Friday, January 30, 2009

Hail The Indian Malaysian Heroes

While we we sympathise with one Mr Kugan's death in custody, what appeared to be a criminal case has been politicised and turned into a racial issue.

While politicians, especially Indian politicians denied this, their presence, statements and actions clearly shows that they were trying to politicise and turned it into a racial issue.

Bloggers on the other hand joined in from far, only to slam the police and BN. I have to agree that that the Selangor Police chief and the Home minister made some stupid statements and jumped the gun without having proper facts in hand. They should have just let investigation take place before commenting.

If anyone should resign, it should be the Chief of the Taipan Police Station. And the government need to implement the proposed Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPMC) without further delay.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

What is more troubling is that the victim is a suspect in car theft and armed roberry cases. He was reportedly led police to recover 13 stolen vehicles. It was also said that Kugan's death was premeditated in order to cover up the case as it was rumoured that several high ranking police officers had a hand in the car theft syndicate. These are all speculation (since there are no evidence) or even made up to make Kugan look like a hero.

Most politicians, bloggers and groups argue that Kugan is innocent until proven guilty. Well , agreed but I can't help but think how these bloggers and politicians defend Kugan stoutly that he is innocent until proven guilty but had no shame to accuse others of abuse of power, corruption etc without the victims being even charged in court.

For example several bloggers, some of them are lawyers, who highlighted that Kugan is innocent until proven guilty are the same ones who claims that Najib is corrupt, abused power or even having affair with the mongolian on the basis of few Statuary Declaration. Why not the same treatment is metted for people like Najib. They have judged Najib even without any charges being filed against him. And certainly Najib is not alone.

The same applies with the opposition held states who claimed that the previous government was corrupt, eg Penang and Selangor. Until today not a single charge has been filed to prove that the previous state governments were corrupt, but Anwar Ibrahim and friends are still on their roadshow telling all kinds lies. If this is not injustice and hypocrisy, I don't know what is!

I guess 'Innocent until proven guilty' only applies to opposition and anything related to their agenda, like Kugan and his death.

Racial Issue?

We cannot but help thinking that this case has been turned into a racial issue, with only Indian politicians involvement, presence of banners with racial tone and not forgetting Hindraf's involvement and their call to Indians to participate in the funeral procession, which is certainly not a requirement, Hindu wise.

Why is there a need for Penang Deputy Chief Minister to get involved if not for race reasons. Why PKR & DAP Indian MPs and MIC deputy Ministers, except for maybe Senator Murugiah, who hold the Public Complaints portfolio, needs to be there throughout the drama, even after the AG's office have classified the case as murder. Why Anwar Ibrahim visited the familywith such urgency, oh! i forgot, why not since Anwar is Indian Malaysian's de-facto communal leader.

MIC Youth, in a statement claimed that they were the first ones to assist the Kugan's family and expressed disappointment that the opposition Indian leaders hijacked the whole issue. How sad and how unapologetic they are in their pursuit of political mileage.

The presence of PKR, DAP, MIC Indian politicans could only be for the reasons of gaining political mileage and being seen as champions of the Indians.

Political mileage - much to gain, too precious to ignore

Where were they when a single mother, an Indian, lost her 4 children, who drowned recently? This is by far, a devasting loss? Or when an innocent Indian boy was tortured to death recently? The answer, there's nothing to gain, politically.

Nik Aziz even offered to present cash aid to the family, who is said to be reasonably well to do. The selangor state government reportedly offered to bear the funeral cost, which includes a Golden Mercedes used to transport the coffin during the procession.

Why did the same politicians offer any aid to the single mother, have procession or demand for protection of beach goers or innocent childrens, for example ? The answer is the same, there's nothing to gain, politically.

Where were they when policemen and public were killed by criminals, did they get a mercedes hearse, courtesy of the politicians and did the MPs or opposition leaders visit policemen killed or injured in the line of duty? The answer is still the same, there's nothing to gain, politically.

Indian Politicians, from all sides, DAP, PKR and MIC needs to remember that they were elected mainly with votes from non-Indians. If they think they want to be an Indian Hero by involving themselves unnecessarily in this and any similar Indian related drama, think again..I am sure they will be voted out in the next elections. This is especially for Indian leaders in PKR and DAP, who were supposedly multi-racial parties.

Root Cause

While the reforms should be instituted in the police force and government should implement the proposed Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPMC), it cannot be denied that Indians are by far the most involved in crime, population percentage wise.

These Indian heroes (PKR, DAP, MIC), if they are really interested to be the communal champion, should instead focus on why these youth end up in crime. The usual reasons given are discrimination, marginalisation and all the crap.

Any able bodied malaysians can survive in Malaysia without turning to crime. Can any of these Indian heroes or their communal hero deny that?


Rakesh Kumar said...

Good hardhitting post. I got nothing to add...except one nagging question.

Why would they want to barge into the mortuary when the body was supposed to be delivered to the family. Upon delivery, they can check for the scars and wound, right? Were they afraid that cops might cover them up with plastic surgery? They can request second post mortem, can they? With an independent party?

