Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hulu Selangor : Pakatan's Personal Attacks & Hypocrisy

I am again bemused with Pakatan supporters. When put on a defensive mode, they suddenly turn into some right thinking clean and positive supporters. They have the cheek to call others hypocrites.

They have forgotten that they were equally bad, naughty and ugly before. Who started all these name calling, blatant accusations and personal attacks in the first place.

No less that Malaysian’s mudah lupa, Don’t we remember how they ostracized Dr Mahathir when Anwar was sacked. All kind of accusations were made up without any shred of evidence. Some of It includes that he has a Chinese wife, another wife in Singapore, Israeli Bank Accounts and many more.

And even in the recent past, who were accusing Najib and Rosmah of murder. Have they forgot that a little napoleon MP from Pakatan Rakyat super-imposed Najib Image seen to be seated along side Altantuya. What was that then? Was he punished for his misdeeds? No..

Name calling and personal attacks are a norm in Pakatan Speeches during ceramah. Even the ones I attended recently were full of nasty name calling and personal attacks. That was just during a normal “Selamatkan Pakatan Rakyat” (actually it was ‘Selamatkan Malaysia” road show. I remember the same happened in many of the ceramah during the last general elections.

It is just that Zaid is being accused of many un Islamic habits, Pakatan Rakyat supporters were put on defensive mode mainly because they are unable to defend him. They demand that campaign must be clean and ethical. Have they ever been ethical in the past ? and even present, where they have started publishing some other minister seen drinking in their blogs.

Even Zaid has started his personal attacks today, claiming that UMNO guys are avid gamblers, not sure if this includes him and his de facto leader, Anwar. Anwar on the other hand, is an expert in this, just that his fanatical supporters are blinded by his rhetoric to realise the difference between fair comments and personal attack.

Have Pakatan bloggers ever been ethical and polite in the past. I reckon that it is about time they reap what they sow. they started it all, and they started this way back in 1998. Some of the accusations were really ridiculous, mainly designed to fool the least educated Malays, condemn UMNO and inadvertently to boost opposition’s Islamic credentials.

Pakatan Rakyat is even fast losing their grip on the web. More and more BN friendly blogs have emerged and has become even more popular than hard core Pakatan Blogs, the statistics shows it all. Anwar even begged his facebook friends to bring in more members while his arch enemy, Dr Mahathir has far more facebook friends without making any effort or even being active on the political front.

People like me have become increasingly tired of all these lies propagated by Pakatan and BN to a certain extend that they are not likely to believe what they read and see all that are available in the internet. Although a large number of Pakatan Rakyat supporters still believe in lies propagated by their leaders and condone personal attacks on their enemies, rational thinking Malaysians, who are not necessarily BN supporters, are equally large in numbers out there.

They can see who are in the right or wrong and who the hypocrites are. In this current game of personal attacks, Pakatan Rakyat is clearly the world leader for decades while their fanatical supporters are the biggest hypocrites now.


Anonymous said...

Pakatan is good at defending and attacking. But they just failed to score any goal

Anonymous said...

Pakatan is good in defending and attacking but they just failed to score any goal