Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wish List - 2009 and Beyond

Here's some wish list for 2009 and perhaps beyond from an ordinary voter like me. There are many MPs ,ADUNs, speakers who have stayed silent throughout the year, so here are some ideas that they can sell at their meetings with their party, parliament, state assemblies or with government collegues (little Napoleons included)

Fine MP/ADUNs - Fine of one month MP's allowance for uttering any unparliamentarily words. Proceeds to go to the national courtesy campaign. I think the deputy speaker have clearly defined what are the 'unparliamentarily words' in one of the recent session. There should not be any excuse.

Reward MPs - Propose cash rewards to the best debate or speech in parliaments. Rewards to be spent on winning MP's or state assemblymen's constituency. Political parties can nominate their MPs or ADUNs.

National Service for MPs - National Service to be made mandatory for all MPs and first time MPs thereafter.

English Campaign - English speaking campaign in parliament. One week to be selected every session where all debates are to be in English. Representatives from Science, Technology and Fnance ministries to speak full time in English for continuity. Budget to be presented in English.

Straight To the Point - Debates and speeches must be straight to the point. Time to be deducted if MPs continue blaberring giving out various quotes, pantuns and sayings which usually does not mean anything. A ‘ straight to the point’ course should be conducted for free for all MPs and ADUNs. Anwar Ibrahim should take the lead and enrol himself for the course.

Declare Assets - All candidates for MP or ADUN seats to publicly declare their assets. This has to be published in all major newspapers on their cost. In future, all prospective MPs and ADUNs to publicly declare their assets before the elections. Perhaps, Lim Guan Eng should start the ball rolling since it was one of his promises.

Dewan Negara - Dewan Negara to be abolished. Such a waste of time and money. Parliamentary secretary or research officers should be appointed to every MP instead.

Bahasa Malaysia - All prospective MPs and ADUNs must have at least a credit in SPM Bahasa Malaysia.

"Kenali Pembangkang" - RTM should host a program for MPs to give their policy speech to their desired audience, local or national. Give 30 minutes, one slot everyday, so the program should be able to cover all MPs in one year. Allow some publicity and constituents to know their MPs. Like me, many still do not know who are the MPs and ADUNs around their area. Perhaps a 'kenali pembangkang' program so that opposition (Pakatan or BN) gets some publicity.

ISA - ISA to be repealed or amended with clear definition, intent and purposes.

Tertiary Education - Political parties should not be allowed to manage educational institutions.

Equal Opportunity Law - Equal opportunity law to be introduced with some exceptions, of course.

Banks & CTOS - CTOS must be made liable for inaccurate records that they maintain. Bank Negara to review and remove all unnecessary fees.

Lawyer Fees - Bar Council must review lawyer fees and it must be reviewed downwards. For example, how it is fair to pay thousands for a standard documentation used for housing Sales & Purchase with the fees based on the value of the house and not the work involved. Lawyers must be open to competition and allowed to reduce their fees. Don’t quite understand why they are not allowed to do so. Justice for all, Bar Council?

Hindu Temple M ergers - Force merger of Indian Temples, eg there are 16 shrines and temples in Sentul alone and it is said that there are 15,000 temples in the country. Use space for public purposes, such as a open space, football field, community hall or playground. Government to provide annual allocation for the merged temple.

Road Signs - A nationwide rationalisation of road signs to be undertaken starting with Klang Valley. I am getting lost more frequently than before, mainly due to the confusing road signs.

One School For Malaysians - One School for everyone with other main languages (Mandarin, Tamil) made compulsory. Mathematics and Science to be continued be taught in English.

Income Tax - Income tax Reduction for monthly wage earners. I am increasingly angry with traders, businessmen, local politicians when they use the term “tax payer’s money” when arguing their case when most of them either pay nominal tax or do not pay any at all. Majority does not maintain proper set of accounts, doctor their accounts and later file yearly tax returns paying a token sum. Can any accountant (eg Guan Eng) come out in the open and deny this? How many politicians actually pay proper tax for their own businesses? All are full of cheats fighting for transparency, accountability and all that crap.

