divine Grace is the happiest moment and that itself motivates me to achieve more in my life.”

END -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


In summary, RPT can solve all the problems faced by human beings, more so in the time of economic crisis.The bad news , however, is that looking at the benefits as a result of attending this course, some jobs, sectors, and industries would no longer be needed and many would be out of job.. They are doctors, hospitals, marriage counselors/lawyers, job agencies, Communication consultants, Training consultants, Beau & Anti-Aging Centres, Limkokwing University, political parties, politicians and some others, indirectly.

Maybe people from these sectors should also attend the course to improve their well being once they are out of job.

Reality : Indian Malaysians Conned Again!

A person known to me has been taken in by this man's (His Divine Grace ) blatant brain washing, black magic and other tricks employed during the courses, that he has been ignoring his wife, kids and parents. He spent a fortune for related courses by RPT and as a result is currently saddled with huge debt.

He proudly claims that he can drink weed killers, poison and eat glasses with the powers accorded by the Guruji. This has been going on for many years and he is still in debt. He even places Guruji above anyone else, including his mother. I believe he is not the only one.

It was reported that there were thousands who came for his birthday last Sunday at Batu Caves, a venue headed by the Head of Hindu Council . He was accorded traditional welcome usually reserved for deities. Followers treated him like a god and many profess openly that he is the god’s reincarnation. He is said to be able to vanish into thin air during his courses and display many magical tricks.

Thousands of Indian Malaysians are gullible enough to believe him. His followers appears to be in a spell, obsessed and can't think for themselves. And not surprisingly many of them are well educated. People even believe that food blessed by him can cure ailments and there were instances where he blesses the food served out in the open from his Mercedes, imagine how stupid Indian Malaysians has become.

What appears to be result of participants hard work, good luck and concrete achievements are attributed to Guruji without evidence or logic by these followers.

RM 140 Million

I was told Courses run from RM 700 to RM 15,000 for higher grade course and many sacrificied their hard earned money on Guruji while being saddled with debt by taking Guruji's course and when asked, they say that Guruji will ensure that they get their returns, much more than what they paid.

Their website claims that 200,000 people had so far attended the course, therefore this man (His Divine Grace) would have amassed at least RM 140 Million. No wonder he drives Mercedez, lives in luxury while others suffer waiting in hope.

Tamil Press & Other Feedback

Press reports on his birthday was irresponsible and misleading. Those full back page coverage in various Tamil newspapers on his birthday last Sunday must have been are paid for, as the writers appear to shower divinely praises upon the Guruji. There were also references made out indirectly proclaiming that Guruji is god.

There are small group of people who are either unhappy or directly affected with RPT and their activities venting their frustration through the internet forums.

Hindu Sangam & HINDRAF’s 18 Point Memorandum

I have written to Hindu Sangam urging them to either denounce such cult, deviant groups openly, or otherwise to openly support it so that socio-economic condition of the Indian can be uplifted through his courses!!

Existence of RPT also begs a question; if thousands of families have benefited from his course, why aren't Indians still claiming that they are in poverty, why the need for HINDRAF, why rebel against the government? RPT’s courses, if true as claimed would have solved all the issues raised in HINDRAF’s 18 Point Memorandum and would have made Indian Malaysians the healthiest, wealthiest, happiest, most creative and not least, the community with least number of divorces.

Recommendation To The Malaysian Government

Since the government welcomed suggestions for the Mini Budget, it would be wise if the Finance Minister include some allocation for Indian Malaysians in his upcoming mini-budget to go for this course. This is, if the Finance Minister is ‘sincere enough’ in resolving problems faced by Indian Malaysians and as a result, this would surely make HINDRAF irrelevant.

Various NGOs, Hospitals and Doctor should also engage this man to cure all kinds of ailments afflicting Malaysians.

For those who can afford, just go here to find out more and you are on your way to become healthiest, wealthiest, happiest, most creative Malaysian….and say goodbye to Hindu Sangam, HINDRAF, MIC, IPF, PPP, Indian (or rather Tamil) Heroes in PKR and DAP…

Good Luck and I was told that there is NO money back guarantee…


Anonymous said...

Not only Indians...
All races lah...
Everyone wants answers and the easy way.
Having said that, it is possible to read signs, only 'cos it's based on history/etc...
The I CHING somehow is uncannily erm, accurate....;) If you ask the right questions...;) It's no crystal ball and on a question that I asked before on what next, the answer was actually to use my analytical skills to set goals to work towards...;)

tunku said...

i'm doing fine and hope the same with you.
rumbe nandri

Anonymous said...

i've just found your blog . Regarding RPT. I agree it is total con. The brahma kumaris are also doing this to deviate members from hinduism . I wonder if Hindu Sangam realises it.

galadriel said...

Sounds very very familiar. FYI these kinda outfit use the initial "devotees" to recruit other people. I had such an encounter with a guy who called me on the phone.

I gave him a 20-minute lecture on the concept of free will, whether he has any and if he thinks its a smart thing to mess with other people's free will. He gave up.

There is a place in Old Klang Road where this kinda stuff is happening. The "guruji" in question apparently wears sharp suits and has his "conventions" at big hotels.

But I must qualify, this is hearsay and I did not see it for myself. For anyone to sign up, it costs RM700. How's that?

