Monday, June 30, 2008

Anwar's Sequel

The nation, I believe will be again plunged into a crisis, exactly 10 years after similar allegation appeared against Anwar.

While the Police must be given the time to investigate the allegation, Anwars antics is questionable. Public is angry, that's normal and natural but looking at the following circumstances (by looking at it rationally rather than being emotional), it would not be difficult to phantom that this whole episode may prove to be final curtain for Anwar.

1. Turkish Embassy confirmed that Anwar came to the embassy on his own accord. Contrary to claims by the Opposition leader, he was not invited to seek refuge in the Turkish embassy by the country's ambassador to Malaysia. He allegedly sought an appointment with the ambassador and chose to remain on the embassador's residence.

2. He claimed that he received death threats, yet he chose not to lodge any police report. He preferred to stay in the embassy. And yet, he spoke to the crowd openly right after he came out of the ambassador's residence. He was addressing about 7,000 people in an indoor stadium. What threats? Remember arsenic poisoning claims back then in 1999.

3. He claims he's innocent yet he did not provide any alibi on his whereabouts on the date of the said incident.

4. Anwar and PKR claims that the government had tried to divert the nations attention away from the perceived lost of support for BN Government due to general election results, leadership issues, price hike etc. The same can be said on how PKR and Anwar are trying to divert what should be an alleged crime, by talking about politics, political conspiracy, him standing in the by-elections and defections by BN MPs.

5. So far, he has not denied having been to the condominium, where the crime allegedly took place.

6. He did not file any report or offered to meet the investigators. Instead he filed a suit against the his ex-aide.

7. Anwar linked Dato's Najib as alleged conspirator without providing any of evidence whatsoever. The only evidence available is the picture of the ex-aide with Najib's aide. I have taken picture with Badawi before, can i be the next victim.

8. Common sense would tell that it would be suicidal for anyone in BN to do this, after all the support and sympathy Anwar gained after the 1998 episode.

9. Even Ezam is not surprised. Dr M isn't either.

10. He claims he will form the government by Sept 16, that's two and half months to go and he has yet to get even SAPP MPs to cross over. He maybe desperate and want some sympathy and this would be his greatest opportunity.

10. Let us also now remind ourselves that as far as the court is concerned, Anwar was involved in homosexual activities in the late 90's. The reason he was released was on the issue of the specific incident of homosexual rape/sodomy, and I quote the majority view of the appeal judges, who included the current Chief Judge:
“even though reading the appeal record, we find evidence to confirm that the appellants were involved in homosexual activities”.
Many conveniently exclude this fact when referring to the 1998 episode and subsequent trials.

I maybe proven wrong but something tells me that this guy is not as innocent as what his party, coalition partners and followers think. Dr M may finally be vindicated.

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