Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Malaysia Boleh!!! Speaking tak boleh lah !!!

In the last few weeks, I have been undertaking interviews to fill entry level positions in my company.

After working in an all English environment in a MNC , I was shocked to see so many young Malaysians, especially Malays, mostly Diploma Holders, struggling to communicate in english.

Some can hardly form a sentence and when asked, most of them told me that their courses (diploma) were all in Bahasa syllabus and most of them have difficulty finding a job in their field of study due to this. Some openly started the interview with " Encik, Speaking tak boleh la!, boleh cakap melayu tak". You should know their fate by now.

All these group of youth can hope is low level 'government jobs'. This is a result of political decision made years ago (ironically by Anwar Ibrahim and Mahathir) to please the UMNO crowd and some so-called nationalist.

Some are funny though. When i checked the application form for their personal details etc, some wrote that the source of referral for the job application is 'member' when asked only then realised that they meant 'member' as 'friend'. I've forgotten that the same word was frequently used when I was in a Malay majority school, way back in kota Tinggi, Johor.

That brings me back all the memories of the school in Bandar Mas, Kota Tinggi where me and my brother were the non-malays among the 2,000 student where

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