Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 - What Voters Learnt

1. Don't simply believe what other's say, verify your sources and ask for facts, eg. I have the numbers, it's growing by the hour!

2. Believe that Pakatan Rakyat is multi-racial coalition ensuring Fairness, Competency, Accountability and Transparency > Support for HINDRAF, Manikavasagam, Race based Exco's line up, Malay Head for PKNS (which by the way, stands for Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor)

3. Do not get excited when Indians hold PAS flags during elections, by all chance, they must have been those obssesed with 'Sivaji the boss' Ibrahim.

4. Do not be stupid to assume racism and race based politics are out after March 8 elections. eg, emergence of various race based NGO's wanting to protect their rights, ketuanan Melayu issue, protest against single school proposal. Racism and race based politics are well and alive.

5. Don't think that just because malaysians voted for Pakatan Rakyat in 5 states , Malaysians are matured politically. Eg Demo at Bar Council Forum on Conversion, Jerit, Nude squad, Protest at Selangor MB's proposal to open UiTM to non-malays etc.

6. Do not think that alternative media, especially opposition owned, tells the truth all the time, eg, Suara Keadilan's take on cross overs which includes latest breakdown of Parliament seats.

7. Indian Malaysians should not rely on anyone for their own growth. Believe in yourselves. eg Hindraf's precarious position now and Pakatan Rakyat's non-contribution(except for some piece meal handouts) thus far.

8. 'Hunger Strikes' now also means liquid diet.

9. Parliament is a reflection of what we, Malaysians, actually are in terms of respect, decorum, decency and politeness.

10. Now everyone can become an MP or State Assemblymen, not to worry if your Bahasa Malaysia is not good. Better if you are unemployed.

11. Do not complain about quality of elected representatives and debates in the parliament when we, Malaysians voted in someone whose expertise is in stopping phantom voters, someone who's an expert in throwing double meaning words and terms, a sex-offender, someone convicted for corruption and abuse of power, and an amateur cinematographer.

12. Do not expect an MP or State Assemblymen from opposition (BN or Pakatan, depending on which state) to fight for your rights in the parliament/state assembly. They would most likely be glad to demontrate with you at your constituency for some publicity photos and will claim that he/she can't do much as an opposition party.

13. Don't complain if the oil price rises again, be prepared as you know what to expect already based on 2008 experience.

14. You can get away with murder if you have a good lawyer or if you are prepared to swear in a temple or a mosque.

15. You can continue building illegal temples or shrines, PKR and MIC will be there to fight for your rights, perhaps a relocation plan plus some compensation. Forget the local authorities and law of the land.

16. Look to Samy Vellu if you need some ideas on re-branding your organisation, party or even yourselves.

17. Malaysians are proving yet again to be a caring lot, they are even willing to raise funds for millionaires.

18. Malaysians 'mudah lupa'. Eg Anwar's 'excellent track record' for 16 long years in BN, DAP on Hudud Laws & Malaysian Malaysia, Gerakan and PPP's whole hearted support for BN until 2008 over ISA.

19. Free Market is always the best option.

20. Phantom voters were non-existent in Perak, Penang, Kelantan, Kedah and Selangor on March 08, 2008. Postal votes were surprisingly missing too.

21. Blame federal government if you are not able to fulfill your election promises.

22. Blame Dr Mahathir for everything that failed in this country during his term. Then we do not need Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Director General of government departments, Judges, IGP, Pengarah- Pengarah of all government and state agencies, CEO's of GLCs and Privatised companies etc. Let the Prime Minister manage everything on his own.

23. Urge the use all archaic laws available when you don't like any suggestions that promotes unity. Does not matter if you were against the same law in the first place. It's ok to contradict yourselves once in a while.

24. Use children for your cause, does not matter whether it is for cycling or street demonstration. For sure, the public will be sympathetic to your cause.

25. You can have you own 'Kangaroo Court' and determine the outcome of a percieved flawed judgement decades ago, in your favour. Not sure how to do it, just call the bar council.

Happy New Year to all readers.


Rakesh Kumar said...

Your point no. 7 is a must for all Indians.

Now, 50 PKR Indian members are meeting up and one of the option is "...He said one of the options to be considered at the meeting is a mass resignation followed by the setting up of a new party to represent the interest of Indian members."

Whole story here: http://www.thestaronline.com/news/story.asp?file=/2008/12/30/nation/2911942&sec=nation

How many parties are there again for the minority Indians? I lost count.

Anonymous said...

Happy new year Balan! May all your wishes and aspirations come true!



anaklangkawi said...

You just make me laugh.. nice one..
Perhaps several points of yours will make a great deal for me against this called people..

Keep it up..


Cucu Tok Selampit said...

Dear Balan,

Happy New Year Bro.

Cucu Tok Selampit.

putera said...

mr balan

happy new year

Piggy Singh said...

Dear Balan,

First and foremost,


Excellent analysis, never realized most of it. Perhaps I'll publish a post on this.

Take care and good luck to you and whatever you take in future endavours.

Anonymous said...

Nonsense! you have nothing to write rights? Bloody BN's crony!

MoneyMatters@Nizam said...

Hi bro,

I like your writing. Damn right. Dont put your hopes on politicians. They will politised each and every corner for their own benefits.

National Unity? Far away and we keep on dreaming.

Bahasa Malaysia? I dont see any? Even Bangla with 1 year old stay in Malaysia can converse well than Lim Kit Siang who fought for MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA.

What a shame Malaysia!!! That's why bro, sometimes we need a dictator to run this sort of country. Impose unpopular decision for the sake of the nation. Not like a chameleon with a greater numbers in his hand.

Not healthy for the nation building.

HeroTamil said...

We can blame it all on TUN for the unfulfill promises by our politicians and for the things thats gone wrong today.

Luv the sarcasm..:)

And, now you are full pledge "bloody BN crony" for having your own thoughts!!


balan said...

Dear Anon January 2, 2009 5:18 PM

Yeah, nothing else to write.

Give me some ideas, can you.