Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hindraf - I Rest My Case!

I have received numerous feedbacks on the previous 2 articles. While some understood my rational in most of the comments made, many were understandably angry, not surprisingly they were my Indian Malaysian friends. Some even mentioned that I am a traitor for belittling their support and struggle for a fair and just society.

In the end, we have 5 People in jail, families struggling without the breadwinners and another group of people going around the country during various Pooja's and Yaagams to pray for the HINDRAF 5's release. The only people who benefited are the priest's who charges astronomical fees to conducts such prayers nowadays.

Although the government took notice of HINDRAF, they would have listened and done something if HINDRAF conducted their activities properly and sought peaceful means to achieve their objectives.

HINDRAF claims to be apolitical and said recently that they would support any political party that can assist them to achieve their objectives. Not much spoken about the fact that many of their member are also members of DAP and PKR . Anwar Ibrahim and all other Opposition Parties used HINDRAF's catch phrase "Makkal Sakhti' to the hilt during the recent general elections and even during the Permatang Pauh by-elections.

With opposition in power in 5 states, it should be payback time, I wonder why HINDRAF has yet to get in touch and seek assistance from the state governments of Selangor, Perak, Kedah, Kelantan and Penang. They claimed that the Barisan Nasional government and MIC were not sympathetic with their struggles and failed the Indian Malaysians.

If one carefully look at the demographics, if I’m not mistaken more than 50% of Indian Malaysians reside in Selangor, Perak and Penang while the rest are concentrated in Malacca, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang and Johor. If the HINDRAF seriously believes that Barisan Nasional cannot help their cause, why did they not bulldoze their way into offices of Chief Ministers of the opposition held states. Instead, HINDRAF are seen everywhere holding flag raising dinners and prayers.

Since most of their complaints and claims of victimisations are linked to availability and ownership of land for Tamil Schools and Hindu Temples, they should have by now won 50% of the battle since land matters are under the purview of state governments. They could have easily seized the moment as the opposition is in the mood of giving away almost everything for free to win popular support.

It was reported that the Perak state government have allocated hundreds of acres of land and annual allocation of funds for Chinese Schools (The Star 30th Aug,'1,000ha Land For Perak Independent Schools) since the Chinese School operators took the right step at the right time to reach out to the state government.

By now, HINDRAF should be crying 'Makkal Sakhti' in front of Perak State Governement's office and seek similar allocation of land and funds for Tamil School. Where are they?

If I'm not mistaken HINDRAF was holding a prayer (Yaagam - Fire Ritual) in Mantin on the same day (30th Aug) to mark "one year of the Hindraf class suit against UK government amounting USD 4 trillion for the neglect of its government during the Malaysia independence for the Indians whom were brought by British to Malaysia".

If HINDRAF seriously believe that criss-crossing the country in the hope for divine intervention will help, then HINDRAF should not have sent any memorandum, demonstrate, get 5 people arrested under ISA, several people injured and many wasting their annual leaves and unpaid leaves, not to mention creating nuisance for the general public. They should have just gathered at one place, a temple inside a cave perhaps and pray for divine intervention, and wait for the intervention to happen. Why waste other's time.

This is where HINDRAF fails. There are no strategies, no planning, no quick thinking (not to mention rational thinking) to achieve their objectives. The opportunities are there in the 5 states. They (political parties) made use of HINDRAF and now it should be HINDRAF's turn to make use of the state governments. In fact most of HINDRAF’s supporters are from the Opposition, mainly PKR and DAP. Majority of Indian Malaysians also voted for the opposition, even PAS, in the recent general elections.

This is where the Chinese associations are smart, they are well organised, not extreme, engages the government of the day to get what they wanted, quietly without making a big fuss. HINDRAF are good at making noise but end up an empty vessel.

Instead, we still see more and more plans for all kinds of rituals and prayers in the future. (see HINDRAF's link at the right panel for their schedule)

Of recent, it was also reported that HINDRAF has now split into several factions and their de-facto leader has gone on to accuse that one of the leader is actually a police special branch agent planted within HINDRAF to check on the movement's activities. By now the readers would realise that the government need not plant any spies within HINDRAF as there's nothing to spy on unless to check if the prayer rituals are equivalent to some cult or deviant practises. Even then, in Malaysia, Hindu's are quite free to start their own version of HINDU religion or even pray to a living person.

