Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Are We Really What We Claim to Be?

Recent 'Live' telecast of Parliament question and answer session has brought about the worst among the MPs. Public and prominent figures were outraged by the behaviour of the MPs, some of them who have been member of the August house for more than 2 decades.

I did watch the 'show', reality show to be more specific. While I was not that amused by their antics, it did force me to stop and think.

Aren't we the general public, adults to be more specific, the same. We are in a way acting all the time. The way we behave actually depends very much on the surroundings that we are at that point of time. We don't sit properly at home, we laze around and place out foot wherever we feel comfortable. We don't do this in the office. Aren't we acting then.

We dont eat the same way at home as compared to when we are with our friends, colleaques and even differently when were are in a hotel. Aren't we actually acting then.

The same goes on how we speak. We speak differently to different audience. Are we really being ourselves?

We dress differently according to functions that we go to.Are we really being ourselves?

We also like to do what the childrens do, like playing with some interesting toys or in my case, like to be with my teddy bear but we do it in private. Aren't we acting then.

We also complain about MPs talking nonsense/rubbish. Aren't we the same. We love rumours, some thrive on it. We talk nothing with facts, merely hearsay, half the time. We also love to speculate, trying hard to be Mr Right, some earn or lose money speculating.

We also love to speak highly of someone while deriding others. In Malaysia, we love to speak highly of someone succesful from the same race while deriding other races.

We also love to be in the limelight.

We abhor corruption, but at the same time don't mind paying off the policeman for traffic offence.

We talk about equality, justice and fairness but yet when someone we know or love breaks the law, we accuse the authorities of of bias.

We love alternative media although most of them publish half truths. Although however slanted they may be, mainstream media are quite accurate and responsible.

In summary, we are no different than those politicians in the RTM's "Parliament Reality Show".In fact, we could easily participate in the show. Why not try, the Lingam Video cameran tried and made it, so can we.

Let's looks at ourselves in the mirror, are we really what we claim or seen to be?

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