Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Other Malaysia

I'm sure that Malaysian's are generally confused. Confused about their future, confused about their financial situation, political situation, children's future, their race, religion etc..

What brought about this situation? March 8, yeah..absolutely right as far as many politicians and analyst are concerned.

Malaysians apparently voted for tranparency, more freedom, democracy, security, fairness accountability and other similar terms that I can't think of. The irony is that none of us actually want all these, and we Malaysian are hypoctites to the core. Before you get angry, please read on.

If we really want all these (tranparency, more freedom, democracy, security, fairness accountability), then the rights of each and every race in this country will be affected in some way or the other.

Just imagine if government reverts to meritocracy in terms of awarding contracts, the rich businessmen will surely secure the contract due to the economy of scale that they posses , track record and ability to offer the lowest price. Guess what, all the bumiputra and Indian contractors will never secure anything.

Just Imagine if Scholarship are awarded based on Meritocracy, then majority of it would go to rich students based on urban areas who can afford to study overseas on their own expense. More and more poor bumiputra and other smaller ethnic groups will be deprived of deserved opportunity. Would you accept this?

Just Imagine that the Traffic police becomes more efficient and there are no more discounts on summons. Would you want that?

Just imagine that decisions on building of schools and temples are based on majority decisions based on the locality and population in that area, there would not be any more Chinese and Tamil schools and temples built.

Just Imagine that the local councills are strict to the core, thousands of temples and suraus needs to be demolised and relocated.

Just imagine that the judiciary follows the laws strictly, then the prisons in the country would not be sufficient, if it is not already.

There will be demonstrations everyday, even for flimsy issues like inability of police to track missing cats. Shops, schools, clinics will be closed during demonstrations, productivity drops and more and more people will be inclined to demontrate rather than finding amicable solutions to all problems.

Just imagine meritocracy prevails in government department recruitments, more and more Malays would be jobless.

Just imagine that the government becomes transparent in all their dealings, what would probably happen is that government would never be able to buy arms, fund NGOs, maintain the Space Agency, or other advanced defence technology as Malaysians would question each and every step they take.

Just imagine all political parties are transparent, all of them would have to reveal their accounts and source of funds. Which political party would want to do that? Talk about transparency!

Just imagine that the local councils and Domestic Trade and Industry ministry become extremlely efficient, we would not be able to buy all the pirated DVDs, watches, jerseys and handbags.

Just Imagine press is made absolutely free coupled with lifting of sedition and Official Secrets Act, then you would be reading tabloids in the form of newspaper because you would not know what not to believe anymore.

Just imagine that the local council suddenly plans that we must become world class, we would see the end of teh-tarik stalls and hawker food.

Just imagine that the government do away with Bumiputra discounts in various schemes eg Houses, shares etc, the bumiputra's will continue to languish in the lower rung of the society and probably end up the squatters again.

Malaysian Malaysia or ketuanan rakyat or Bangsa Malaysia cannot be achieved unless all malaysians agree to go through the same school, use same language as medium of instruction, full stop. Would you agree to this and close all Tamil and Chinese Schools? No more MARA boarding schools as well.

Taxes obtained from so called sin-industries such as gambling, alcohol and pig related industries must be utilised for all purpose for all people for the sake of fairness and transparency. Would the muslims agree to this?.

There are also suggestions that local councillors, mayors are to be elected to prove that it's democratic, we will have elections every year, everywhere and the government of the day will be busy with this rather than planning development or taking care of rakyat's needs. Due to this the government of the day will be overthrown in the next election and the next government will be facing the same contraints. In summary, we will end up like India where small political parties will hold the bigger parties on ransom due to slim margin of majority to govern.

There should be 2 party system in the country and both must be mutliracial to reflect the composition of the population. Any takers?

If we strive for (tranparency, more freedom, democracy, security, fairness accountability) in the western context, we will definitely see continuous instability in this country. We will also see that the poor will be poorer and the rich will be even richer. The nation would be further distabilised and there would be change of government every 5 years, or if Anwar is around, every 3 years.

We, the rakyat, have to clearly define what kind of tranparency, freedom, democracy, security, fairness and accountability that we want before even thinking of casting protest votes or changing governments.

My arguements maybe flimsy but the fact is majority of us enjoy the benefits due to weaknesses of others in the country and may not want to lose that in the name of tranparency, freedom, democracy, security, fairness and accountability. That's why I mentioned that we are hypocrites.

The vision 2020 maybe achieved economic wise, but not possible on social, unity, & equality aspects.

Without a clear definition of what we want, we would be forever confused as both BN (Pak Lah's administration) and Pakatan's (with combination of PAS and DAP) views, thinking and ideology which are short sighted. Niether has any concrete vision whatsoever.

Like Singapore, we need not have good Human Rights or Press Freedom records, we need a new leader who is firm, visionary, fair and proves himself a true Malaysian. I have yet to see one, not among the current set of leaders.

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Rakesh Kumar said...

This is funny and scary. No pirated DVD? Are you kidding?

Traffic Cops? Well, I have to disagree. People would be driving orderly and according to the rules. Think Singapore. I don't think they want to risk paying actual summons. Right now we tak kisah coz we can either negotiate on the road, if you know what I mean, or at the counter.

Stop funding NGOs? That will be bad. A great many good group that helps the needy one need fund. But there are also pain in the butt NGOs we don't need, who resurfaces when there is a supposed crisis mainly for publicity.

I think while we want the minority's rights protected and enhanced, many of us failed to see that the minority within the majority, the deprived ones, the ones not savvy, or have connections.

What about the affluent few within the majority. For years they have been getting richer, fatter, and have their own network of cronies? With their big fat luxury cars parked illegally outside temples? Where are they from?

Finding the balance, to work and serve the people across the board and still not depriving anyone. That is tough. That has not been achieved yet.