Tuesday, March 24, 2009

CAT, The Pakatan Rakyat Way

Pakatan Rakyat promised quite a bit with their CAT (Competency, Accountability and Transparency) philosophy. Penang Chief Minister appears to be the CAT main flag bearer with constant use of CAT in his speeches and press conferences. While it sounds good when heard, Pakatan has generally failed to live up to their promises, both in their actions and words. It's no different with other Pakatan Rakyat leaders, often blaming BN government of not being competent, transparent or accountable, most of the time without any evidence in their speeches, ceramah etc.

Penang Deputy Chief Minister

There were numerous rumors and sms flying around on DCM's Fairus impending resignation. When asked, Lim Guan Eng either refused to comment or have been lying by saying that Fairus is still the DCM. He further asked reporters to ask Anwar Ibrahim on the issue. The question is who appointed Fairus as DCM, isn't it Lim? Lim has the right to pass the buck to Anwar if Fairus is quitting his PKR related positions, but appointment of DCM is CM's prerogative and he should be TRANSPARENT and ACCOUNTABLE if the DCM is resigning.

He also passed the buck to Anwar when asked for reasons for Fairus to resign. Anwar, for all his CAT rhetoric, and knowing that Malaysians, especially his supporters, are stupid and dumb enough, says that Fairus quit to further his studies. Hmm..perhaps only real cats will buy that as a concrete reason for resignation from a second highest position in the state government.

Stories from PKR circles indicates that Fairus is not COMPETENT enough to undertake the role of Deputy Chief Minister, hence the question, if Lim simply took directives from Anwar on appointments from PKR, then he should not be talking about COMPETENCY! If Lim thinks that Anwar has made the wrong choice and tarnished the new state governments image, will Anwar be made ACCOUNTABLE.

Asset Declaration

As another move to be TRANSPARENT, Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim, supported by even Sultan of Selangor, finally fulfilled their promise to publicly declare their assets. Although the eagerly awaited the declaration was delayed, it was finally put up on the state's website, much to the delight of their supporters.

It was discovered that the so-called asset declaration was nothing more than an income declaration. The Excos merely listed their income since assuming office in March 2008 and listed some of their debt/loans and nothing more than that. Any civil servants will be able to tell you that information on Exco's salary, allowance and perks are widely available in public domain, hence the question whether Pakatan Rakyat is really sincere about their promise to be TRANSPARENT.

None of the Excos listed any of the inheritance, properties or shares held. Khalid cited security as the reason not to do so. Are they, the Excos hold much more than what they have declared to be so worried about their security? I think even the Sultan would have been disappointed Pakatan Rakyat's brand of TRANSPARENCY.

Penang's Non-Declaration!

It must be noted that the CAT flag bearer, CM Lim Guan Eng promised the same, actually probably the first one to promise so immediately after taking office, had till today failed to let the CAT out of the bag. Lim has cited another cattish excuse, no proper asset declaration form to fill and that he is still waiting for Federal Government's standard form. Anyone, except for maybe die-hard Pakatan Rakyat supporters, knows that asset declaration is basically listing all assets, liabilities , income etc in one sheet of paper. Is this a difficult thing to do, especially since the esteemed Chief Minister is an Accountant himself, I wonder..

Bukit Selambau

Another controversy to hit Pakatan Rakyat is the resignation of Bukit Selambau Adun and Exco, V Arumugam. When asked on rumors that he had resigned, the Menteri Besar initially refused to comment and denied knowledge of Arumugam's resignation, saying that Arumugam is not contactable. The later, the Menteri Besar confirms that he received resignation letter, now through a third party. To avoid the damage, PKR claimed that Arumugam and his family have been harassed by BN to cross over and apparently BN people even threatened to kidnap his daughter. If his life is threatened as claimed, he should have requested Police protection for himself and family.

As it has turned out, Arumugam has apparently had personal problems on his and his wife's marital status which can bring about embarrassment to the party and state government. On the other hand, Tamil newspapers ran stories that it was actually Hindraf/Makkal Sakhti people are the ones who were threatening Arumugam and not BN, over some broken promises since Hindraf supported Arumugam during the elections.

Anyone who understands the power equation in Kedah would instantly know that it is virtually impossible to persuade or even buy Pakatan candidates to cross over to BN. Only foolish supporters will believe PKR's various unsubstantiated stories, and yet, there no shortage of believers in Pakatan Rakyat.

Menteri Besar Azizan, Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat failed to come clean on Arumugam's resignation. They failed to ask Arumugam to be ACCOUNTABLE for his actions and they themselves are not TRANSPARENT when explaining Arumugam's resignation Their convenient way out is to blame BN as Pakatan Rakyat and Anwar clearly know that there are a huge group of supporters who will believe whatever their leader say. As per Pakatan Rakyat law books, it's ok if there are no evidence to implicate BN, just say it loud and say it repeatedly, gullible Malaysians will believe.

Anwar's September 16 Lie

Need I say more.. Has he been even ACCOUNTABLE to his own fanatical supporters by explaining the failure to take over the federal government after numerous public promises?

Mr Lim Guan Eng, Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat leaders, my suggestion is stop the CAT rhetorics since you know that you can't live up to expectation and leave the preaching, perhaps, to your cat at home, if you have one. It's no different than 'Bersih, Cekap & Amanah'...


Anonymous said...

It's good to see more level-headed blogger (not fanatics) who can see the hypocrisy, incompetencies and circus which the country has been reduced to by PAKATAN RAKYAT..they are full of rhetorics and definitely lack of substance!!

all they excel in is spreading fitnahs, blaming BN on their incompetencies, blaming BN for their own misconducts, blaming BN for not fulfilling their election manifesto...a modus operandi of 'TO MAKE PR LOOKS GOOD, MAKE BN LOOKS BAD'

the Selangor asset declaration is nothing but a haste and cincai action to shut people of all the misconducts they are facing/accused of..

BTW i am still waiting for them to publish sort of report card as i really want to see what they have ACTUALLY DONE for Selangor like Teresa Kok, how much foreign investment she brought in (but don't include work initiated by BN and then u took credit ok)..

unfortunately, there are many fanatics who refused to see beyond the hypocrisy or maybe they just plain blind

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

good.... i tink u f waste ur energy writing so long article. u may finish it in a sentence. 'PR and its suporter are dumb and BN with their policy superb and tip top'. isn't dat easy 2 understan by anyone?

balan said...

Dear Anon : March 25, 2009 7:46 AM

Thanks for visiting this blog.

I did not say anything good about BN in this articles.

I am just highlighting Pkatan Rakyat's hypocrisy.

You can read my views on BN in many previous articles.In fact I think they are big flip flop rather than tip top.

It for people who can't comprehend news and happenings properly that we are forced to write in lenght.

Rakesh Kumar said...

CAT flag bearer Lim Guan Eng, eh? That explains the Tiger park. CAT, Tiger, get it? Is he clever or what?

Seeing that they have a Lion in Jelutong, it is indeed circus show that these thinking capacity-wise challenged people are planning.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir,

The most neutral site I have ever been to. Kudos.

But yeah, after browsing your site for a while looking up for the comments and stuff. I would say the PR people usually refused to accept that their leaders are sometime making mistakes too.

I rest my case with Anon@7.46am


Anonymous said...

Thats why he is going to breed the BIGGER variety of CAT... TIGER!!


Oil Gun said...

good work, it's very hard to find a neutral site nowadays..

what we need a real change, leaders that can really leads us thru this globally demanding world.

BN are ancient and PR (i wonder why people ignore) are full with politicians from the past who still have colonial mind set.