Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sri Lankan Conflict, BN's Protest & Tamil League

Protest In KL

Hundreds of members, party supporters and NGO representatives were bussed in from all over the country for the .

This time they were joined by about 200 Putera Umno members led by Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim. There were also small representations from the youth wings of Gerakan, PPP and MCA.

Last Friday had similar but smaller demonstration at the same site.
At about 3pm, the crowd armed with placards and banners marched some 100 metres towards the Sri Lankan embassy and gathered there for about 30 minutes.

At that point the crowd had swollen to about 1,000 people, including children.
They chanted slogans such as “Don't kill the innocent”, “No war” and “Stop the killings” in Tamil. The protestors also donned black arm bands to show they were mourning for the dead civilians in the conflict.

Memorandum handed

By about 4pm, representatives handed a memorandum to Sri Lankan embassy officials - as representatives of BN Youth demanding the Sri Lankan government to cease their military aggression.

The Sri Lankan government was also urged to allow international aid organisations into the affected areas and resume negotiations with combatants.
Speaking to reporters later, chief organiser of the and deputy chief S Murugesan told reporters that the protestors represented a cross-section of Malaysians who are opposed to the violence in Sri Lanka

Abdul Azeez said that Umno Youth and youth wings of other Barisan component parties had joined the initiated demonstration on the basis of friendship.
“We give full support to this action initiated by especially in opposing the use of violence against civilians and the bombings of hospitals and schools,” he said.

He said that the was not meant to be a political action, but it should be seen as a humanitarian appeal for the Sri Lankan government to end military violence.
The event was closely watched by 50 police personnel who did not intervene except to halt the protestors 50 metres from the embassy.

Asked if a police permit had been obtained for the , Murugesan did not give a direct answer.
“We have applied for it! We were told in that in principle, they (the police) have agreed,” he said.
Tamil League

November 19th, 2008 - 3:01 pm ICT by ANI - Kuala Lumpur, Nov 19 (ANI): The Malaysian Indian Congress Youth has proposed the setting up of a Tamil League in a move to attract international attention to the plight of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Adviser S. Vell Paari said the league should be a United Nations-recognised body, similar to the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC).
I believe a new league of Tamils representing their resident country should be established in Tamil Nadu to diligently and vigilantly guard over the political, economic and social agenda of Tamils living all over the world, he said in a statement.

The Star quoted Vell Paari as saying that the Tamil League should have a similar framework and diplomatic status like that of the UN and each Tamil representative from member countries should be given an ambassadorship entitling them to diplomatic immunity.

I say this to sanction a valid representation from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), who can also sit within this Tamil League to voice its concerns and grievances without the fear of being detained, he said.

Vell Paari said the Tamil League could set up a committee to discuss and negotiate with the Sri Lankan Government for a peaceful solution. (ANI)
Protest In Malaysia

The MIC jokers has done it again. The civil war in Sri Lanka has been there for decades. I believe, the protest follows through various other low key protest in Tamil Nadu. What may have caught their attention and prompted them to do the same was the recent one day fast and protest held by the top Tamil Movie stars. As we all know, Indian Malaysians are strongly influenced by movies and movie stars.

This is the second protest by MIC, this time joined by youth wings of BN component parties and some small time NGOs. Solidarity it seems.

Not sure what they aim to achieve by this protest. Even the Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh's request for protection of Lankan ethnic Tamils and an immediate ceasefire was bluntly rejected by Sri Lankan Premier last week.

As mentioned earlier, the civil war has been there for decades and this is a mere publicity stunt by MIC, joined by aspirants for next UMNO elections youth posts.

Tamil League

Only now I realise that Vell Paari is MIC Youth's advisor, in another word, de facto leader.

Vell Paari says Tamil League should be set up in Tamil Nadu to "diligently and vigilantly guard over the political, economic and social agenda of Tamils living all over the world"

He further adds "Tamil League should have a similar framework and diplomatic status like that of the UN and each Tamil representative from member countries should be given an ambassadorship entitling them to diplomatic immunity"

What on earth is he trying to do? Is he saying that Tamil League can interfere if Ethnic Tamils in other countries are discriminated in some way?

Imagine what will happen if the proposed Tamil League ambassadors are entitled to diplomatic immunity?

What a ludicrous proposal. Where on earth, would this come from except for in Malaysia.
While we sympathise over the issues facing Sri Lankan Tamils, we cannot but think that there are more pressing matters in Malaysia. MIC and BN Youth would get more publicity and trust if they concentrate on their motherland. Let the government handle international issues.

I also think that there's this stupid ill-concieved notion that youth wings of any political parties (mainly BN) must be aggresive and hold some form of protest, on the streets or otherwise to prove their existence. How immature!

MIC should start realising that Malaysia is their motherland, not tamil Nadu. They did not protest over attacks on various other ethnics groups in India over the last few years including those on the muslims,sikhs etc.

Why only focus on Ethnics Tamils. This indirectly insinuates that MIC represents ethnic Tamils and not all ethnic Indian groups in Malaysia.

Now the Tamil League proposal, what's next? 'Ketuanan Tamil' in Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

Why do we need to protest for Sri Lankan Tamils. MIC should spend more time revamping their corrupt practices and look into the welfare of Malaysians instead of staging these protest and formation of Tamil League. In what way Tamil League will be beneficial for us.

I remembered when pakistanis and bangladeshis staged 'peaceful" street protest in Muscat, Oman over the issue of demolishing of a mosque in Ayodhya, the Sultanate of Oman immediately summonned these people and inform that what ever is happening in India or any country is not his concern, even though it is about demolishing a mosque. These people were subsequently blaclisted and deported back to their counrty.

When are we going to stop linking to India or Tamil?

Anonymous said...

Selective outrage...

I don't see any words by MIC agains t what the Tamils have done to Muslims/Sinhalese in Sri Lanka. (Why don't we have any Christians outside of the embassy of India when Christians were expelled and killed in Orissa?)Malaysian Hindu Sangams/MIC weep and cry for Hindus/Tamils worldwide by are silent when it came to the persecutions done by Hindus.

Many Muslims have been expelled by Tamils because just like in Malaysia, Tamil Hindus feel that Tamil Muslims are nothing more than quislings, standing in between their holy cause.

It reminded me about Hindraf supporters who were outraged with Tamil Muslims and demanded all Hindus to boycott Tamil Muslims' restaurants in Malaysia during the peak of Hindraf's activism.For a people who called themselves fighters for justice and equality, their bigotry is clear and lucid.But then again,their bigotry is always cloaked with liberal agenda..

I don't mind Tamils marching outside of the Sri Lankan embassy. I just wished they will be fair and acknowledge the atrocities Tamils have caused Muslims and Sinhalese in Sri Lanka.