Monday, December 15, 2008

HINDRAF Hunger Strike

15 on hunger strike over ISA

Fifteen Hindraf supporters launched a hunger strike on Sunday to demand the abolition of a tough security law which the government says is needed to combat terrorism, organisers said.

"The five-day hunger strike is to protest against the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA) and to demand all detainees are freed," S. Jayathas, coordinator of the rights group Hindraf which organised the strike, told AFP.


"The hunger strike is also to demand the government end all injustices in Malaysia and stop discriminating against minority Indians."

The ISA, a relic of the British colonial era when it was used to fight a communist insurgency, allows for renewable two-year periods of detention without trial.

The government says it is a vital tool to fight terrorism, but rights groups say the law has been improperly used to silence government critics, and that detainees are mentally and physically tortured.

Rights groups say 70 people, mainly alleged Islamic militants, are being held under the ISA.

Hunger strikers to only take water

The protesters are staging their hunger strike at a small temple north of Kuala Lumpur.

Some of those taking part are relatives of five Hindu Rights Action Front (Hindraf) leaders, who are being held under the ISA.

The five, one of whom is a state lawmaker, were arrested after enraging the government last November by mounting a mass rally alleging discrimination against Malaysia's minority ethnic Indians.

Ethnic Indians make up less than eight percent of the 27-million-strong population of the mainly Muslim Malay country.

Jayathas said the protesters would only consume water during the strike. -- Malaysiakini

These bunch of jokers appears to have not learnt their lesson.

Hindraf or now disguised as 'Makkal Sakhti' appears to take cue from Tamil Nadu where numerous hunger strikes are held as a form of protest almost everyday.

It's quite funny that those held in India usually last a day, from 9am to 5pm and everyone goes back after that. Hindraf's hunger strike allows protesters to consume water. What 'hunger strike'?, they must be either joking or scared that the would not even last till the evening of the first day. They were also seen holding Gandhi's potraits. If they wish to emulate Gandhi, then they should not consume anything at all.

I think this is a first ever 'hunger' strike anywhere that allows protesters to consume water. Malaysia Book Of Records should have been there to record the moment of history made in our soil.

Hindaf's previous hunger strikes, reportedly in January and August met with poor support from their blood brothers, who had more important things, like job and family to take care rather than simply waste hours of their time.

The same is expected to happen this time, only 15 people are willing to participate. Whatever happened to thousands of their supporters!, I predict that the hunger strike will not last for days as expected.

Knowing well the characterictics of Hindraf supporters, I will not be surprised if participants run to nearest Indian restaurants for few servings of banana leave rice after a day.

I was at a Indian wedding last week, few of the staunch supporters spoke nothing of the hunger strike or Hindraf. One of them hosted the lavish wedding and another private bash at home, one has gone for a long holiday, one preparing for a birthday bash, while some came (few hundred kilometres) all the way from KL, put up a the nearest hotel to join the after dinner drinks.

This is maybe their version of "the result of years of discrimination, marginalisation, abject poverty and ethnic cleansing"..


Knights Templar said...

Thay should just move to Sudan ... where the need not go on a Hunger Strike ...They will just go Hungry ....

ps: balan ...there is a picture on my blog today i want you to see...and maybe even give ur comments .

Shalom !

Anonymous said...


"I was at a Indian wedding last week, few of the staunch supporters spoke nothing of the hunger strike or Hindraf. One of them hosted the lavish wedding and another private bash at home, one has gone for a long holiday, one preparing for a birthday bash, while some came (few hundred kilometres) all the way from KL, put up a the nearest hotel to join the after dinner drinks.

This is maybe their version of "the result of years of discrimination, marginalisation, abject poverty and ethnic cleansing".."

Yeah. I've not really been exposed to Indian chauvinism and politics up close.
But I really hope they can also offer a Malaysian solution besides championing their race.
I am also not sorry to say that the state of the Indians are mostly the Indian leaders' doing as they perpetuated Tamil schools, segregating these people from mainstream Malaysian life.
At the same time, estates were dominated by a single race. Yet I believe greater efforts should be made now, as there are better roads and tech, to integrate estate Indians.
Also maybe stop the Majapahit, Malays are Indians talk...
I believe Malaysia need to be built on mutual respect....

balan said...


Don't know if you have been to more than one estate. My father still lives in one of them near Yong Peng, Johor. I myself have experienced living in 8 different estates.

The days of Indian dominated estates are long over. There are some but it's now domain of foreigners.

Yes, Tamil school is one of the problem but there are other social and psycological issues that needs attention before they can think, behave and live like a Malaysian.
Some of them are their herd mentality, awareness and lack of continuous learning.

While I may sound crude, sad to say that large number of my friends and relatives are in this category.

Anonymous said...

Ali Maju should open up a buffet table next to those protesters. Let see how they handle that kind of tempatation.

Free nasi kandar anyone (vegetarian of course)?

changkatlobak said...

ah good! consume less foods, and the results they get slim body.

kopi kluang satu

tunku said...

if more our indians brother and sister like balan,it would be good for malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Hindraf supporters didnt learn their lesson even after they know nothing comes out of what they demand. Even funnier they can consume water during hunger strike. This people wont change.Sad they are conveying the wrong message to their fellow Indians.

