Tuesday, September 9, 2008

HINDRAF (Part 2) : Memorandum To British Prime Minister

This is the memorandum claimed to have been delivered to British Prime Minister last year.
My comments are in bold.

HINDRAFHindu Rights Action Force

No. 135-3-A, Jalan Toman 7,

Kemayan Square,70200 Seremban,

Negeri SembilanMalaysia.

Tel : 06-7672995/6

Fax: 06-7672997 Email waytha@hotmail. com

The Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown

Prime Minister of the United Kindom

10 Downing Street,

Fax: +442079250918London,



Dear Sirs,


It was the local council who demolished the temple despite 3 eviction notices dating to 2 years earlier. The statue of the deities were relocated and only the temple structure was demolished.


No proof whatsoever of any incidence of “ETHNIC CLEANSING”.

We refer to the above critical matters in Malaysia but which generally gets the least attention locally even by the Opposition parties, NGO’s, the Malaysian Human Rights Commission and the media for this community is generally regarded as politically insignificant, do not draw local or international funding and are deemed not pressworthy. To the contrary the Malaysian government has successfully projected itself to the world as a modern Islamic thinking country which is not true.

The ethnic minority Indians in Malaysia were brought in to Malaysia by the British some 200 over years ago. Since independence in 1957 the Malaysian Indians have been permanently colonialised by the Islamic fundamentalist and Malay chauvinists UMNO led Malaysian government.

Among the recent atrocities committed by this government are as follows:-

1.100 over Indians were slashed and killed by the UMNO controlled Malaysian government in the Kampung Medan mini genocide. Despite numerous appeals, the Malaysian Human Rights Commission has refused to hold a Public Inquiry. The UMNO controlled Malaysian courts struck off a victim’s public interest civil suit for a Public Inquiry to be held without even the said UMNO controlled government having to file in their defence. The UMNO controlled Attorney General and the Inspector General of Police refused to investigate and / or initiate an inquest into the death of at least six Indians in this tragedy despite.

First they say 100 people were slashed and killed, then in the last sentence, it's at least 6 people. Which one is correct? It has been reported independently that 6 people were killed by people within the same vicinity, not by UMNO controlled Malaysian government or any islamic terrorist.

2. Every week one person at average is killed in a shot to kill policy and in every 2 weeks one person is killed in police custody. About 60% of these victims are Indians though they form only 8% of the Malaysian population.

Again as in other figures quoted by HINDRAF, these are plucked from the sky. I think the ratio of Indians killing another Indian is higher. Wonder if there's such Shot to Kill policy in place. Note the grammatical error 'shot'.

3. In every three weeks one Hindu temple is demolished in Malaysia.
The latest being the demolishment of the Mariaman temple in Padang Jawa, Shah Alam, Selangor early this morning (15.11.2007) and the next being the (Mutaiya) Hindu temple in Sungai Petani scheduled for the 29.11.2007.

A violent armed pre down attack at 4.00a.m this morning was launched by the UMNO controlled Malaysian government backed by about 600 police, riot police, Islamic extremist and armed terrorists which completely destroyed this temple.

In an attack two weeks ago, uniformed police, riot police and city Council officers hurled rocks and attacked unarmed Hindu devotees with knives, sticks and iron rods.

At least 20 Hindu devotees were seriously injured and 19 arrested including 4 of their United Kingdom trained lawyers in direct violation of Article 5 (Right to life) Article 8 (Equality) Article 11 (Freedom of Religion) Section 295 (defiling a place of worship), Section 296 (disturbing a religious assembly), 298A(causing racial disharmony) and Section 441(criminal trespass) of the Malaysian Penal Code.

These authorities are plagued by an above the law mindset and in fact liberally take the law into their own hands. These atrocities however does not happen to almost all Islamic places of worship. Please visit http://www.policewatchmala/ ysia.com for further and better particulars.

3 Eviction notices were given before the Padang jawa temple were demolished. The developer also provided 10,000sqft of land for free nearby and cash for the relocation. These were never mentioned as HINDRAF adviser appears to have selective memory whenever they write a memorandum.

Another Surau within the same vicinity was relocated without a fuss. Police acted against a violent crowd who gathered at the temple. It was the crowd who hurled rocks at the police and the Police did not have 'knives, sticks or iron rods' as claimed. This is complete fabriciation of events. Did not know that 'Islamic extremist' and 'armed terrorists' exist were there as well.

4. State sponsored direct discrimination against the Indians in Public University intakes, Indian (Tamil) Schools, skills training institutes, civil service and private sector job opportunities, business and license opportunities and in almost all other aspects of daily life.

This is again a complete nonsence, while opportunities for university intake maybe limited, there are ample of opportunities in all other sector. They even has the cheek to say the same happens in the private sector!. Britain based HSBC employs more Indians than Malays or Chinese. Gordon Brown would have certainly checked on those facts.

