Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MACC Should Just Do The Right Thing

Based on the recent developments , MACC is under tremendous pressure on top of Teoh’s case which is under intense scrutiny at the moment.

While it must be said that MACC has been understaffed and does not have adequate resources, there’s no reason why MACC should stop investigations on politicians. They may have to change their approach, especially when dealing with opposition politicians. Maybe they should treat the politicians as VVIPs, complete with Kompang and Bunga Manggar when they visit politicians.

Lim Kit Siang’s allegation that MACC are using Gestapho tactics are laughable, from the video footage, it was clear that political aide, Wong Chuan How was not even handcuffed and appeared to have agreed to follow MACC officers to the car and suddenly he tried to set himself free and that’s when the commotion started. If he would have followed the officers, none of the commotion would have happened. The root cause here is Wong.

Pakatan Rakyat’s accusation of double standards has, in terms of investigating politician has been torn to shreds here, where it is clear that more BN politicians and sitting assemblyman has been hauled up and charged while not a single Pakatan Rakyat MP or state assemblymen has been charged this year. Even after Teoh Beng Hock’s case, MACC went about their work and arrested a BN Terengganu State Assemblyman.

MACC would do better if it informs public on what has happened to the case of former Selangor MB, Azalina and scores of other cases. Perhaps a public relations failure there exploited well by the opposition. When they can issue letter of release to Jawi Assemblymen clearing him of corruption (an allegation by fellow DAP member), why these are not followed in all other cases. Even former Deputy Chief Minister of Penang, Fairus was investigated and later cleared by MACC, again the allegation came from his own party members.

MACC has also appointed a 30 man team to investigate PKFZ issue, hence Guan Eng’s reasoning that MACC is slow on BN related cases is simply not valid. The silence of the MACC advisory board in all these issues is puzzling though. Aren’t they supposed to defend their own men.

Recently, the state assemblymen for Seri Delima R.S.N Rayer said that all probe in relation to accusation of land scam has been dropped. Why so, with all DAP’s rhetoric’s of in pursue of justice and truth. Why Lim Kit Siang did not call for formation of Royal Commission of Enquiry to investigate the alleged land scam. What happened to their internal investigations headed by Deputy CM, Ramasamy, or Do Guan Eng has something to hide?

Selangor MB in the meantime also appointed a Internal Audit team to investigate all spending of all allocations to state assemblymen. Why he chose to do so is anyone’s guess since he claims those Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen are clean. What about Wee Choo Keong allegation, why has Khalid not formed a team to investigate Wee’s claims, Why the double standards?

Pakatan's Fellow ex-Perak MB Nizar also did the same when the then 2 PKR Assemblymen was arrested and charged for corruption. Nizar claimed that it was a trap set by MACC but immediately changed the tune when the 2 assemblymen chose to defect. What do you call this then.

Also when a BN man claimed that he was assaulted by MACC officers, wonder why didn’t Lim Kit Siang and gang kick up a fuss and call for Royal Commision of Inquiry? Why the double standards here.

Corruption is still corruption even though the amount is paltry RM 2,000 and there’s no reason why MACC should not investigate cases on Pakatan Rakyat’s assemblyman.

Pakatan Rakyat must realise that most of the allegation of corruption and impropriety came from Pakatan Rakyat members themselves and NGOs and not cooked up by BN, so there must be some truth in all these. If not, why worry if Pakatan Rakyat squeky clean members have done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide? Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Yet again, Parpu Kari is trying to spin something without having any proper investigative work or research. This is the problem in the world wide web when you have irresponsible blogger-wannabes who think they are doing the party and country a favour but essentially what they’re doing is being another anchor around UMNO’s neck forging ahead.

Pisstt: With House PK foto


August 18, 2009 11:17 PM

Anonymous said...

doh.......again bout PR.
feel sick with ur writing bout PR!
anyhow TIME WILL tell

Anonymous said...


My understanding of SPRM is that they are not independent in their actions–as clearly demonstrated in the 2 Perak Aduns who were set up for corruption. All the MSMs made a hue and cry about their arrest and exposed them with their handcuffs. Later under the instructions of their Umno masters they managed to buy them over–and thus the collapse of the PR govt in Perak. And strangely now it is more than a year–there is no action taken against them simply b’cos they are now BN friendly Aduns. Is this not a case of selective persecution. As for Teoh’s case which involved a miserable sum of RM2400, they would have subjected him to some form of torture to fabricate evidence–and he would have protested but ultimately would have succumbed to the torture. They wouldnt want to kill him intentionally but accidentally. Its exactly like the PDRM–the victims like Kugan would have succumbed to the torture to extract information–we can deduce clearly based on the pictures that were posted on the blogs. Hence, faced with this precarious situation–they panicked and didnt know what to do. Finally they decided to throw his body to make it look like a suicide. Its highly ridiculous to assume that he took his own life–simply b’cos he is an highly educated person, he was all set to get married the next day and also I am sure he was aware of his fiance’s pregnancy–carrying his precious baby– looking ahead to be a proud father–why should he commit suicide just for a pea sum of RM2400. On the other hand the Umno/Bn politicians steal in the millions–but I havent seen any of them being subjected to any form of action.

Justice for Teoh

balan said...

Dear Anon

1. I think you are not aware that,
The 2 perak ADUN has been charged in court and the trial continued even after they jumped to become independent.

2. And Teoh's case is not a miserable RM 2K, it more than that, as the investigation has revealed today.

3. 2 Pathologist (one of them whom did the 2nd post mortem on Kugan) has testified that there are not evidence of torture or injury to Teoh. I dont know where you got the theory that he was tortured.

4. As for suicide, it can be due to guilty conciousness or other reasons, why not prove that it is not a suicide rather than the other way round.

Anonymous said...

Aiseyman balan,

You say it is more than 2K, but even RM112 SPRM want to make a big hue and cry. But the RM27 millions which the BN Aduns spent within a spate of 3 months--what did SPRM do. The mahligai kelang Deros-- did they investigate,khir toyos 24 million bungalow--did they investigate, in fact billions of ringgit have been swindled by the Umno/BN politicians--did SPRM investigate.
As for SPRM's torturing of victims, there has been numerous reports against them--but of course the polis will not take action against them--simply b'cos its a case of you scratch my back I scratch your back. Any way YB Gobind will be producing evidence that SPRM had indulged in torture--at the next hearing.

Justice for Teoh