Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Flip Flop Continues

Datuk Sharir was quoted today saying that the government will monitor the petrol price every month but failed to assure if there would be any revision to the prices.

There was an earlier indication that Petrol Prices would not be reviewed for another year. On the other hand, we have our Transport Minister, wearing his MCA hat, urging the government abolish of Road Taxes and Tolls in Klang Valley.

Isn't he the minister that's responsible for both the Highways and the Road Tax. Why does he need to air his views as political party representative. Is it that difficult to raise these suggestions in the cabinet. Why he has to say this now and not before the cabinet had made decisions on the petrol price increase and the rebates. Why these suggestions were not taken into account, or was it ever raised at all. Or is it the minister's political ploy to show that he cares but the government is not listening.

These unnecessary statements only goes to confuse the public further and be convinced that we have a disjointed Cabinet in place, lead by a confused leader. We are fast becoming a laughing stock, especially to our neighbours. This reminds me of the similar policy flip flops undertaken by the Military Government of Thailand last year that scared investor away from Thailand until democratic elections were held.

Where have you gone, Dr M.

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