Tuesday, April 15, 2008


First, didn't know how to name the blog.

Used to have a website called 'Silent Majority Speaks in Malaysia' via free web site, tripod which is no longer active. Thought that the same title would not be appropriate for this blog as the former was mainly posting of all the articles that I wrote to mainstream newspapers in malaysia as well as independent websites such as Malaysia Kini etc.

No longer actively writing to newspapers as it requires a lot of tracking of issues, statistics etc before it can be accepted and also as usual, the same excuse, no time. The articles were also mainly anti-establishment, albiet on milder tone. I would not want to limit my thoughts in this blog therefore did not choose the same title.

No knowing how to put a name to this blog, chose KLuang to KL, my journey through adulthood and also the longest regular trip that I make, to and from my hometown Kluang, something similar to that of those close to me.

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