I mean, they can always seek the counsel of good, intelligent, world-wise lawyers who knows the law like the back of their hand.

Oh, there were lawyers...hmm...

Anonymous said...

Hey Balan,
Well said.
Anyone who has a teeny weeny idea of the real world will know what type of people we are dealing with.
With your revelation of the police connection, it's becoming quite clear.
Innocent till proven guilty? Yes, in a court of law but not required in people's minds.
Sometimes I wonder if the law protects the innocent or the criminals, esp in Malaysia.

Cucu Tok Selampit said...

Dear Balan,

Well said. I had nothing to add too. I also agree with Rakesh and Jade Yoong. I really frustrated with people and some hypocrite politician to use this issue as racial issue and to be populist.

Anonymous said...

The opposition is of course trying to gain as much out of it as possible, it fell into their laps. You can't blame them being politicians. They're not there to serve the people. Just when we though there will be a new breed of politicians after the GE we see this coming along.

@Rakesh Kumar, had the body been delivered, the police could have said the body had been tampered with as it is no longer in the hospital, they would wash their hands off the matter and not be responsible. Just like how traffic jams outside school gates are nothing to do with the school authorities as it is outside the school compound. Such is the mentality of the people responsible

At least, the silver lining is that the spotlight is now on the police force and they would think twice before 'interrogating' their suspects.

Anonymous said...

totally agree with you on.

Apocryphalist said...

Your treatise is, without doubt, a most sensible, factual and precise look at how the Kugan matter really is. I echo most people in here that none can do better or feel a need to add to what has been said here. Injustice is injustice: Police forces the world over are not free from committing such heinous crimes, and the Malaysian police no doubt have done their fair share of this kind of injustice.

But when some parties try to make some kind of political mileage out of it, it turns out to be a different beast altogether. And when those very same people insert in the race card, I suddenly lose all motivation and desire now to be hand in hand with victims of police brutality, be it Indian or otherwise, and set to defend malays themselves, for it is the MALAYS that now become the object of their qualm, and no more Police brutality.

Same with the RPK, PKR, pembangkang lot. What started out to be togetherness in fighting corruption, unfairness etc etc of the governmental machineries have now turned to race issues and "Yang Mulia" RPK the main iconoclast for malay/islam-bashing.

It is then that lots of people I know turn to take the following stand: "that we can live with these minor inconsistencies and non-transparencies (read: corruption) for a few more years but no, we are not ready to disown our forefathers, curse our own race
and be too liberal in things concerning our faith and sanctity of our people". Ergo, the mushrooming of blogvoices like JebatMustDie, DemiNegara, Sakmongkol and many others. Critical of government and corruption, yes, but not at the expense of going hand-in-hand with PutridPetra's supporters to disown our own peoples.

So for those Hindraf supporters or Pakatan cheerleaders who suddenly find in car-jacker Kugan a martyric hero and the malays the rogue race: between going hand in hand with you to fight Police Brutality and defending our own ethnicities at all cost, we just want to remind you that it is not a difficult choice for us to make.

Writings like yours makes one gain confidence that after all, race-relations is one hopeful thing to look forward to in this country and fighting for justice and peace can be done with a pace that do not require condemning the Tuan Tanahs of this country: a country whose resources and riches the Tuan Tanahs do not have problems sharing with its inhabitants.


tunku said...

that is always the case. if it is BN always guilty, no need to prove.this is the mindset of the opposition.

well said balan.

Anonymous said...

dear balan ...

your arguments is exactly what i have in mind ...

it is all for politikus gain ... either BN or PR ...

i have tears when i read about the single mother and also the death of the abused boy ...

my wife silence when i mentioned the event above ... we pray silently for them ...


Anonymous said...

Good view of the Kugan Case Balan. I think a lot of tragedy involving indians need more attention, such as the case of an indian mother and her children living in a storeroom.

HeroTamil said...

salam bro,

Can't deny police brutality does happen. I remember in the 70's, something of sort happened in Balai Polis sentul.

The police personnel was charged, he went around the station and the barracks to collect donation to pay for his legal fees.

Just to say... Hey .. These guys in uniform pun ada perasaan...

NOPE.. they did not give to the collections. He is a shame to the FORCE!!

Say tahu b'coz saya anak polis yang duduk di rumah pangsa polis berhampiran.

so jangan lah serang teruk sgt Pak Polisi kita.

Bila ada kesalahan sikit, Pak Menteri Serang, Pak Pembangang Serang, The Lauya Serang, the NGOks serang. the pubic serang..oops i mean Public serang.

And you know what..18 tahun duduk di berek.. tak pernah aku tengok Pak menteri pak menteri, Pembangangan Pembangang, Lauya lauya, NGOKs NgOKs dan the Paplic .. datang menjengok tunjuk simpati bila ada yang terbunuh doing their duty!!
Their death is just another statistic!!

Pak menteri datang pun untuk ambil gambar bagi sumbangan!! Cehhh!!


Sorry all terpaksa layan ranting of seorang anak polis!!

Anonymous said...

Morning Balan!

I hope it is not too late to wish you an excellent Thaipusam celebration.

Best wishes,