Despite our hundreds of letters, appeals and pleas to the Malaysian King and Sultans, the Prime Minister, Attorney General, Inspector General of Police, Ministers, Chief Ministers and the latest being our letters to the Prime Minister dated 29.10.2007 and 30.10.2007 and to the Attorney General dated 1.11.2007 the Malaysian authorities are only proceeding with greater ferocity and with impunity with very little regard for the Federal Constitution and laws of Malaysia. So please help us.


We fear that this peace loving Indian community of Tamil origin having been pushed to the corner and the persecution getting worse by the day may be forced to into terrorism in a matter of time as what has happened to the Sri Lankan Tamils.

If you notice, now they speak on behalf of Tamils not Hindus per se. This is where HINDRAF has instituted scare tactics to seek attention. They were reported to have made contact witht eh Tamil Tiger, a reason given by the government to jail 5 HINDRAF leader under the Internal Security Act (ISA).


On our part we are committed to a peaceful and lawful struggle and pray and appeal that the Government of the United Kingdom:-

1. Moves an emergency United Nations resolution condemning these state sponsored atrocities and persecutions of Malaysian Indians in Malaysia.

2. Refers Malaysia to the World Court and the International Criminal Court for Crimes against it’s own ethnic minority Indians

Thank You,

Yours Faithfully


Legal Adviser

In Summary, the memorandum was filled with half truths and blatant lies. To HINDRAF's dismay, they would have found out by now that Gordon Brown is not as 'intelligent' as HINDRAF's founding lawyers who wrote the memorandum.

Gordon Brown would have his own British High Commission in Malaysia verify the facts before acting or doing anything that may affect bilateral ties. It's no wonder that British Government did not respond.

The fact is the government never took unilateral action. All these places of worship were given eviction notices with adequate time given to the temple authorities to relocate. In many cases compensation were paid to them to relocate by either state government or land owner. Not surprised that these facts are not mentioned at all.

Personally, I just can't believe a group of lawyers can write such a poor quality memorandum full of untruths and flaws with unsubstantiated facts and figures. This is an embarrassment to the Ethnic Indians in Malaysia.

I can't but feel for all the clients of these lawyers, they should have realised by now the quality of lawyers that they have hired to argue their case. Not sure how many have failed in the courts due to the 'quality' of arguements by these lawyers.

HINDRAF should have at least hired a good spin doctor(s) to write the memorandum as their own lawyer's spin only invites ridicule from the readers.


Anonymous said...

I am suprised that this memorandum is prepared by UK trained lawyer. This badly written memorandum without true facts in order for British goverment's submission shows the real quality of the lawyers who are representing Hindraf. I pity the Hidraf supporters as they are leading nowhere. This lawyers has mislead the Hindraf people which has caused more damage to Indians reputation in Malaysia with their nonsensical protest. End of the day Indians loose with Hindraf's claims that doesn't make sense at all.

Rakesh Kumar said...

The whole thing is a result of selective thinking and bunch of lawyers who believed in their own products that does not at all fit in this country. They would do very well, say in TAmizh Nadu, because as far as Tamizhians and Indians in general (including Malaysian born) favour emotions over mind.

The Brits must be passing this around for the late night pub jokes. "Thank god we are done colonising them," they might add.

The intent of helping to raise the level of Indian Malaysian standard of life is good.

But to support the intent with blatant accusations - as you said, surprising coming from evidence seeking lawyers - is very shortsighted and will soon go down in the toilets of history straight to the sewer of civilisation.

I always believe this: we help ourselves first, then you will see help coming in from all corners. Alas, the story of the crabs comes to my mind.

Again, great argument from you. Keep it coming....

Anonymous said...


Are you trying to imply that the Indians in Malaysia are not marginalised, discriminated and treated worst than pariahs.I just want to ask you, what percentage of Indians work in the civil service--in the 60's there were almost 50%--now what is the percentage--less than 2%--is this not discrimination. How many of the bright Indian students given scholarship--but in comparision the malays sapu almost 70% of the JPA scholarships and on top of that 100% of the Mara scholarships and no need to pay loans. How many Indians are given places in the public universities.I still remember in 2002, only 1 Indian was given a place in UM to do medicine--in the 70s there were almos 30 students--what happened now--is it not discrimination. Why arent the govt providing the estate Indians who have been displaced because of development in their former estates being given a FELDA like scheme-- to continue with their life--instead they end up as squaters in the towns and their children become thugs and thieves--and victimised by the malay dominated police--to the extend of killing them--a case in point is Kugan--a mere suspect who was tortured and killed. They commit minor crimes for a living and the corrupted polis look for ways to kill them. But the irony is , the White Collar Robber politicians like Mahathir, Khir toyol,mahmud taib,rafidah aziz,
muhamad mohd,samy velu,liong lik sik and many more, sit in postions of authority and cooly steal millions of ringgit--but they are hailed and looked upon as heros. But the poor indian who just stole a small amount is subjected to the harshest form of punishment--is this the type of justice you are supporting. Dont be a blady fool and a kottai tooki.


balan said...


I welcome your comments, altough it's like almost one year late!. I wanted to respond but your last sentence put me off. I have no respect for you. People like you contribute to why Indians are no longer respected.