I was watching one of Tamil program on 10th September where a US trained Indian Malaysian Chef (from Paloh, Johor), who is now a food and beverage industry consultant was interviewed. This chap had served in many countries is now back in Malaysia as a consultant. He was asked on the prospects on Indians in the food and beverage industry
(Other than normal Indian Restaurants). He mentioned that no other countries provide opportunities for someone to start up a business with grants, funds and loan such as Tekun, Amanah Ikhtiar Fund, Bank Pembagunan etc available for start ups and reinvestment of businesses. Tony Fernandez of Air Asia also frequently mentioned that opportunities are plenty, we just need to find the right avenues (not connections) to grab it.

HINDRAF is nothing but a lost cause with some casualties of course. Indian Malaysians were and are being fooled by a group of lawyers who had no sense of direction whatsoever when they started the movement and even now, where they appear to be blind to opportunities in front of them.

Now, I sincerely, can only hope for a divine intervention to enlighten the Indian Malaysians and make them realise that they made to look and act foolish all this while by HINDRAF while others continue to progress by grabbing opportunities made available to everyone. Indian Malaysians image in the eyes of fellow citizens are at the lowest ebb, no thanks to HINDRAF and it will take years before it is reversed.


gsm said...

Please do not quote Tony fernandez, Ananda krishnan and so forth.These are lucky few made it thru politics. Talk of the indian in the street !Indians under MIC made fortunes !When these indians come up they screw thier own community.Your say ample oppurtinities exsist, this is what all of you claim show us where?Last year teachers intake show us how many indians applied how many were taken show figures dont try to say things to make believe.The indians have to depend on chinese companies and companies like HSBC to be employed,that itself shows that how fair and equal we are treated here.

balan said...

Agree with your comments on MIC. But my point in this whole article is why HINDRAF is not doing anything since the rakyat has voted Pakatan into power in 5 states where substantial number of Indian Malaysians reside? Instead they are holding dinners and prayers and still harping on the need for special allocations and quota. What's the difference between bumiputra and us then?

I myself came up with my own efforts, I never saw the need quotas, allocation or political help. Mind you, I am a form 5 school leaver.

I have given several examples of where opportunities lies. I have many in my circle of friends and relatives who made it on their own through proper means. Some of them are employed in government agencies.


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Unknown said...

For those supporting Hindraf blindly, just note that you are creating a dangerous precedent where you are giving an organisation power without discipline. I myself would have supported Hindraf if it really defended the poor... and used facts and not lies to uphold the causes for Indian rights.

Firstly, Hindraf must apologise for their explicit lies stated in the memorandum to the queen and their 18 points demand. I cannot bring myself to support a leader whose words, deeds and action is no more different than the present leaders running the country.

This is where the opposition fails. They are afraid to correct Hindraf. The opposition makes noises when the govt makes a mistake but when it comes to Hindraf, they keep mum... i wonder why?? Are they being bullied ???

If we still support a organisation which is striving to sow divisions, much of what we achieved today will be lost in ruins.

Anonymous said...

All anti Hindraf,

Are you all trying to imply that the Indians in Malaysia are not marginalised, discriminated and treated worst than pariahs.I just want to ask you all , what percentage of Indians work in the civil service--in the 60's there were almost 50%--now what is the percentage--less than 2%--is this not discrimination. How many of the bright Indian students given scholarship--but in comparision the malays sapu almost 70% of the JPA scholarships and on top of that 100% of the Mara scholarships and no need to pay loans. How many Indians are given places in the public universities.I still remember in 2002, only 1 Indian was given a place in UM to do medicine--in the 70s there were almos 30 students--what happened now--is it not discrimination. Why arent the govt providing the estate Indians who have been displaced because of development in their former estates being given a FELDA like scheme-- to continue with their life--instead they end up as squaters in the towns and their children become thugs and thieves--and victimised by the malay dominated police--to the extend of killing them--a case in point is Kugan--a mere suspect who was tortured and killed. They commit minor crimes for a living and the corrupted polis look for ways to kill them. But the irony is , the White Collar Robber politicians like Mahathir, Khir toyol,mahmud taib,rafidah aziz,
muhamad mohd,samy velu,liong lik sik and many more, sit in postions of authority and cooly steal millions of ringgit--but they are hailed and looked upon as heros. But the poor indian who just stole a small amount is subjected to the harshest form of punishment--is this the type of justice you are supporting.

Staunch Hindraf supporter