Anonymous said...

I agree with brother balan.i wish the intelectual of Indian community can speak up like bro balan did.Hindraf is a lost cause now that this people are being used by some higher powers that be.As bro balan told there are other things better to do that just staging protests like this.I hope bro balan you can open the eyes of the cmmmunity with your powerful blogs.

Take care.


Anonymous said...

Dear Balan,

You make sense out of ther turmoil and confusion. Bring your words further, Balan. Help these people in the dark.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...


YOUR hatred for the HINDRAF is so blatant. I don’t know why. Any how you can say and write anything but is there any proof that they HINDRAF people consume water or eat as you claim? Are you there when this happen or just heard all the gossip? i mean people can say 1000 thing about something but when you critic about them should come out with substantial evidence to support your argument.
I have read all your writing about indian community. What I see you choose to critic and condemn them as much as you can. I don’t see any constructive idea or suggestion. If you write about an issue than you should include the +'ve' and -'ve' part of it. But you choose to point out all the -'ve' only.
It seems like you can’t take any idea from others. i see this trough you comments. if you really feel that you are matured enough than you should accept the comments people give for writings. I just not that by approving their comment mean you are mature but through your reply can see what are you thinking level and maturity. I would appreciate your writing if you come out with any solution to make our community better but sad I don’t see any. So in you next writing if you choose to critic the community than should come out with any idea and solution which can accept by the whole community and not only those who prefer to condemn the community.
So that we can built up a better community for our children in future.

balan said...

Dear Anon,

IF YOU MUST USE ANONYMOUS to leave a comment, please add a NICKNAME at the end of that comment. Without the NICKNAME, your comment WILL NOT be posted
This blog is meant to be critical, create awareness and wake people up from their slumber, make them think and not to have herd mentality.

HINDRAF Hunger Strike,

It was reported widely that S. Jayathas, coordinator of the rights group Hindraf said the protesters would only consume water during the strike..I did not say that..didn't you read?

As for suggestions, many were given but I think readers only pick the criticism..ignoring the suggestions made...
Tamil Schools issue (suggested 8 years ago)

I believe most of the problems would be solved if we were to close all Tamil schools and have children enrolled in the national schools. This will put them on par with students of other races and not disadvantaged due to poor command of Bahasa Malaysia.

Tamil language can still be taught as an alternative but a compulsory subject and classes can be held while agama classes are being conducted for the Muslims. This measure will also help in our aspirations of seeing a united "Bangsa Malaysia" in the future.
On One School For All,

would still stick to my assertion that Malaysia should have only one school and that should be the school for everyone regardless of race or religion.

A compromise would be that languages such as Mandarin and Tamil must be taught or even made compulsory.

On Hindraf post general Election

If one carefully look at the demographics, if I’m not mistaken more than 50% of Indian Malaysians reside in Selangor, Perak and Penang while the rest are concentrated in Malacca, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang and Johor. If the HINDRAF seriously believes that Barisan Nasional cannot help their cause, why did they not bulldoze their way into offices of Chief Ministers of the opposition held states. Instead, HINDRAF are seen everywhere holding flag raising dinners and prayers.

Since most of their complaints and claims of victimisations are linked to availability and ownership of land for Tamil Schools and Hindu Temples, they should have by now won 50% of the battle since land matters are under the purview of state governments. They could have easily seized the moment as the opposition is in the mood of giving away almost everything for free to win popular support.

It was reported that the Perak state government have allocated hundreds of acres of land and annual allocation of funds for Chinese Schools (The Star 30th Aug,'1,000ha Land For Perak Independent Schools) since the Chinese School operators took the right step at the right time to reach out to the state government.

By now, HINDRAF should be crying 'Makkal Sakhti' in front of Perak State Governement's office and seek similar allocation of land and funds for Tamil School. Where are they?

If the above are not suggestions, I don't know what is? Anyway, I agree that, at times, some of the comments made have been proven wrong.

I can only write what I think and observe, right. At least I am not making up stories here.

Anonymous said...

balan as i said you can't accept any comements from anyone.. so better you close this blog and sleep well..thats better i think. your not opening any eyes but condemn every one as you yourself too perfect. what i see you keep condemn evry thing about indian and their activities. you are not too perfect or you are not get down to ground to do anything. so your ideas mostly cant be accept as you are not aware whats happening in real.

balan said...

Dear Anon,

I have responded to you with facts, I think you are the one who is in denial mode and can't accept the fact. Why not start a blog to ptopagate your narrow views.

I repeat, This blog is meant to be critical, create awareness and wake people up from their slumber, make them think and not to have herd mentality.

Various papers, conferences, studies, has been submitted, deliberated, argued by political parties, NGOS, individuals and government. I have attended many of them . I do not need to do more,

I am no intellectual.What indians need is just that, change of mindset and remove the herd mentality.

Anon, I lived in 8 different estates, my relatives are lorry drivers, factory worker, some in M'sia, some S'pore, Nurse, electrician, general worker, civil servant etc, none are doctor, engineer or lawyers.

My father is still in the estates and you tell me I dont know what's happening in the ground.

You need not visit my blog if you don't like but You got no right to tell me to close my blog.