Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Anwar started it all

Finally we have a closure on the Perak Crisis. It was a legally, constitutionally right but morally wrong judgment.

While Pakatan Rakyat leaders threw phrases like 'the end of democracy', 'start of absolute monarchy' etc, the fact remains that they started it all with Anwar's ambition to become Prime Minister and the real crisis or rather circus started when Bota Assemblyman crossed over to PKR in Jan 2009.

Anwar, Lim Kit Siang, MB Nizar and Lim Guan Eng were jubilant when this happened. Only Karpal was silent. When Anwar start counting number of MPs that he claims are crossing over right after the 2008 general elections, no one from Pakatan Rakyat said that the move and strategy was morally wrong.

I can imagine what would have happened if the reverse would have happened in Perak i.e BN retains Perak in 2008 general elections, 3 BN Aduns cross over Pakatan Rakyat. MB Tajol Rosli fails to dissolve the state Assembly, Sultan of Perak asks Tajol Rosli to resign where he refuses, later Nizar is sworn In as new MB from Pakatan. Later BN files case and at the end, MB Nizar is declared the rightful MB.

What would have been the reaction of Pakatan Rakyat leaders? They would have reacted the same way they did when the Bota Assemblyman defected to PKR, they would have shouted 'Gelombang Baru', 'Harapan Baru' etc. They would have criss-crossed the whole of Perak holding thousands of 'ceramah' during the impasse to win over public support for the cross overs.

They would claims that BN is corrupt, racist etc to justifiy their support for cross-over. They would have informally legitimised cross overs in the eyes of public. The would have justified their wins in Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang as proof of public support.

In summary, Pakatan Rakyat Leaders would have been certainly singing a different tune if the roles were reversed. Lim Kit Siang should request for formation of Royal Commission of Inquiry to find out the root cause of the fall of Pakatan Rakyat state Government Of Perak. Before he can even start, let me tell him that all fingers are pointed at their great leader, Anwar ' Sivaji the Boss' Ibrahim.


Anonymous said...

Crossing over is not wrong if it's done cleanly.

The difference between PR crossing and BN crossing is that BN used dirty tactics like money politics and threat whilst PR just gave offer of a good governance.

So pls see things clearly before blaming one individu as blaming others is as easy as abc but it wont do any good towards our effort towards making Malaysia better politically!!


AbGJaS said...

Dear sir,
I've been following your blog for quite sometime now. I find that your articles are quite objective and you try to see from both sides of the coin. So, keep it up sir.

To mathilda,
'BN used dirty tactics like money politics and threat whilst PR just gave offer of a good governance'

You too pls see things clearly before jumping into any conclusion..

HeroTamil said...


Typical respond of a PR supporter,
...Conspiracy, Dirty Tricks and all other sort of excuses... but NO,not, never yourselves.

and what do you mean crossing over is not wrong if its done cleanly??

Do you really know your YB that you vote for?? is it the candidate or the party you vote for??

Me personally, do not agree with crossing over..may it be of PR or BN. Coz its a breach of trust.

But, then, if its right for the other party... i assume its not wrong for the other to do the same, too.
we can't have two set of laws for the same offence do we??