And yes, I had a close encounter of the Brahma Kumaris kind too. They start with the meditation business and then they lean on you to renounce worldly desires. And in the process you are encouraged to "contribute" to the society.

Kelvin said...

I'll admit I didn't read the entire post, having got lost like 20 or 30 lines down. This is a blog. I believe your post would have been more impactful if its Part 1 and Part 2. But I did read your other (older) posts (shorter posts, no disrecpect intended), and the purpose I'm writing is, keep up the good work. At least it proves the thinking man is not dead in the local blogging scene. Far too long have we been abusing the concept of democracy but the truth of the matter is, this isn't a Democracy. Its a Republic and Republic is a system of majority.

Anonymous said...

I was browsing something in the Internet and end up in your blog. While I was looking through your blog posts, I noticed this post and that's why I decided to stop by and want to share something here.

Many of my friends & at last I myself have attended this course and found it useful. As far as I know Guruji is only teaching good stuffs. Nothing against the Hindu Sangam or what so ever.

Previously, I've attended many other courses and what I found out was nothing can be comparable with this course. Seriously, I don't know how to put it into words.

But I'm very happy and healthy after attending this course. Moreover, I even see good changes in my business. Now,I'm happy with my family. By the way, I'm not even an active member like my other friends. I'm just sharing my opinion here.

If can, please attend this course and write a review about it. Hope this will clears many peoples doubt out there including yours too. Take care my friend :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi people... I'm a guy whom didn't attend this course yet. But I heard a lot of good and bad things about this Guruji.

In my mind, if we wanted to comment wisely about anything, we shall be part of it first to see the whole agenda and do it by ourself. Do our own analysis rather than analyse things based on what people said, heard, or saw... Have own experience first. Then we will see the bigger picture.

There is anonymous up here wrote in a very childish way about his wife's jewellery and Guruji is cheating Indians. And you say Indians are stupid. Well, I wonder how intelligent you are compare to those who attended it and experience it by themselves. If you are helping others, do you have to be poor? He is not BUDDHA. That is his talent to earn. But if his knowledge really can make us better, so whats the problem? He doesn't only teaches to be spiritually elevated where you have to deny materilistics. He is also teaching how to increase your financial power. So WHAT THE HECK YOU ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT?

To achieve things, the path ain't clean and straight. We have to go through it if we want to reach our destination. Throw the dirt, take the diamond.

I'm not condemning all of you for not supporting RPT or what. I just saying, STOP COMPLAINING about the weaknesses. Look at all those achievers out there in the world... How many of them keep complaining from far?

The blog above claims certain people lost his finance after attend this course. If you are ready to put his comment in this blog, make sure you do research on him first. He might do things wrong. To know whether he is doing things wrong or right, be so kind to attend that course to find out. Since you took responsibilities to reveal his activities to public, do it in a right way and with a good proves and evidences. If not, the claim you made about he is influencing people, is actually bounce back to u... IF YOU WANT TO KILL A TREE, ATTACK IT's ROOT, NOT THE FRUIT...

Always place yourself in other's boot and experience it first to find out what is actually going on. This will make you wiser.

Well, last but not least. One thing I agree with you. Regarding people treating him as GOD. Most of the times our people get so emotionally excited when they show your their appreciation. (example: pouring milk on actor's cut outs) This has to be changed!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi thr,

i hv actually attended dis course, after hearing abt it from a fren abt 3yrs ago..I live in singapore, and found thru the RPT website that thr was a ctr in Serangoon Road. Took a trip thr to chk it out.

A lady who was a "member" at RPT took me to meet 2 chinese ladies for coffee. According to her,she had an appointment wt them to explain abt d course so it wld b gr8 if i joined in too.

She explained the "greatness" of the Guruji and the "immense blessings" it has brought her family and herself. Also, the next date of the course was happening in Johor's Persada Convention Centre - the next week. Every date the "guruji" has the course, its always on a "good" Vinayagar Chaturthi...and dis lady said dat the date of this comin course was coinciding wt the Goddess of Mercy...nt sure the exact words she used tho...

I asked her if i cant make it for the course dis time, wen wld b d next one - she replied "nobody knows".."mayb in a few mths time"..
so fine. met her again to pay the RM720, and went thr for the course. You hv no idea the trouble i took to attend it!

Anyway, once the, i was told abt the itinerary. i dont wanna divulge much abt wat went on thr. but in the end, i was nt very convinced abt the whole thing. i was given a mantra, and guided on how to go abt the daily prayers/meditation.

i tried the meditation thingy...was tryin to gt it right after a few attempts (the mind kept wandering!), wch was when i came to find out that the lady who signed me up for it gets a COMMISSION out of my fee. fine.
nt to mention, the next course (after mine) was the following mth somewhr. NOT FINE. i just gt SOLD into the whole bloody thing man.
oh ya - this "Guruji" goes around in a BENTLEY by the way.

that left a bitter taste in my mouth, and i dropped the whole thing lik a hot potato.

thr are those who continue to follow and do wtv recommended in the course - no issues with them. No comments abt the "Guru" or the organisation. As long as i dont hv anything to do wt them, i'm fine.

but at the end of the day, wat i hv com to realize is that, dis course is a way of practicing "The Power of Attraction". nothing more, nothing less.

a number of books or references r out thr abt Attraction...i remember reading the book "The Secret"...luk it up if u'd lik...find a method dat suits YOU, and be happy mate !