Income Tax Refunds - Income tax department to be fined the same if they fail to refund taxpayers of the amount due on time.

Demonstrations - Offer stadiums and padangs for a fee if anyone wants to hold demonstrations, not on the streets. The catch, they would have to pay the stadium fees which would help to maintain the stadiums, especially cash strapped stadiums like the Shah Alam Stadium. No police permits required unless organisers wants some assistance to maintain order. It will go a long way to prevent demonstrators from becoming a nuisance to the general public.

Demonstrations Day - Designate a day every month for demonstrations so that general public can avoid going getting stuck in the traffic, unless of course if they are participants.

Free Schooling. Assurance of real free schooling . No more additional and miscellaneous fees, please.

Abolish UPSR & PMR - Abolish public examinations such as UPSR, PMR and replace with projects, activity and assignment based measurements, no more 7 or 17As please.

Double Parking - RM 2,500 fine for double parking, RM 5,000 if the offender still double parked despite there being some empty parking lots nearby.

Piracy - Illegal DVD peddlers, apart from the normal fines and jail terms, must be forced to watch poor quality DVD B-Grade movie for 12 hours non-stop, for 5 days.

NO Local Council elections - No local council elections please, we don’t need elections throughout the year. Had enough with elections, campaigns, antics of candidates and elected MP’s / ADUNs. I can’t simply imagine my nearby, non tax paying mamak becoming the councilor.

Lifts - Amend local by-laws to ensure lifts in flats, apartments and condominium to be governed by local authorities, not the building management. People living in the flats/apartments to pay nominal yearly fee to local authority as part of their assessment fees for maintenance. This has become a major problem in most flats, apartments and condominium as people refuse to pay monthly maintenance fee for all kinds of reasons and it would generally end up being unfair to those who pay consistently.

Free Highways - Nationalise all highways. No reason why government to cannot manage tolled roads on their own. Increase road tax, remove fuel subsidies and ensure roads are toll free. I am sure at least 5 seats in KL will be back to BN in the next general elections.

Datukship - Recognise David Arumugam, Yasmin Yusof with a Datukship. Perhaps M.Nasir and Amy Search too. Maybe a Tun for Samy Vellu with a condition that he retires…

Finally, Selangor, Perak or Penang state governments should recognize contribution of the real ‘Sivaji the Boss’ Indian Superstar Rajnikant, for his indirect role in Anwar’s comeback and March 8 election results.


Rakesh Kumar said...

Looks like you have to copy and paste this back in January 2010.

Hopefully by then Anwar will use Rajini's next movie title as his monicker. Anwar the Robot.

HeroTamil said...

Yep!! A Wishful List. Only "If".

Tak kisah lah you hantam Dollah ka... Samy Vellu ka...
Even when you questioned the Governments' Policies.
But since you sudah hantam itu "THE BOSS"
You are then A real "Bloody BN Crony" lah, brader!!


Anonymous said...

bro gud write up...
but y oni HENTAM oppositions with their name? why didnt mention any government ppl name?
scared? try to be neutral 1st.. than cum out wit all those wish LIST.


balan said...


January 9, 2009 2:35 AM

Wrote this within 15 minutes, hence no time to name everyone. Not scared, please read my past articles.

Only remembered all those who talked a lot but did little..

Are you scared to reveal your identity??

Hero Tamil,

OK lah, BN crony better than being 'the boss' fanatic

Anyway, thanks for the visit and comments.

Murthi said...

I liked especially on mergers of temples. Why do we need 15,000 temples for approximately 2,000,000 Indians ? It works out to be 1 temple for 133 people.

AL said...

A very interesting post!

Will feature your post in our website and link our readers back to your blog.

All the best!

Milky Tea said...

I would like to add the prohibition of wearing berets by men in public. Punishable by tarring and feathers...

MoneyMatters@Nizam said...

Bro Balan,

Again you made me laughing. Good article.

mmuurrllyy said...

good write up..
the only part I disagree is TUN for Samy Vellu...ridiculous la my friend.

p/s: after he settle the MAIKA issue, maybe can be given the TUN